Blame it on the ButtFace

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Ouch LA Times. ouch.  Hope Lane Kiffin doesn’t read the paper because his approval rating has dropped lower than Taylor Swift’s panties.  I mean this was a ridiculous long time coming, just take a look at THE worst season a college football team has EVER seen.  If you think Manti Te’o’s dating skills are tragic, take a look at USC.

Lane Kiffin

2012 has been the worst year USC football has ever seen.  Where to begin….?  Well I think it all started in New York at Met Life Stadium.  SC was expected to slaughter a not so great Syracuse football team at least by a couple of touchdowns.  No, SC only won by 13… retrospect in should have been a lot more to a Big East Team whose previous season record was a measly 5-7.  I wish this was the only and last ::Sigh:: this Trojan fan would have for a season that started off so promising, ranked #1 in the country.

football-money   After opening last football season ranked #1, the Trojans sank to an unbelievably embarrassing 7-6 record under the not so great tutelage of Coach Lane Kiffin.  Is he to blame?  At this point int time…….yes….yes he can…..and should for many MANY reasons.  Even USC Athletic Director Pat Haden knows that football program’s derailed state of affairs, especially when all the hatred and blame is being pointed directly at Kiffin’s visor wearing head.  Asked to describe the state of USC athletics, Haden says, “The sky is not falling, in spite of what some people read and think and write.”  I get it, there is more to collegiate sports than football, but may I ask…..which sport brings in the most revenue?  Which sport brings in the most publicity?  Which sport increases freshman enrollment?  la-sp-pat-haden-usc-20130122-001

Luckily for our Trojan fan sake, Haden acknowledges receiving a steady stream of negative letters, emails and Twitter messages. He says his car was recently keyed off campus — “I don’t know if that is a result of this,” he says, laughing.  Yes, laugh it up Haden. Luckily for you, USC is located in South Central, one of safest hoods in Los Angeles.  Didn’t the University just instill a 9pm curfew?  You crazy college kids you.


Despite the influx of hate, Haden has continuously said he supports Kiffin 100% and has no reason why Kiffin shouldn’t be the football coach.  UGH, do we have to do the math for you Haden?!

In September, an innocent reporter was banned from practice after he accurately reported that a player underwent surgery. GOOD GOD say it ain’t so!! Kiffin also abruptly bolted from a post-practice news conference when asked about a player returning from injury. Beyond random.  Why don’t you just make SC look like a bunch of ADHD Space Cadets who can’t handle the media.  Sadly, this was only the beginning.

In October, a USC quarterback was instructed by coaches to wear another player’s jersey number on special teams in the first half against Colorado, and then played later in the game in his usual number. Brilliant strategy… thanks Napoleon!  In November, the Pac-12 Conference fined USC $25,000 after it was discovered that a student manager intentionally deflated USC footballs before a game against Oregon. Now why would he do that?  The season ended with the embarrassing Sun Bowl loss to Georgia Tech, punctuated by news stories last week that portrayed a heated post game locker-room scene.  I dunno if it was soo much heated towards each other or heated towards a certain khaki wearing individual who hides behind play cards.



Yes, USC is still hurtin’ for certain from the harsh (harshest!) NCAA sanctions thanks to running back Reggie Bush.  But come on, you can’t even compare this season to last season, 2011 where the Trojans went 10-2.  Maybe the penalties are sinking in with loss of scholarships and recruits but DUDE, resulting in theses immature and stupid antics leaving the team so frustrated that they decide to West Side Story it out in the Locker Room?  Unacceptable.

“We need to earn our fans’ respect back,” Haden says, “and the only way you can do that is win.”  I sure hope so buddy.  Is that all Kiffin needs to do to keep his job?  “I’m not answering that question,” Haden says, adding, “Sometimes when you’re calling plays . . . you don’t sense maybe the whole team. So I think he has to really sense the whole team and feel and have the relationship with the whole team….”  First of all, grammar!  Second, isn’t that covered in Freshman course PSY 101, building any sort of relationship requires a connection with trust and honesty?  Kiffin is so distant from his team he can’t even call GOOD plays, are you kidding me?  Didn’t you watch the Notre Game?   Yes Lane, let’s run the ball on 3rd down because it worked out so well the other 432 times you did it!   ” Secondly, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff, Lane,’ Haden blabs on.  “Don’t worry about injury reporting at practice and whatever other things we kind of trip ourselves up on — jersey numbers and things.”  Hmmmmmm so what you mean is don’t learn from your mistakes?  That’s great parenting right there.  You Kiffin, do NOT get a time out even though you broke some rules….who cares right?  If you are in calling the shots for LA’s most popular football team, the closest thing we have to the NFL, you can get away with anything.  Everybody knows that.  Haden you are starting to border line MORON.

Notre Dame v USC

Lucky for us, somebody is optimistic about next year.  “I’m a paid optimist,” he says, “and I think we’ve got a great opportunity to rebound and have a terrific season next year.”  That’s right, your PAID.  Shit, if I was paid to think like you I would.  But lets put ourselves in Haden’s position.  What if the Trojans DO in fact have a great season, receive a great recruiting class, compete for the Pac-12 Conference title game and have one of their players nominated for the Heisman.  That all sounds fantastic but still will never change the fact that the 2012 season was one of the most depressing and darkest times that any college football program has ever seen.  EVER.  Kudos to Kiffin for making USC football season the laughing-stock of the entire NCAA.  No other team in college football history has been ranked #1 in the preseason, had a Heisman frontrunner and fallen so low to depths of complete shit.


Hey, I want to be a paid optimist.  Say Haden, where can I sign up?