Johnny Whoops

Whoops he DID it again.

Johnny Manziel just can’t seem to keep his hands off his social media….or beer.


Having virtual access to the I WANT IT NOW social media by owning any of the technological devices smarter than us (smartphones, tablets and laptops ), it isn’t hard to believe that anyone can make a mistake while tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, youtubing, tumblering, wordpressing….. anymore -ings?


It’s true, nobody can escape the eyes and ears of social media.  It’s EVERYWHERE.

But Johnny Manziel isn’t anyone.

Johnny got caught red-handed tweeting:


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.35.10 PM

You just can’t seem to keep your mouth shut can you Football boy?

Now here is a thought: Wouldn’t you think a young guy who has been around social media his WHOLE life, a guy who is far more knowledgable than your typical older athlete about all the fun digital toys, interactive channels and open digital communication would know better than to stream his unfiltered opinions on a public platform that million and MILLIONS of people have access to?  Yes, you WOULD think that.

ANOTHER thought: Being the only College Freshman football player to ever win the Heisman Trophy, wouldn’t he be surrounded by coaches, publicists, higher collegiate authorities and SEC conference officials to advise him to be more cautious and perhaps mute when expressing his honest opinion about issues that pertain to his athletic ability, academic standing and recreational activities in public?


Yes Johnny, social media is public.

You have thousands and thousands of followers, I don’t think your tweets will go unnoticed unless you start tweeting solely in emoticons.  Hmmm…I may be on to something….

Then there is the loop-hole: He is twenty years old.  What were you doing at twenty?  Exactly…..nothing you would want to broadcast to the entire Twitter sphere.


He is one of the most popular youngsters in America because he has accomplished something no one has ever done before. Of course he deserves a little celebration, a kick back, a keg stand…what ever he chooses.  He just needs to know the consequences of his actions, because his actions are being watched by the ENTIRE country. (Come on, what else do we gotta do?)


(I mean, come on, the kid is straight up goofy looking.  Do you think he would be getting all this attention solely for his good looks…..?)

Johnny Manziel

So dude, Mr. Football, just don’t air your frustrations in the Twitter world when you have over 400,000 followers, you AREN’T going to go unnoticed.  But I bet you already knew that didn’t you…..

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.46.26 PM

Sigh… today 😛

Time to Kiss the Baby Ocho Cino

Chad Ocho Cinco, previously and now legally known as Chad Johnson, is seriously dunzo.

This once comical football player is now out of a job and in some bad news bears trouble with the law.  The Miami Dolphins terminated his contract within 24 hours of his arrest for a domestic battery case involving his new wife, Evelyn Lozada.  Apparently, his wife accused him of Head Butting her during an argument in front of their home.  HEAD BUTTING CHAD??!  daYum, i didn’t know that was back in style :/

Chad and Eve have only been married a month and are already battling it out to see who beat the shiz out of each other.  I mean……Eve was on the reality show “Basketball Wives,”  she clearly knows how to play the marry an athlete and get rich game.  These two lovebirds met on Twitter….and not on cordial circumstances.  If any of you say last week’s Hard Knocks season premiere episode following the Miami Dolphins training camp, Eve and Chad explained how they met on Twitter, Eve talking shit and taunting Chad soo much that he just HAD to meet this classy woman.  Good thing he changed his name back to Johnson just for this special lady.

Don’t get me wrong, meeting on the Internet accounts for more than 20% of couples in this country today, but would you really want to meet something who is calling you garbage and would withhold sex from you until you scored a touchdown?  Lame.




Johnson has been battling for a spot on the Dolphins’ roster after a very disappointing season with the New England Pats in 2011.  He only complete 15 receptions.  Ouchies.  Sounds like Tom Brady didn’t like his swag soo much neither. Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin knew Chad’s termination was a long time coming, citing that Johnson didn’t “fit” with the team.  Sound like another classic breakup excuse, “it just isn’t going to work out.”

Apparently, Chad has a history with domestic violence.  Sad 😦  And I used to LOVE this guy on the Bengals.

He was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in L.A. on February 7, 2000, which was before he was playing football for Oregon State University.

Apparently it was his girlfriend that he slapped across the face after he accused her of cheating — to which he pled no contest, and the court found him guilty of domestic battery.

He was then sentenced to 3 years probation and ordered to serve 45 days in L.A. County Jail.

He didn’t see any of that jail time, though, and instead completed 30 days of graffiti removal work along with completing a 12 month batterer’s counseling program — and ordered to stay 100 yards away from the victim. He strategically decided to put off the hard labor and the domestic violence program for years. That’s when an additional 15 days of graffiti removal was added, making Ocho complete his legal obligations in 2002.  If cleaning up graffiti doesn’t scare the hard unrelenting power of the law into you, then I don’t know what will!  Sounds like a changed man to me 😛

Ugh.  Why do guys think it’s ok to beat up the ladies?!  Its soo not ok to hit a person who is significantly smaller and weaker than you, even if they are a bitch.



If convicted, Johnson faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. He also could receive community service, probation or anger management classes.  YEA, like that is going to work this time.  Chad, do yourself a favor, divorce this gold digger and go back to Ocho Cinco.  Don’t start taking tips from Chris Brown over there, and do your time in jail.  Be a man.