Can Durant rid us of Down Syndrome?

Seriously.  Who wants to see Lebron actually get what he has wanted since he stepped foot on the NBA courts?   Who wants to see Lebron get that ring?  Who wants to see Lebron finally get what he “deserves?”

I would love to say a big fat: NOBODY.  But that isn’t true.  There are some Lebron fans and lovers out there.  They just all happen to work at ESPN and the NBA.  Lucky for him, the majority of basketball fans who purely respect the player for their good attitude and classy showcase of talent don’t root for Lebron.  Because we all know, Lebron is none of those things.  He could have them in the future, but he sure as hell doesn’t have it now.

I sure hope nobody REALLY wants to see Lebron win.  Nobody wants to see that satisfaction he has been longing for ever since he decided to join the Miami Heat.  A selfish move from his hometown and home team, The Cleveland Cavaliers, in hopes to get those rings Kobe Bryant be sportin’ like his collection of Nike shoes.  It’s a good thing Lebron never wants to go back home.

The arrogant Lebron can’t even hold a candle to the class act that is Kevin Durant.  How can you not love a basketball player that gives his mom court side tickets to every game and gives her a giant hug and kiss after every victory?  I could be a major sucka but that is just freakin’ adorable.  I think Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder can defeat the Heat tonight in Game 5.  It is just a matter of putting Russel Westbrook in his place (damn bitchy Bruin), getting James Harden to score more than 13 points, having Derek Fisher step up to the plate by knocking down some clutch threes and for everybody to D up.  Play some defense to stop Lebron, Wade and Bosh.   It is possible.  Don’t be scurred of Lebron’s down syndrome busted face.  Do him a favor, do ALL OF US a favor and charge his face with your elbow, taking him out of game and forcing him to undergo some emergency reconstructive face surgery.  The world will be a better place 😀