The Lying Irish…..or Gay

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Navy

I am soo late in the game with my posts lately, my apologies!  But damn, do I have to write about this College Football National Championship, it is just too good to pass up.  But what is even WAAAAYYy too good to pass up is this turn of recent events for the Irish’s star and most decorated player of the season, Linebacker Manti Te’o, and his IMAGINARY girlfriend.

News broke today that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend story was a complete LIE and was an Internet hoax.  To quote Notre Dame’s Athletic Director, calling the situation a ‘sophisticated hoax’……yea, clearly this guy has never been on a dating website let alone the Internet.  There is NOTHING sophisticated about making a fake profile and talking to people as another person.  I just have one word for this hoax….DUMB.

USC v Notre Dame

I don’t know if you watched the Notre Dame Press Conference aired this evening on ESPN’s Sports Center, but Notre Dame’s Athletic Director, Jack Swarbick, spoke to the press about this ‘tragic’ situation, obviously labeling Te’o as the victim and defending his honest and strong character.  Can we just come right out and say that meeting someone on the Internet, talking on the phone/web and NEVER meeting the real person in REAL life……is DUMB.  Manti Te’o is DUMB.  Straight up MEAT HEAD.

Even Swarbick should have some knowledge of internet dating, hell during the press conference he referred to MTV’s show Catfish, a documentary style television show that follows these sucker people who fall for their supposed ‘soul mates’ or ‘loves of their lives’  they meet on the Internet…..but WAIT…these people aren’t telling the truth?!  They aren’t the people they say they are on the Internet?!?! GET outta town!  That just sounds ridiculous.  And sorry to give Catfish a bad rap, but all these people on the show are either desperate, experienced severe trauma, molestation, weigh over 300 pounds……clearly they all have issues and aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box…..this Internet hoax ain’t rocket science people.


Then again….there are two sides to every story. Manti Te’o could have had previously knowledge that this was a hoax.  If you read some of the articles already published detailing the timeline of this Internet girlfriend, it does seem sketchy…..and doesn’t really add up.  Athletic Director Jack Swarbick failed to answer some of the questions asked by the press, telling the press to ask Te’o……because he is the only one who can answer those personal questions…..even though Swarbick talked to Te’o extensively after he came clean to the University.  Interesting…….


Another interesting point…..Te’o and his family have previously made references to Te’o meeting his girlfriend in person. In October, for example, Te’o described her to ESPN as the most beautiful person he had ever met and his father told the South Bend Tribune in October that the girlfriend had traveled to Hawaii “every once in a while.”  DuuUUUuuudddde?  This shit ain’t falling into place.

20130116_mjm_sc5_011-457c77d75d6c211dc23762dc41bc4ec0Jack Swarbick’s press conference was forthright and a bit dramatic considering the “tragic” and “cruel” intentions targeted towards Te’o, but this situation isn’t going to come full circle till Te’o comes out himself and explains this bizarre situation.  And that is going to be a while, a long while.  Te’o is going to lay low for a while, up until the NFL combine before the draft in April.  Is his draft status going to diminish…? Who the hell knows.  It will only decline if it is revealed that he was in fact a part of the hoax and merely used the girlfriend sob story to gain publicity for not only himself but for Notre Dame  University as well.  I blame Rudy, he made it damn near impossible for anyone to live up to his glory story.  Te’o came close but now it is all gone.

The most farfetched, and perhaps most HIGHlarious, scenario is that Manti Te’o is trying to hide his sexual orientation.  Te’o is GAY!!?!?!  I’m sorry but LO-freakin-L.  This idea that he is gay, made up a girlfriend to hide his homosexuality as well as protect himself from the prejudice of male homophobia in this manly physical recreation we call ‘sports,’ just doesn’t seem to resonate.  It would make for a more sad and tragic story if you ask me, making him less of a MEAT HEAD and more a desperate athlete struggling to fit in.  Ahhh, just thinking about that possible assumption makes me sad.  SEEE, now that would be the story that would SAVE him.


In the beginning of this college football season, I hated Te’o’s story.  Sob story milked to death by the media and him just enjoying the ride.  To be fair, he is a solid player but not an amazing player.  Heisman worthy?  HELL NO.  He shouldn’t have even been considered.  But why was he?  Because of his story, because of his tragedy, because of his loving character, because of his strength to overcome adversity and lead his team to the National Championship since the 80’s.  Puke in my mouth.  Thank you ESPN.  Yea, what gives people?


The scam does more than just shatter a college football fairy tale. It also leaves a black mark on sports journalism, as many news outlets ran stories about the girlfriend’s passing without verifying her death. Wait, isn’t that important?  There was no published obituary for the girlfriend and no California driver’s license issued to anyone with that name (she supposedly graduated from Stanford). Ugh, Te’o you should have stopped it when you had the chance…seriously…you should have just have protected your privacy and remain mute about the ‘tragic’ subject.  Would such a tragic subject leave in a depression not wanting to talk to anyone, see the light of day?  The more and more you watch his October interview on ESPN below, the more and more you think how tragic is this story? The guy is talking about it flawlessly like he wasn’t even close to his girlfriend.  OH WAIT, they NEVER MET.  Ugh his MEAT HEADEDness just makes you feel stupid thinking about it.  This is why it starts to seem like Te’o was milking the story himself, propelling him into the public eye and making him a household name.  Well, he sure is now.

I don’t know about you but I’m mad stoked to find out the truth about MEATHEAD…..I mean Manti.

BTW: Good GOD was that an amazing BCS Football Championship.  The drama, the entertainment, the crying, the touchdowns.  I absolutely loved seeing the Irish crash, burn and die.  Boy did Notre Dame need Rudy or what?  Not to just win the game, but hell, to liven up their spirits, to give them the false hope that they are competitive and can beat the big boys from Alabama.  Psssshhh….yea right.  But hey, blame Te’o.  The game was after he found out that his girlfriend wasn’t real.  Did this heart-wrenching news negatively affect his game?  Who cares, Te’o made like 2 tackles the entire game, they lost, it’s awesome.  MEATHEAD be OVERRATED son.