Sad Day in PeytonLand

It was truly sad seeing Peyton Manning go down the embarrassing way he did.  The Seahawks really showed no mercy.


I read somewhere that the Super Bowl was a plot twist because the entire game was a Snickers commercial showing that Peyton Manning is not himself when he’s hungry.


Sad 😦  Well if that was the case, wouldn’t he have been replaced by Robin Williams or Joe Pesci?  I think Peyton’s hungry form would be Animal.


But I mean, how can you be THAT sad when Peyton’s expression looks like an adorable puppy……

Peyton Separated at birth


SUPER confused


BIRD V.S. BEAST.  This Super Bowl is a tough one to call for many different reasons.  Both teams bring so much to the table because both teams have something to prove with a newcomer coach wanting to solidify his position in the NFL and a veteran quarterback in search of his second Super Bowl ring.  Both teams are quite awesome with both their states legalizing the green (Yea, I went there) while simultaneously representing the West.


Remember the West side of the country ESPN? Are you guys even alive over there under all that snow?!  Damn Super Bowl, had to be in NYC.  Always the East trying to outshine the West…”SHINE” being the operative word….  Sorry, got off track….


But who will win?  Who knows.  The bigger question is:  Who are you going to root for?

We should all be in for a treat on Sunday, as Denver and Seattle ended the season ranked No. 1 and 2 in the advanced NFL stats efficiency model by virtue of each team’s dominance on one side of the ball. For the Broncos, that side is obviously offense, led by quarterback Peyton Manning. And for the Seahawks, it is defense, led by their smothering secondary.  Yikes, sorry Russell, I guess you aren’t leading the pack 😦  Not if Richard Sherman has anything to say about it….


The Seahawks are coached by the improbable Pete Carroll.  As a die-hard USC fan, you can’t help but love this guy despite his sudden, but necessary, departure from NCAA trouble.  Every other day since the playoffs, ESPN has published an article about Pete Carroll, outlining his awesomeness as a human being, an awesomeness that is so palpable that every player in the NFL wants to play for him.  Carroll was voted the most popular coach in the NFL, according to a survey conducted by Carroll received over 22 percent of the votes cast by over 320 players asked “Which head coach would you most like to play for?”


Carroll’s creation of a laid back, player-first atmosphere has been a hallmark of his time at both Seattle and USC, and that’s a major reason why players and fans LOVE him. Carroll doesn’t fit the coaching stereotype of an inflexible hot head douche — sorry Jim Harbaugh….and take off those hideous khakis, for the love of GOD — and that makes him someone NFL players want to work under.


But then again, there is Peyton.  Peyton Manning set his own NFL record with 55 touchdown passes this year — that’s three-and-a-half TD passes every single game. To put it in another way: He had roughly 14 TD passes every four games. The New York Jets had 13 TD passes all season. DUDE.  At 37, coming off a career-ending neck injury, Manning had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history.


Peyton Manning is a Monster Beast on the field. More importantly, in some ways, Manning finally seems comfortable with the football geek that he is. To the media’s amusement, he has been loose and funny in interviews this whole postseason. After the Broncos beat the Chargers, somebody asked if retirement was weighing on his mind, and he replied: “What’s weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth.” And isn’t that what is really weighing in all our heads?


Two very likable guys, one Super Bowl.  I really don’t know!  For one, you want to see Petey win a Super Bowl just to stick it to big butt khaki wearing Jim Harbaugh, a feat he couldn’t conquer last year.  Buwhahaha, who’s the man now?!


Second, Peyton needs to get another ring to stick it to his younger brother.  Despite Eli Manning’s 2 Super Bowl wins and 2 Super Bowl MVP awards, Peyton is by far the better quarterback, a quarterback whose name is already being etched in gold at the Football Hall of Fame.  With another Super Bowl win, Eli can take a seat.


All you can root for in this situation is the commercials, hoping they will be worth the 1 million dollars.  I would say the half time show, but seriously who will be watching that?  Sorry Bruno, but I think I will take the Puppy Bowl instead.