The Penn State Sanctions: A fate worse than death?

What to make of the Penn State sanctions you might ask?  Let us give you a : YIKES.

The NCAA finally smacked down their cruel, and perhaps unusual, punishment on Penn State with a butt load of sanctions that would make any football program cry like a little school girl.  You gotta admit though, the sanctions are a bit ridiculous.

The NCAA has hit Penn State with a $60 million dollar sanction, a four-year bowl ban, a reduction of 20 total scholarships each year for the four-year period as well as the utterly stupid vacation of all wins dating to 1998.  I said it before and I will say it again, REVISIONIST HISTORY is garbage.  Sorry, RANT TIME:  It absolutely does NOTHING to shame and tarnish a University’s reputation.  Those wins will always remain in the memories of the players, coaches and fans forever.  Don’t you think when looking at the record books the NCAA has locked up away in some back closet, someone will come across a HUGE gap in years and be like…..oh yea!  Those were Penn State wins vacated by the NCAA which had nothing to do with the actual football program’s talent and athletic prowess.  Did Sandusky’s behavior help the players score some touchdowns?  Did that sexual abuse enhance their fancy footwork?  Hell No!  Sooo freaking stupid.  NCAA… just stop already with that punishment, it clearly does nothing but make your board members sleep better at night knowing that they can strip away something that should never be taken away in the first place. 

The $60 million will go towards external programs focused on preventing child sexual and physical abuse as well as towards the Sandusky victims.  Hmmmmmmmmm this is “legal” money matter right, where the courts of Pennsylvania SHOULD decide the legal ramifications of a University’s lack of institutional control rather than the National Collegiate Athletic Association?  Yes the NCAA has some say because it is a University matter but the Sandusky issue goes beyond that.  The LAW should have had an influential hand in bestowing the fiscal punishments for Sandusky’s disturbing actions and unfathomable behavior, more or less serving as the payment for the victims’ traumatizing damages.

All you can do is just feel pity for Penn State.  They have already lost their beloved Joe Pa statue and are left with his literal, and metaphorical, dark shadows that will haunt the University…….maybe forever.  I do agree with the moving of the statue because it caused such a heated debate on campus.  SOOO heated that some protestors hired a freaking plane to fly over the University displaying an angry threat:  “If You Don’t Take the Statue Down, We Will.”  SHOOOoooOOOOt.  Those protestors be hating with their deep pockets… much does it really cost to pay a pilot to go flying around with a personal message for a few hours?  That shizzz probably ain’t cheap yo :/

I am happy that Penn State didn’t receive the Death Penalty.  That would have been just absurd.  You cannot suspend an entire athletic program that had no hand in the act, especially the players.  Unlike the SMU Pony Express scandal, the Penn State Football players weren’t accepting money, gifts or any sort of benefits during their time at the University.  This was the coaching staff and higher administration alone that decided to protect their own booties and preserve the Nittany Lion reputation.  Can’t blame them for wanting the best for their players and program but not at the expense of those sexually abused boys.  Not sure if this is the worst college football scandal.  It is certainly the most disturbing and shocking….but I think the scandals that actually involved the players and their bad behavior (Ohio State, Miami, USC 😦 , SMU) can be dubbed college football scandals.  This is where the NCAA should rightfully step in and wholly handle the punishments.  The Penn State scandal involved ONLY the coaches and their higher authorities.  Why not punish those board members, fine them, fire them, tarnish their reputation and not the entire university and it’s innocent football players.

It is going to be a while till Penn State feels like themselves again.  There might be a few less people in the crowd proclaiming “We Are….”  But you can always count on those  loyal individuals to always finish that cheer proudly with “…….Penn State!”

Psychology, eat your heart out

Oh Jerry Sandusky.  We all knew your lawyer had to pull out the big guns to make your case somewhat manageable.  Jerry Sandusky recently won a court ruling Friday that will let him have an “expert” testify about a psychiatric condition that his lawyers says helps better explain the letters Sandusky wrote to his accusers and his other questionable actions.

Judge John Cleland (have fun with this case buddy) granted a motion that sought to put evidence of “histrionic personality disorder” before jurors in Sandusky’s child sexual abuse case.  Good God, really?

“Histrionic Personality Disorder” is a pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking, often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior and rapidly shifting emotions.  So that’s what that is?  So does this mean we have misjudged all those convicted child molesters and pedophiles?  Sounds like it could all be coming together for Mr. Sandusky.

According to ESPN, Dr. Glen Gabbard, clinical professor of psychiatry at Baylor College, said histrionic personality disorder is overwhelmingly diagnosed in women and in could no way be seen as a reason or explanation for the abuse of children, “That diagnosis, if he has it, would be completely irrelevant to anything having to do with criminal responsibility for acts of a pedophile.” Apparently a classic example of someone who suffers from this disorder would be Marilyn Monroe: someone who is overly dramatic, seductive and likes being the center of attention.  She did her fair share of taking advantage of the fellas but I think we are all certain that it was with their consent….and they enjoyed it.  

Trust him, he is a doctor.  It would make no sense to use this personality disorder as a defense for Sandusky.  Gotta give it to his lawyer for pulling out all the stops to defend the disgusting Sandusky but all you can do is LOL.  LOL to Sandusky for even attempting to defend his horrible and shocking actions.  Why even have a case?  The guy is clearly guilty with a capital G yo.  How many accusers have come forward to reveal their painful and traumatic pasts?  Have you read the testimonies?  Beyond traumatizing.  There are real people out there who genuinely suffer from personality disorders and need help.  Sandusky should be ashamed of himself for bringing a negative spotlight to a psychological disease that disturbs as well as harms innocent lives.  Sandusky is just a straight out CreepA who took advantage of several innocent boys, permanently scaring them for life, and needs to face the ultimate consequence for his despicable actions.

Let’s just hope this is a swift and thorough case to get this creepA behind bars for the rest of his life and stop making excuses for his actions.