Melt your little heart

Doesn’t Michael Sam and his Twink boyfriend just melt your little heart…???



After Michael Sam was drafted to the St. Louis Rams as the 249th pick, him and his boyfriend displayed some ADORABLE behavior.  This affectionate behavior was nationally broadcasted for the entire NFL nation to see.  Let the flood gates open.


Yo NFL…better start embracing these boys because this is on your doorstep whether you like it or not.  And frankly, I’m so happy they kissed and had a loving embrace on live television watched by beer drinking AMERICAN men.


Some were not OK with it, as expected.  People can attempt full tolerance and still not be fully OK seeing an actual display of LOVE between two men.  Oh the times, they are A CHANGING.  But I think this is a great first step for the NFL , and that step is walking down acceptance road. Let’s just say the yellow brick road because that is more fun.



It has yet to be determined IF Michael Sam will be fully accepted in the NFL.  We won’t know until after the season commences and a few exchanges of bodily fluids……I’m talking about SWEAT people!

GATORADE (sweaty face)

I am quite certain his fellow St. Louis Rams teammates will accept him and love him like he is their own brother.  The real issue will come when they play other teams when those other players have yet to formally meet and know Sam as a person outside of the “gay” label.  It might be one of those Remember the Titan moments. Hey, they had Sunshine.



Michael Sam is black… but he is also gay: an identity the NFL has yet to face and actively accept on the field.  Come this fall, I know which team will have the highest television ratings ….and not because they are a good football team or have any star players.