Armstrong vs. Te’o, Cheater vs. MEAT HEAD

What is with athletes these days?  The cheating, the lying, being plain stupid……the list goes on.  We could blame the media because they sure as hell aren’t helping theses blown out of proportion situations.  Case in point: Lance Armstrong and Manti T’eo.  Both have recently come out to the media explaining their not so subtle developing situations of deceit.  And to top it all off, they both went on syndicated talk shows to pour their hearts out, possibly shed a few tears and experience some sort of redemption or confessional release for the public.  Katie Couric……Oprah.    Who interviewed the better athlete?  Who is the better talk show host?  Who the mofo cares?    Well, this sports fan finds it intriguingly idiotic yet enticing.  Come on people, this is the downfall of our species!


Common Sense seems to be thrown right out the door with these guys.  But hey, they are professional athletes in the spot-light, they are untouchable right?  WRONG.  Liars are liars and should never get away with it.  Boy, did they get away with it.  At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that Manti Te’o’s situation is a bit lighter in guilt than Armstrong’s.  Which is why I think Armstrong went on Oprah, he wouldn’t have it any other way.  In his first public appearance since his confession, of course he is only coming out to the big time tv talk show mogul….who just manages to bring out the cry baby in everyone….well except Barbara Walters.  But that bitch on The View…yea right Armstrong be coming out on the View being subjected to 5 women’s ridicule and sass.  Hell No.  Let him hang on to the only ball he has left ladies.


Armstrong’s Oprah interview was anything but moving.  Oprah asked all the right questions but his answers were bleak and a bit banal.  The only ounce of emotion that was felt was Oprah’s question about his LIVEStrong company, millions and millions of invested money down the drain.  He seemed a bit down losing the bling bling, even though he will still be living on easy street the rest of his life.  Which is why I felt nothing during this interview.  The guy flat-out cheated and lied about his situation so I felt no remorse or sympathy for the cyclist.  But I understand the public’s need for confirmation.  We know what he did.  We just want to know WHY he did it and persisted to LIE about it, calling the investigation a “witch hunt.”  More importantly, why did he continue to attack his teammates and journalists who were trying to expose the truth…the truth shall set you free Lance.  It seems like he lied to everybody and to be honest, I think we all deserve an apology, especially his fans……and maybe France.  Send France a gift basket of McDonald French Fries, they will love it.  It would have been awesome on Oprah if he stepped it up and apologized, admit his responsibility for falsely attacking others, and for turning an entire decade of his sport into a worldwide mockery.  This decorated mythical athlete literally put cycling on the map while pissing off one of the USA’s bitchy and whiney allies…it was a win-win situation for America.  I wish there was more discussion of his family.  Gotta give it up to the guy for admitting that throughout this entire controversy, the hardest part was telling his children.  Now THAT I believe.






What did you want Armstrong to say on Oprah?




Manti Te’o’s story on the other hand is straight up ridiculous and continues to get more ridiculous by the second.  This is truly the most bizarre stories in sports history, simply because of the whole fake girlfriend thing was an essential part of Te’o’s growing legend.  At this point my only question is why Katie Couric?  Katie Couric makes the most random distracting facial expressions while interviewing.  The batting of the eyes, the pursing of the lips, the flip of the hair…..I can’t stand that.  You think Te’o is going to confess his stupidity to twitchy turrets avon lady?  Well, he did.  The Te’o interview was more of a laugher than Armstrong only because his outrageously ludicrous situation.   Katie asked all the right questions, with her (in)voluntary facial expressions, but I still couldn’t take it seriously.  I would have taken a Te’o press conference more seriously….plus his family there.  Oh no.  Come on Te’o your a big boy, going to get drafted to the NFL soon….come on man, giving your future team mates more reason to haze ur mormon ass, you  are already going to get eaten alive once you hit the locker room.  DUDE


There are endless questions for Te’o, more intriguing and head scratching questions that we may perhaps never answer.  Such as: If he wasn’t involved in the hoax, how does he explain a report that he met her after a game at Stanford? What about those trips his father said she took to Hawaii? At what point did Te’o suspect Lennay Kekua might not actually exist? When did he know for certain? Why didn’t he ever try to visit with her, or even see her face via Skype? Why did he keep the hoax alive when he knew it to be false? Why did he allow Notre Dame and his family to keep the story alive?  He never met this bitch and claimed she was the ‘love of his life.’  UGH.  The real questions I would want to ask this Meat Head is about his integrity….about his decorated fame….does he think he deserves it?  With this story in mind, do you think the media blew it out of proportion?  Did you enjoy the ride?  Do you think you deserved to be nominated for the Heisman despite the fact that you aren’t the most talented LB college football has seen?  Do you feel like your story cheated the public and the sports world? Now THAT would have been an awesome interview.


We love to hear confessionals.  We are soo entertained by lies and drama that I think we sometimes forget that people’s lives are on the line, on the chopping block fasho.  The only reason I found Te’os interview more entertaining is because of his story.  Armstrong’s story is less interesting and just straight up selfish.  He could have stopped taking PEDs at any time.  He swindled many investors, lost millions of dollars and lied to his devoted fans, thus forever damaging American cycling.  Hope he is happy.  Te’o is still a kid in the eyes of many people, which is why many want to sympathize and feel for the Meat Head.  Is his sheltered lifestyle and religion to blame for his gullibility?  Who knows but I know Oprah would have gotten down to business with the Meat Head. Te’o is the one who should be on Oprah for some counseling and a group hug. Imagine the ratings coup when the tough linebacker with the trusting face confesses his vulnerabilities in a teary prime-time special. Plus that tacky banner in the background in the Katie studio…..seriously?  We know Te’o is speaking because he is on the show Katie.  I guess Te’o’s DUMB is wearing off.

Oprah for the win.


Cheating ain’t DOPE

Endorsement deals and sponsorships taken away.  Championships and trophies stripped.  Millions and millions of dollars vanished before his very eyes.  Integrity and honesty thrown out the door.  Sounds like Lance Armstrong had a rough week.


The man who epitomized the sport of cycling and the fight against cancer with his “Live Strong” campaign, has plunged himself into cheating disarray.  The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released a report detailing allegations of widespread doping use by Armstrong.  They found “overwhelming” evidence.  Even old teammates have come out of the woodwork and furthered the accusation, claiming that Armstrong himself would encourage them to engage in doping.  Sigh.

Nike, Anheuser-Bushand and other companies have all ended their endorsement deals with Armstrong.  Dealing with such humiliation and degradation, Armstrong was pretty much forced to step down as chairman of his “Live Strong” charity and cut ties with his cancer research campaign.  All 7 of his Tour de France titles were just taken away.  Lance Armstrong officially has nothing.  So does this guy sound dunzo or what?





Lance Armstrong was caught and is paying the consequences.  The sympathizers want to focus on the good he has done with cancer awareness and research.  Live Strong is one of the most popular fund-raising campaigns that has made millions and millions of dollars for cancer research.  However, the hardasses want to focus on the negative.  “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling. He deserves to be forgotten,” said Pat McQuaid, president of the International Cycling Union.  Well duh, we already knew that was going to happen.  The bad news for Armstrong just continues to roll.  Perhaps it is a bit too early to tell what will happen to Armstrong but there are plenty of athletes out there who have cheated and have lived to tell the tale.

The fact that doping is steroids completely shifts this discussion into the topic of cheating.  Cheating.  A word that will forever be present in Sports, a profession where performance means EVERYTHING.  Cheating usually gets you the wins, the trophies, the accolades, the fame.  But it seems that these “cheaters” in sports don’t seem to grasp the effects it has on their reputation. If a someone were to give you a magical drug to make you stronger, make you more agile, make you more competitive to play with the big boys, then let’s say you would.  It’s just the repercussions you don’t think about, like getting caught.  Is it the pressure?  Is it insecurity?  Is it drive?  What is it that makes athletes want to cheat?

It seems that when popular athletes cheat, all the positives out weigh the negatives, because the positives can be just awesome…..winning them fame, fortune and what seems like a lifetime of security.  But when those positives are no longer there, the cheating is out…..dayum does the negative become an endless abyss of SHIT.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case with everyone.

In the sports world if you cheat and get away with it, then everything might end up ok.  You might have some bumps in the road but if you come clean, then some (not all) is forgiven.  Just look at Alex Rodriguez, he came clean with his steroids use and is still playing ball for one of the greatest franchises in the MLB.  Who knows if he is still using (yea, probably), granted he is coming off one of his best seasons being benched and humiliated, but he seems to still be respectable baseball player.  He still has all the fame, the girls (supposedly), the money, and that oil painting portrait of himself as a Fantasia Centaur hanging up in his bedroom.   What a life.

Marion Jones, Olympic Track and Field Gold Medalist, was caught doing steroids during the games, lied about it and eventually had her medals taken away after her legal admission of perjury .  She served some time in jail and now plays for the Tulsa Shock of the WNBA. She has a daughter and loving hubbie.  Could be a bit domestic for her but at least she is happy and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the sporting world.  I am sure Jones feels a bit more guilt than A-rod over there in NYC because she WAS an Olympic gold Medalist, an athlete who represented our country and made all Americans feel proud for one summer. Being an Olympic athlete is such a significant responsibility because you are representing an entire COUNTRY, not a city or state.  You are competing with the WORLD.  Getting a gold medal taken away can’t be easy.  A-rod will be hanging back in New York this summer, counting his millions while his centaur painting collects dust.  Barf.

There is one name I have to mention if we are talking about cheating in sports: Tiger Woods.  Even though he didn’t exactly “cheat” in his sport, he is in fact a cheater in life.  He cheated on his hot mamacita wife with not 1 woman, but hundreds…..more or less prostitutes and porn stars.  Not to single out Tiger because I am no dumb ass, there are hundreds of male (and female) athletes who cheat on their significant others but come on…..hundreds?  Tiger just got caught and has been forever shamed.  But look…..he came out, admitted it, lost some sponsors…..but he is still playing on the PGA.  He is still playing the game he loves, making money, probably not seeing his family, but is still living the athlete dream.

I know this type of marital cheating is completely different from cheating with performance enhancing drugs but it is still lying, an act  that is detrimental to one’s character and personal dignity. (Remember, Lance left his wife and kids because he was “cheating” on her with pop superstar Sheryl Crow……hmmmmm fame and fortune getting to his head too fast…?   once a cheater always……a what….?)  And isn’t that what it really comes down to, character?  Yes, take away what someone earns because they didn’t earn it in an honest and ethical fashion, but you without pride and integrity, you are left with nothing.  Nothing to show for, nothing to live for.  Popular athletes can get past this and start to live again because of the  comfortable situations they are left in.  They have the money, the fame and the family, all the support they will need to get through the difficult times, get over their cheating scandals and start to live again.  Our society forgives those cheaters because in the end we just want to be entertained and amazed by their amazing athletic prowess.

Lance Armstrong will get through this and move on, just not on a bike.