Fox Sports What?

Is there such a thing of re-inventing a sports network?  Well, Fox Sports seems to think so.


Fox Sports 1 launched a little over two weeks ago as an alternative to the almighty ESPN, the original worldwide leader in Sports.  Attempting to be the alternate “fun” sports channel, I find Fox Sports 1 to be the complete opposite.  It’s just down right confusing…..say what?

As for the Fox Sports LIVE program, the channel is just trying to do too much in too little time with way too many commentators.  I get it, you are trying to be too cool for school and out bid ESPN, but is that physically possible?


(Tee hee, random side note.  Did you notice that the Sports Ticker, Table of Contents if you will, is on the left hand side of ESPN is now on the right side of Fox Sports 1.  Such a DIFFERENCE.  Hey man, it could save lives. AND that Sports Ticker isn’t even really a ticker, it provides viewers with statistics of discussed topics such as profiles of players, stats and upcoming schedule.  Kinda cool. )


“Fans are ready for an alternative to the establishment, and our goal for FS1 is to provide the best in-game experience possible, complemented by informative news, entertaining studio shows and provocative original programming,” said Co President and COO Eric Shanks.  Really Mr. Shanks?  So why is your odd mix of commentators and panelists more disorienting than a heat wave in January?

The Fox Sports 1 LIVE commentators consist of NFL stars Donovan McNabb and Ephraim Salaam, Tennis player Andy Roddick, NBA all star Gary Payton and sports blond bombshell personality Charissa Thompson. Oh yea, and two older dudes behind the desk.


Sweet, that is definitely an awesome possum group of personalities from all different walks of sports life. BuuuUTTTT really? A bunch of ex-jocks sitting at a very cold grey steel table saying what they think might happen or how they would feel about something if it involved them, which it never does seem entertaining to you?  Do you really care what Andy Roddick thinks of Tiger Woods at the Masters OR what Gary Payton thinks of Yaisel Puig’s home-run?


This group is just so discombobulated it needs a beer or two.  There ain’t no drinks resting on that steel table, better make it a double bartender. Just leave it to the experts, it’s that simple. It’s a safe assumption to think that an audience would listen to an expert in the field, aka an retired player or coach of the sport, and trust their advice or take their input into full consideration. Then why the hell is an NFL Quarterback talking about the X Games?


I feel that this group of commentators would work better in a sports radio setting. All of Sports Radio in the greater Los Angeles area are made up of columnists, retired athletes, broadcasters and even actors (Nobody listen to the Jay Mohr Sports, for the love of GOD).


And the topics of discussion range from all sports to keep their audience entertained.  The only difference is we aren’t viewing radio, we can’t see the commentators, we can only hear them all in the while they have special guests who ARE in fact experts in the field.  Watching Fox Sports 1 Live commentators sit there and discuss sports they probably know nix to nothing about is just plain awkward.

Let’s face it.  The best analysis, wrap ups, commentators, conversation and highlight packages will be seen on ESPN. But a little competition never hurt anyone.  Maybe this is a GOOD thing. Maybe Fox Sports 1 Live is just a bad TV dinner, leaving only a bad taste in your mouth, while we wait for an ESPN desert to be served.