Where did Tebow go?

The NFL season is underway and I only have one question: Where is Tim Tebow?


Tim Tebow hasn’t snapped a football in the NFL in over a year, which may be the right amount of time for him to realize that he may not play professionally again. ¬†Sad Face Timmy ūüė¶


Due to his lackluster NFL career, Tebow has been on the back burner this whole year, leaving us with no shred of hope for his return to the NFL. ¬†Well maybe as an assistant coach….or better yet a cheerleader….


Apparently Tebow has prospects outside of his football dreams: broadcasting. ¬†Go figure. ¬†Tim Tebow could be coming to a TV screen near you….


Three major networks- ESPN, CBS and FOX- have expressed interest in hiring Tebow as an on air talent. ¬†Tebow is no stranger to the camera. ¬†Just look at that Jesus smile ūüôā


One place the Florida Gator legend could land is¬†ESPN’s SEC Network, which is set to debut in August 2014 with the intention of launching its own version of “College Gameday.” ¬†Of course the almighty SEC wants its own network. ¬†My vote is to replace Lee Corso whose commentary is border line senile and useless, which is why he resorts to gimmicks like stealing school mascot head gear.


Regardless of where Tebow lands, his pop culture clout and go to Jesus persona should be enough to entice even casual football viewers into watching him.  Just think we can watch him on Saturday mornings and not have to go to Church the next day.


And let’s be honest, haven’t we missed him?

(Minus his pro-life Superbowl commercial)

Big Brother Sucks

The most wonderful time of year is about to begin and it seems a bit mellow. ¬†A little too mellow for my taste…..


College Football kicks off in less than a week and I have seen slim to none coverage of the sport on ESPN unless Johnny Football’s face is slapped on the screen, Nick Saban counting his crystal footballs or the greedy NCAA being sued for their Scrooge McDuck behavior.


What seems to be the overshadowing Big Brother of College Football is, and always is, the NFL.  Forgive me if I am wrong though, but I distinctly remember a lot more ESPN College Football coverage including interviews with the coaches, players, highlights and season predictions for all the conferences.  I am well aware that ESPN fills in a half an hour slot at 1pm for College Football talk but I am strictly speaking of SportsCenter evening programming. You know, the evening show everybody and their mom watches before going to bed.


(The more important question now is, how can you go to bed without watching Top Ten?)

I know it is the NFL pre-season, and NFL fans just loving telling non NFL fans the many reasons why the NFL is “better” than College Football: The NFL makes more money, the NFL is quicker, the NFL is more badass, the NFL is professional, the NFL does your laundry….the list of reasons can go on for ages. ¬†But speaking as a College Football fan, I don’t care.


I have been College Football for years now and ESPN has always been my dependable news source for the pre-season. I ask you, how the hell are you supposed to make realistic Heisman Trophy winner bets in Vegas now?! G Golly Wiz.


After letting my frustration subside, there are three distinct reasons as to why I believe there is more NFL pre-season coverage than College Football pre-season coverage this year.

1. Johnny Manziel: The Kid Who Got Caught.


Ever since Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, the controversy hasn’t stopped. ¬†All of his publicity and attention have been negative, from the day drinking to the busty women he hangs out with. The guy just can’t catch a break. ¬†Unfortunately, his childish antics has severely put a dark cloud over college football, a cloud that won’t evaporate until Manziel proves himself on the field this season.


Who cares if he is giving College Football players a bad rap. ¬†He isn’t the first and he certainly won’t be the last. ¬†Damn you social media and your trickster ways!

2. NCAA: Scrooge McDuck


The NCAA this year has been going through hell (and rightfully so?).  First, six current college football players are suing the NCAA for what else?  MONEY. The players are suing the NCAA in hopes to expose their Scrooge McDuck persona to billions of dollars in damage.  The plaintiffs now demand the NCAA find a way to give players a cut of the billions of dollars earned from live broadcasts, memorabilia sales and video games. PSsshs, yah good luck with that fellas.

Damn, and I loved those video games too…


Second, this is the last year of the BCS System before Playoffs are implemented in the 2014 season, the NCAA’s last hurrah of raking in the big cha-ching. Poor guys, they are so useless and don’t even know it.

3. The SEC Dominance

Once again, the SEC is expected to completely dominate the season. ¬†SNORE. We get it, the dynasty is here….thank you Mr. Saban. Despite the SEC teams’ not so competitive schedules, everyone is convinced that this College Football Season will be an SEC season.

medium_Saban Forbes ALcom

No wonder nobody is really excited for this year’s upcoming College Football season. Without the excitement of upsets and unexpected cinderella stories, the season will drift off into SEC waters and never return.


I hope my theories are BS. Please feel free to let me have it because College Football is my absolute favorite time of year and arguably the best sport ūüėõ ¬†(Don’t Hate!). ¬†So here is hoping that the season will in fact not end up being a Johnny Manziel COPS special, or a Scrooge McDuck downfall or even an SEC snore of a season. ¬†Let us expect a great season for the coaches and players, but more importantly the fans.


The NFL can suck it. ¬†Your season doesn’t start till September 8th. ¬†Wait your turn. ¬†Let the little guys shine for a week or so.


Damn you ESPN

Why is ESPN covering the upcoming USC vs. Oregon game soo damn much?  I must have seen three segments already about the Trojans preparing to take on the ridiculously good Ducks at the Coliseum.  Seriously, why?

The USC Trojans are only averaging about 15 penalties a game and the no.2 Ducks are averaging 53.3 points a game. ¬†You do the math. ¬†¬†USC’s penchant for drawing penalties stems from the Trojans’ having too much “pride” and trying to protect each other, receiver Robert Woods said. ¬†Too much pride? ¬†Dude, how much pride can you have when you aren’t winning games?

Last season, Barkley passed for four touchdowns in a 38-35 victory over Oregon, a win that ended the Ducks’ 21-game winning streak at Autzen Stadium. ¬†The Trojans led by 24 points late in the third quarter and held on for a victory that was not assured until Oregon missed a last-second field-goal attempt. ¬†Hey, whether we like it or not kickers make the difference! ¬†But USC was a much better team last year. ¬†FAR Better.

SC’s defense hasn’t been good since the three iron linebackers, Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing and Rey Maualuga. ¬†Head coach Lane Kiffin brilliantly decided to appoint his father Monte Kiffin as the team’s Defensive Coordinator. ¬†Good or bad move? ¬†Well just look at the defense. ¬†The defense gives up at least 20 points a game. ¬†The Ducks offense with multipurpose star D’Anthony Thomas and running back Kenjon Barner are returning players for the offense that has average 540 yards a game. ¬†Oohhhhh some more easy math!

All USC can do is try to play and put behind it’s 39-36 loss to Arizona last week that ended their hopes for making a run to the BCS National Title. ¬†“We can’t play a game like that this week,” quarterback Matt Barkley¬†said. “Oregon is too good.” ¬†Forgive the obvious DUH. ¬†Come on Matt, you and your boys been playing mediocre at best. ¬†Obviously you need to step up your game to even be seen with these Quack Quack men. ¬†

It just sucks balls that ESPN is broadcasting this game like it’s the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade. ¬†Seriously if you just type in USC vs Oregon under videos, you get at least 6 videos discussing the upcoming game. ¬†Good God. ¬†All of this media attention and buzz is going to do nothing but psych the Trojans out. ¬†As a loyal Trojan fan, I know this is just going to blow up in the pretty little faces. ¬†This just goes to show you that the media, no matter how farfetched or boring a story may be, will blow it out of proportion to get ratings and create a buzz. ¬†But is this game really creating a buzz? ¬†All it is doing is creating negative attention for the Trojans, highlighting their flaws and shortcomings, while placing Oregon on the BCS pedestal. ¬†Doesn’t ESPN have a massive crunch on the SEC? ¬†Isn’t there the SEC showdown of the century happening this weekend, Alabama vs LSU, you know? ¬†The BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game repeat, Alabama still holding the no.1 crown and LSU fairly slipping behind riding the no. 5 spot. ¬†What gives? ¬†Both those teams are collectively ranked higher than Oregon and USC. ¬†Furthermore, we all know it is probably going to be a closer and perhaps a bit more exciting game. ¬†WTF ESPN?

I know what you are thinking!  As a Trojan fan you should wish no ill for your team or at least be one of those obnoxiously devoted fans who blindly believe that their team will defy the odds and win the game no matter what the circumstances.  Sigh.  Is there a problem with just being realistic?

I am going to watch the game and obviously root for the boys in Cardinal and Gold. ¬†But with one team averaging above 50 points a game (and this isn’t a basketball score !) and the other team averaging more than 50 penalties this season, it is a little hard to believe that this will be a competitive matchup. ¬†Forgive me Trojan Gods! ¬†Maybe they will prove me wrong. ¬†Maybe ESPN’s incessant coverage will in fact pay off.

Nevertheless, FIGHT ON.

Kiffin go bye bye

Lane Kiffin is one weird dude.

USC head coach Kiffin abruptly ended a post practice news conference on the field after he was asked by a reporter about an injured player. ¬†After answering one question (a total of 30 seconds) he said, “I gotta go,” almost seeming displeased to answer the questions, and then he bolted off the field. ¬† Literally…..jogging away. ¬†What gives Kiffy?

Here, you can check out the real awkward Lane Kiffin moment yourself: usc-coach-lane-kiffin-ends-news-conference-reporter-asks-injured-player

Apparently there is some sort of ridiculous policy with USC, requesting that the media who have the chance to make it practice¬†¬†“not report on strategy or injuries that are observed during the course of watching that practice or result from that practice.” ¬†Wtf? ¬†That’s what the media does, report on what matters….and injuries on athletic teams, especially teams who are (were?) supposedly championship bound. ¬†Sorry SC, but that policy is ridiculously absurd. ¬†You can’t hide injured players in Narnia for long….you know injuries do heal.

The USC Trojans are definitely under a media microscope ever since their 21-14 loss to Stanford last Saturday, quite the Pac-12 upset….and this is only GAME 3?!

A chunk of everybody’s dream in SoCal evaporated after that loss, winning a national championship and Barkley taking home the coveted Heisman trophy. ¬†Barkley is still talking to the press admirably and swallowing his “shame” from last week, because let’s face it….it wasn’t pretty¬†for the guy, completing only 20 of his 41 passes ¬†for 254 yards with zero touchdowns and two interceptions. ¬†Yea, that is still a slow soothing pain just typing that ūüė¶

Hopefully Barkley’s dismal performance will ignite a fire for him and the Trojans who take on the Cal Bears Saturday at the Coliseum. ¬†If you have to lose, better to lose to a ranked conference team early in the season rather than later, where it seems to count more.

Can he kiss Heisman goodbye? ¬†It’s hard to say. ¬†It is so early in the season that he and the Trojans can rally and win every game the rest of the season with Barkley throwing 6 touchdown passes. ¬†Considering their somewhat difficult schedule as well as the “oh holy” conference that is the SEC, SC is headed towards some troubled waters.

The Cal game will determine whether the Trojans can rally. ¬†Also, to see if Kiffin can give the running game a break and call some effective pass plays, for freaking ONCE in a game. ¬†Good God was that ever frustrating. ¬†Maybe that was the looming question that haunts him, praying and hoping the press don’t ask him the embarrassing question about the Trojans total running game ¬†against Stanford, a whopping 26 yards. ¬†No wonder he darted for the door. ¬†At least he left the media before munching on some Coliseum¬†grass……oh wait.


Take a splash in the Pacific :)

The most wonderful time of year is upon us……..COLLEGE FOOTBALL baby!

Aside from the awesomeness that is USC, there are four new coaches in the Pac-12 Conference.  Four teams who will debuting not just a new coach but a new team, a new work ethic, a new collegiate football culture.  Not the exact time and place these teams would have liked to be at in their athletic career, but hey!  better make the best of it.

Rich Rodriguez (or RiRo as I like to call him) is at Arizona, Todd Graham at Arizona State, Mike Leach at Washington State, and of course….Jim Mora at FUCLA. ¬†Apparently these fab four our pocketing a lot more money these days than their predecessors. ¬†Big time hires means Big time money, which can only mean Big time season!




With that being said, the expectations are running purdy darn high for these Pac 12 teams.  We all know SC is going to dominate the conference along with those pesky but damn good-looking Ducks, but that leaves the 10 remaining teams with the difficult challenge to fulfill those high expectations and ACTUALLY compete.  That is either going to make the 2012 season a yawn for those SEC bandwagon fans on the other side of the country or an absolute BLASTY for those west coasters who want to see if these new coaches will put their money where their mouth is.

So how do these coaches deal with all these high expectations? ¬†They call it “Re-Building.” ¬†The word “re-building” just sounds safer ¬† and sounder than “conference domination” or “we are here to win!” ¬†Winning is the obvious but a new coach isn’t going to come in and expect the team to win the conference let alone every game.

Arizona State’s coach is either the most delusional about the issue or just a smart guy who knows how to win over his team:




“We’re in some big-time recruiting battles right now,” Graham said. “Kids want to go to a big-time program. I’m just being honest. If I sit here and say, ‘Well, you know, it’s just going to take time.’ I don’t think they want to hear that. And I really don’t think that’s the reality of it. It’s just not in my mindset to approach things that way. I just believe you can get what you expect. Is it going to be easy? No. Are we going to face a lot of adversity? Yes. Can we win a championship this first year? Yes we can. That’s what our mission is going to be.”

This relentless optimism can get obnoxious but can also be what is giving a football team the energy and attitude they need to make it to practice everyday and suit up for the big games. ¬†Any athletic team needs focus, discipline and dedication, ultimately relying on their coaches for that push. ¬†Will these four new coaches reach the promise land? ¬†Well, definitely not in their first season…..but let us hope for the best and encourage these coaches to make the Pac-12 the most competitive conference in college football ūüôā ¬†Just to shut up that pesky SEC conference.

They’re Here……….

The time has come……the Trojans must avenge their SEC enemies and take back what truly belongs to them.


Did the NCAA sanctions cripple this football program??  I think not motha fuckas!!!!!!!

ESPN ranked the unfazed Trojans at number 1 in their Power Rankings. ¬†Say waaaaaaaat? ¬†Matty Barkley, who skipped out on entering the NFL as a number 1 draft pick to stay for his senior year (what is going to be an amazing comeback year for the Trojans), is obviously a Heisman trophy favorite. ¬†Suck it Mark Emmert and your useless NCAA punishments ūüėõ

The Trojans haven’t risen from the dead. ¬†Sorry NCAA, but they were never dead. ¬†These last two years have just been a hibernation to reconstruct and solidify their college football dynasty. ¬†“Our goal was just to maximize the situation we were put in,” USC coach Lane Kiffin said. “We didn’t know exactly what that’s going to mean.” ¬†Damn right your going to maximize the situation. ¬†





Maximize it soo much that SC went ahead and snatched up Penn State’s star running back Silas Redd after the Nittany Lions were slapped with one of the “harshest” NCAA punishments. ¬†MHHmmmmmm we will see about that Penn State. ¬†We will see……




In 2010, USC was slapped with what I believe are THE harshest NCAA sanctions:

‚ÄĘ A postseason ban in football following the 2010 and 2011 seasons. If we win this year then who the F*ck cares.

‚ÄĘ A loss of 30 total football scholarships over the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons. ¬†Ouchies……

‚ÄĘ A vacation of all football victories starting in December 2004 and running through the 2005 season. This includes the national championship win over Oklahoma on Jan. 4, 2005. RETARDED

‚ÄĘ All statistics vacated for Bush, Mayo and women‚Äôs tennis athlete Gabriela Niculescu in the games which the NCAA deemed them ineligible due to rules violations. Meh…….

‚ÄĘ Bush and Mayo must be disassociated from USC athletics. ¬†Sad Face.

‚ÄĘ An acceptance of USC‚Äôs self-imposed penalties on its basketball program, which included a forfeiture of all wins in 2007-2008 and a one-year postseason ban. ¬†POINTLESS

‚ÄĘ All titles won during ineligible games must be vacated and trophies and banners must be removed. RETARDED

‚ÄĘ A vacation of wins in the women‚Äôs tennis program from May 2006 to May 2009, for long-distance telephone violations committed by a student-athlete. ¬†We have a tennis team?

‚ÄĘ A reduction of recruiting days for the men‚Äôs basketball program in 2010-2011. ¬†Who cares?

‚ÄĘ Four years of probation. UGH

HMMMMMmmmm not looking so bad huh Penn State :/

Kiffin just made the right moves. ¬†He effectively delayed scholarship limits, making this season filled with experienced veteran players who are going to be competing for the National Championship. ¬†BOOYAH. ¬†Kiffin strategically signed players that would play¬†at SC for at least three years or more. ¬†“We signed a kicker, a punter and a snapper so that we wouldn’t have to for the next four years,” Kiffin said. ¬†“You’ve got scholarship players at the three specialist positions,” Kiffin said. “My point is that isn’t for this year. That’s for a long time. That’s why it’s so big. Those guys are either sophomores or redshirt freshmen. They still have three or four years.” ¬†Redshirt those fools like there is no tomorrow! ¬†Kiffin, I love this long-term plan playa! ūüėÄ

As the scholarship reductions take a greater toll on football enrollment the next two seasons, USC will likely start feeling the NCAA bitch slap. ¬†But hey! ¬†At least they will still be polishing their Championship Crystal Ball and Heisman Trophy chillin’ in Heritage Hall. ¬†Can NOT wait for September 1st baby, BEAT THE WARRIORS!!!!!!

What to make of the almighty SEC……?

To many (many being those who only live in the south-east and bum dizzle boondocks towns), the SEC is the greatest  and most prestigious conference in college football.  Yes it is the most winningest conference but does that make them the best?  Yea maybe but there are so many other factors that us sports fans must consider.

One factor is Mary Jane. ¬†The Pot, the Ganga, the Herb, the Green, the Bud, the Marijuana. ¬†It has been recently disclosed by ESPN that players testing positive for marijuana in the mighty SEC do not face a one year suspension that comes from getting busted by the NCAA. ¬†These crazy focused and dedicated players routinely get third, fourth and even with chances before they get booted off their beloved team. ¬†Count ’em. ¬†FIVE. ¬†Well that’s a relief. ¬†We need our players to get a nice inhale and exhale with em drugas to feel the full effect. ¬†Can’t have that marijuana go to waste now you hear! ¬†Failing drug tests administered by the NCAA result in a suspension. ¬†Say it ain’t so, is the SEC gonna receive the bad news bears consequences??!

The findings come from the Associated Press who examined the drug policies of 11 current members of the SEC, which all have far more lenient drug penalties than the NCAA. ¬†Really? ¬†Than the NCAA. ¬†The National Collegiate Athletic Association who is in charge of all the sports programming in Universities and Colleges alike? ¬†Who do the NCAA think they are to come between the SEC and their championships? ¬†That’s just crazy talk.

Apparently the NCAA is in no position to provide intervention throughout the school year but the actual schools are. ¬†Thankfully, schools rely on their own philosophies and needs to set their drug testing policies, which are “complimentary” to those of the NCAA. ¬†Ugh. ¬†You got to be kidding me. ¬†The SEC school’s policies focus more on recreational drugs because marijuana isn’t considered recreational at all. ¬†Strictly performance enhancing……. DUH. ¬†Will the smoke clear? ¬†Probably not. ¬†But it’s the players that desperately need the discipline from papa bear to learn from their mistakes and begin to act like the professional athlete they want to be.¬†

Aside from their outrageously idiotic drug policies, the one redeeming quality about the SEC is that they support the proposed PLAYOFF system.  The SEC took an official stand on the proposed four team playoff last week as school presidents and athletic directors voted unanimously to support having the four best teams play for the national title.  Sweet.

But here is the catch. ¬†It WOULD make sense that the “best” powerhouse conference, which has won six consecutive Bowl Championship Series Titles, would want a playoff. ¬†That gives the SEC the greatest chance to achieve ultimate college football glory, having two teams from the same conference compete against one another on any given year. ¬†That would be just one big fat YAWN. ¬†Those SEC games have been beyond boring, barely making touchdowns and winning games solely on field goals. ¬†Is that competitive college football? ¬†Wait, better re-phrase. ¬†Is that the college football we want to see in the championship game?? ¬†Negative.

Unfortunately, it is not what all conferences want.  The Big Ten, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big East and the Pac 12 all want versions of a playoff that would guarantee some conference champions a shot at the title.  Every school obviously has their own agenda and will do what is best for their own schools/conferences.  I am not so sure that every individual school will look ahead to see the bigger picture at first, but over time, all we can do is pray that they do.  Especially the SEC.

The SEC needs to get off their high horse, swallow their southern pride and acknowledge that there are¬†other conferences out there who play competitive college football. ¬†Yes football players will smoke the reefer madness but good GOD, can we all have the same penalties and punishments? ¬†Doesn’t that seem fair? ¬†It’s just disgraceful to have a conference consider themselves above the rest just because they played a few championship teams who the BCS deemed competitive based on a computer program. ¬†It’s especially shameful when you think you are the best after playing a team, a team in the same “powerful” conference, and making the championship game a field goal SNORE FEST. ¬†Since having those less than stellar wins, the conference believes they can treat their athletes more leniently and let the bong hits rip. ¬† That just doesn’t seem fair to us college football fans now, does it? ¬†Sounds like somebody is drinking from the cheater cheater pumping eater kool aid.