There is no God?

A devout Christian dedicating a good part of his life to GOD by serving his Lord in every way possible, adamantly praying and freely sacrificing his time and effort to the religion is the RIGHT “Christian” thing to do.  And in return, God’s plan is said to steer you down the path of righteousness, the path that will guide you where you are meant to be in life.  Welcome to the “Good” Christian life.


So why is Tebow’s path meant to go down the shitter?

Tim Tebow : Jesus’s wet dream, a Christian do-gooder, a God squadder…call him what you want, Tebow loves GOD and isn’t shy about it.


So with everything going wrong in his NFL career, where does GOD fit into all of this?


Everything was going right with Tebow: Heisman trophy winner, 2 NCAA championships, 1st round draft pick, starting as Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, leading the Broncos to a playoff win to reach the Divisional Round, picked up by an ailing Jets squad in dire need of a Quarterback, then picked up again by the power house Patriots team with the superior coaching of Bill Billicheck and then finally, all of a sudden…he is released….out into the unemployed wild.


If Tebow is no longer playing in the NFL (his lifelong dream) then is there really a God?


Has GOD led Tebow to the Arena Football League to play for the L.A. KISS?  Really? This is what Tim Tebow’s hard efforts and prayer have brought him: nothing but an embarrassing washed up NFL career?

WTF GOD?!  If Tebow can’t make it in God’s good graces than what the hell are the rest of us heathens to do?  Tebow’s positive attitude and hopeful spirit is something you don’t see everyday in sports.  It was refreshing to hear him talk about the upside of his down and out career situations and move forward in admirable fashion.  But how admirable is it if you are going to go live out your career playing for a football team owned by the band KISS?

(Haha that would be kinda sweet)


BUT, did you ever think that THIS is MEANT TO BE for Tebow.  Maybe Tebow is meant to an analyst on ESPN for College Football (replacing Lee Corso…..AMAZING) or perhaps to steer his football efforts and expertise more towards coaching. Tebow had a great run, some would say even a phenomenal, but I think it is safe to say that Tebowmania has come to a close.


Tebow already fulfilled his childhood dream of playing Quarterback in the NFL, just not a very long dream. Maybe his other unspoken dreams of NOT playing Quarterback will eventually come true, whatever those may be.  What does the homeboy Jesus think?


New York I love you, but your AFC Team sucks balls

jets suck
Did anybody see the Sports Center segment talking about the Jets…..or the one before that….or the one before that talking about the Jets?  Yea, it’s the same FREAKING  update.  But if you missed it, here is one for good measure in case you have been living under a rock, this one will catch you up to speed

Get the drift?!  Mark Sanchez sucks and the Jets really have no idea what to do with Tebow let alone the entire team. Of course GM Mike Tannenbaum and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano would get fired by Woody Johnson because he can’t and won’t fire head coach Rex Ryan.  Tim Tebow is in disarray and heading to Jacksonville to put himself to goood……..shit…even SOME use.


What the mofo is going on with the Jets?!  Seriously, I have never seen a team fall into such disaster and embarrassment in my whole short life.  Maybe I haven’t lived long enough or maybe the Jets 2012 truly sucks beyond sucks.  It is so difficult to just focus on one issue because there are so many, too many for one football team to deal with in one season, Jesus Christ.  No wait, Jesus christ could actually be one of the issues, god damn you Tim Tebow and your god christian like prayers before each game, yea now where did that get ya….?  funny_jesus_7_0-s432x547-168274

I think we would all just love to blame somebody, but there are many people to blame, and one of them is NOT Tebow.  Tebow merely served as a publicity distraction for the team, which definitely back fired.  Tebow is just the victim in this whole Jets mess, a team that lured him in, swallowed him and spat him out, leaving him rejected and alone on the streets of New York.  Boo to the New York Jets for using a dedicated kind-hearted player like Tebow without even USING him.  The type of “using” where you try and hang out with the popular kids so you can get recognized in the cafeteria.  The Jets used Tebow to gain some popularity and publicity for a team in a city that doesn’t even need recognition, it’s NEW YORK fuckin’ CITY.  I don’t think anything goes unnoticed in the Big Apple.  Shame on you Jets for using an innocent young jesus loving man for your own selfish gain, and for what?  Gain of nothing. Pack your bags, we’re heading to Jacksonville!


Mark Sanchez should have been benched a long time ago.  But I gotta say, he made one of the worst and most entertaining plays of the year, running into his own lineman during the Thanksgiving game against the Patriots.  Pure Classic Dumb Ass.  I love it.  Thanks Dirty Sanchez, you will never live that one down.  The guy is straight up the WORST QB in the NFL this season.  And why didn’t Rex Ryan take a hint?  Why didn’t Woody Johnson threaten the Fat Man and put his job on the line if there wasn’t a change?!  Well, he likes the Fat Man around, his jokes, his jolliness.  Hell he brings Christmas cheer all around….so he must view Dirty Sanchez as one of his little elves….that’s it!  But wouldn’t one of Santa’s Little Helpers actually help?  Well, there goes that analogy 😛


new-york-jets-owner-woody-johnson-checks-his-cellphone-during-the-first-half-their-nfl-football-game-against-the-detroit-lions-detroit Woody Johnson has already made some drastic changes in the head office, firing the GM as well as the offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano.  I guess Woody thinks he can fire everybody except the two guys who are causing the problems.  Whatever, it’s his team right?  As long as he feels comfortable signing those checks, then A-OK brotha.  Apparently Woody Johnson “trusts” Rex Ryan.  Trust eh?

How is this for trust.  Last week, Rex Ryan was sporting a beautiful tattoo while vacationing in the Bahamas.  The tattoo appears to be of a woman, his wife?, wearing only a green jersey with Mark Sanchez’s #6 on it and posing in the “Tim Tebow” crouch or stance or whatever you call it.  Classy Rex….classy.  That tattoo isn’t even funny…it wouldn’t even be funny if the Jets had a solid season with Sanchez as an effective QB.  It’s insulting a god squadder for doing what he knows best, praying.  Putting that religious crap aside, Tebow is a good guy and shouldn’t be made fun of by his own…well temporary….coach.


Well it will be an interesting off-season indeed.  I just can’t wait to see what is in store for the Jets.  I wish HBO’s Hard Knocks was following them this year, but sadly they are not.  The Jets would be morons is they agreed to let HBO film their tumultuous off-season shenanigans.  Great Entertainment, Bad Publicity……Oh wait……th


Whatcha smokin’ Rex?

Someone seriously needs to fire this weight watchers drop out of a coach.  Rex Ryan just seems to be exercising poor POOR judgement.


Ryan has decided to make Quarterback Mark Sanchez his starter for Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.   Despite third string Greg McElroy winning the game for the New York Jets last week.  Keyword here…”WINNING.”  The Jets haven’t done a whole lot of “WINNING” with Sanchez starting. No Sir E BOB.

This is what Sanchez had to say of last week’s quarterback change, “It was probably the worst and best experience of my life.”  HmmmmmMMMmmm, let’s just stick to the best, the best for the JETS.  Worst for Sanchez.  You SUCK SANCHEZ.  You know it and all of New York City knows it.  That’s why they be cheering like it’s the Superbowl when McElroy was put in the game against the Arizona Cardinals, rallying the Jets to a 7-6 victory.  That must be a really sucky mcSUCK feeling for you Mark….but in truth….that is the reality of this situation.  Fool has 18 turnovers, including 5 in the past two games.  DUDE, YOU SUCK.


(Greatest picture ever)

Ryan popped into a quarterbacks meeting early Wednesday morning and informed the trio, which includes Time Tebow, that Sanchez will start Sunday against the Jaguars. A short time later, Ryan broke the news to the entire team, mentioning his decision in passing during a scouting breakdown of the Jaguars.  Dude, that must have been a silent middle finger moment from Tebow and the entire team. Seriously, when a team is obviously struggling, a team’s whose quarterback has brought nothing but humiliation and embarrassment to a city that is used to sports glory….(oh wait that’s why they got the Giants and Yankees.   Well, can’t have em all I guess), it is a bitch slap in the face to keep starting your weakest link, your LOSER of a player.

NY Jets

Does Sanchez seem motivated by this position?  SHOOooooOOOOt, I would hope so.  But no, I bet you anything nothing is going to change.  NOTHING.  Sanchez started off on the Jets as a coddled baby who has never had to worry bout his job security.  “I think Rex was more or less sending a message, and it was well received,” Sanchez said. “I know. I get it.”  You GET IT?!?!?!  OMG part the motherfuckin’ clouds, Dirty Sanchez GETS IT!  Wow, this quarterback is one smart dude, it only took him 11 weeks to get it.

Ryan’s hope is Sanchez will benefit from his much NEEDED time on bench, saying it can be a learning experience for a player to take a step back amidst a slump.  A slump?  Dude he SUCKS.  I have no idea why it took this long for Rex to get off his high weight watchers horse and make the change.


Ryan also made it clear he won’t tolerate reckless turnovers, strongly suggesting he will have a short leash on Sanchez.  NOW you decide to have the short leash.  Dude, took you long enough.  That would be soo sweet if he took out Sanchez after the first fumble or interception.  Now THAT my friend would be keeping the short leash!

It’s not even about Tebow anymore.  It is about the JETS and how the team is going to start being competitive.  “This kind of thing affects people’s lives and careers. It’s not just, ‘Oh, man, bummer.’ It’s not like that. This is serious,” Sanchez so genuinely said about his situation negatively affecting everyone.  Oh man, bummer you SUCK Sanchez, you either have yet to step it up as a player or your team will most likely be subject to more embarrassment (if that is physically possible).  If you are really looking out for this team and are aware of the severity of the situation, pull yourself out of the game.  Be a man yo.  Stick up for your team, play another QB because you clearly have failed far too many times to have your team fully support you.  That is why the locker room is such a minefield of chatter and gossip.  The O line can only do so much.  Sanchez just doesn’t know how to play under pressure…….clearly.


Sanchez SUCKS.  But wait!  There is still time for redemption.  Watch him play a hell of a game against the Jaguars Sunday, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions….yea in our Tebow dreams.  Even Tebow’s GOD can’t save Dirty Sanchez.

The real issue is Mr. Rex Ryan.  He be smokin’ that shizzzz cuz he ain’t thinking straight because he is continually starting Sanchez week after week.  Would make more sense if they were the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks with this new legalization of weed….but NO.  There is seriously NO EXCUSE.  How many chances does this kid get?  Good GOD.  Sucks to be a Jets fan, that’s fasho.  Just put those fans out of their misery already and end season, fire Rex and start a new QB. FO REALZ….


Tebow was Played

How much worse can this get for this god squadder?  Now he got his own locker room talking smack about him.  I can’t help but feel bad for this guy.  What did Tebow ever do?  He is just there to play the game and help the team win, which they haven’t been doing much of this season.  Didn’t Skip Bayliss call Tebow a Play Maker?  Well his plays aren’t being made Skip, not one bit.

There is more and more talks of who to start this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams for this ailing New York Jets Team.  Shitty Mark Sanchez or bench warmer Tim Tebow.  I mean, is this a contest or a matter of pride?

Acquiring Tebow seemed to erupt some good publicity and attention for the Jets but now continues to remind coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson why they ever made the trade in the first place.    Why trade for a player who you are never going to use?   Tebow is still giving the Jets publicity, but it ain’t good.  Stemming from this girl drama happening in the locker room, Quarterback Mark Sanchez’s sucking ass, while Rex Ryan refusing to discuss the missing Tebow factor, the Jets seem well on their way to a NFL nervous breakdown.

Everybody seems to want to point the finger to the boys upstairs, particularly Woody Johnson.  I mean, it makes sense.  Rex Ryan is merely taking orders and if he makes his own orders outside the jurisdiction of Johnson, Rex would be fired, come on now.  Who is in control is this situation?  Shouldn’t it be Woody?  Making this huge public display over Tebow is not only going to waste but is working against them in the worst way possible.

Isn’t the point in any team in any sport to win?  All I do is win mothafuckers!  Yea No, not the Jets.  Mark Sanchez is not winning, at all.  At the beginning of the season, Sanchez was asked to comment on the Jet’s addition of Tebow, “Selling seats, man.”  I guess your selling the seats “man” but for how long?  What is going to happen when the Jets axe Tebow and are left with no backup quarterback because god forbid they are going to stick with useless Sanchez next year.

Tebow just wants to play man, give him a chance.  What do the Jets have to lose?  Freaking NOTHING!  They are already losing and bringing more and more embarrassment to themselves.  Starting Tebow or letting him play a quarter would at least shut up those Tebow squadders and could possibly stop some of this unnecessary drama the Jets seem to be relentlessly diving back into over and over again.  Rex Ryan isn’t helping the situation at all.  Is it just me or  Rex Ryan is getting less jolly with his weight loss, maybe because his team has been on a downward spiral since he cut out the Twinkies.

Team Tebow yo, at least until the Jets play him for more than 2 minutes.  Roll the dice with this Gator, if he fails he fails.  No loss there.  Then you can start up Dirty Sanchez again and really see how the season plays out.  Merry Christmas Rex.  My gift to you is  a new job….and maybe some mallomars.

Jesus would start Tebow…..

Tebowmania has yet to take place in NYC……and why is that???  One name: Dirty Sanchez.











For those of you who don’t know who Dirty Sanchez is then stop reading this blog. Seriously, he dirty.

 Dirty Sanchez and company are the reason why Tebow has yet to start on the New York Jets.  Head coach Rex Ryan is sold on Dirty Sanchez and wants to continue starting him the rest of the season, blindly leading the Jets to another dismal season.   Despite struggling again in a 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans Monday night, many fans and media are beginning to get sick of “suggesting” to start Tebow.  “Yeah, no question,” the Jets coach said Tuesday without hesitation when asked if Sanchez remains the team’s starter. Wait wait wait Mr. Ryan, There is just one question! : Why was Tebow even traded in the first place?  What is he doing for the team?  Is he fetching holy water for the team, warming those cold benches or actually going to play a full rotation for once?  Tebow did throw the best pass in that game against the Texans, even though the god squadder supposedly “can’t throw.”  What gives?  



Dirty Sanchez has completed less than 50% of his passes in four straight games, ranking last in the NFL.  Hmmmmm that falls under the same ranks of one of the BIGGEST NFL BUSTS quarterback Jamarcus Russell (Jabba the Hutt Russell)  love that nickname dubbed by Steven A. Smith, that is def a keeper .  If people are starting to compare him to Jabba the Hutt Russell, than you got problems.  The freaking Jets have only scored 3 touchdowns in their last 4 games.  3 touchdowns!?!?!?!?  Granted the team has lost one of their best receivers, Santonio Holmes, as well as defensive players, Darelle Revis…..come on, that’s why you have backups and practice and build different players around those unfortunate absences.  Backups….hmmm..why does that sound soo appealing right now…? Sounds like it could (or should) be the beginning of the end for this Dirty Sanchez…..

I understand why Rex Ryan has no desire to bow down to public pressure, especially from the outspoken fans and media, because he doesn’t want his job put in jeopardy.  But it seems to me that it already is.  Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets,  told CNBC he wants Tebow on the Jets for the remainder of his contract – through 2014.  “Are we going to keep Tebow? Absolutely,” Johnson said. “He’ll be with us for three years. … I think he’s going to be a real valuable asset in terms of helping us win games.”  Unless he is teaching Bible Study to the players, Tebow has yet to be a valuable asset to the team.  

Johnson, the man who WANTED and CHOSE to pick up Tebow after Denver let him go, also has expressed support for the fizzling Sanchez, suggesting that he will never benched.  Say what?  “Never is a long time period,” Johnson said. “But I see the same things in Mark Sanchez (as) when I first met him … We think he’s that good. He really is that good. I wouldn’t look at the numbers too seriously. A quarterback’s job ultimately is to win games. Mark Sanchez has proven that he can do that.”  Yea…..when he was  Trojan :/

Your not going to look at the numbers too seriously…..?  Are you kidding me?  As a business savvy owner of a team in the most lucrative sports league in the world, I would hope that numbers do matter…a lot.  Dirty Sanchez wasn’t always this bad, but this is definitely marking one of the biggest slumps of his career.  If the Jets manage to lose to the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, the outcry for Tebow will be deafening.  All of this and more is probably getting to Dirty Sanchez, massively psyching out the douche bag.  Should we feel sorry for him?  Hell no.







Dirty Sanchez has been given his turn in the spotlight, been given a million chances and hasn’t performed.  Give Tebow a chance, use the guy, shake things up for the Jets, you got him for a reason right?  What is the harm in starting Tebow and ending the game with Sanchez?  Clearly, they aren’t using Tebow to his full potential and it’s unfair.  It could be a bit early to tell, but Sanchez is dunzo, sit his ass down and start anew.  If the Ryan decides to roll the dice and start “the play maker” Tebow and they lose, that will shut everybody up.  Maybe the Jets just suck even with Tebow but how the hell are we supposed to know if their Butterball of a coach won’t start, let alone play, the guy?!  Sorry Rex, but it is inevitable that you are going to bow down to public pressure and play Tebow because your Dirty Sanchez just ain’t cutting it.

You gotta ask yourself this old question:  What would Jesus do?