ESPN: World Wide Leader of Baloney

ESPN. The worldwide leader in sports….or is it something else, something dishonest, something false, something almost as fake as an E! television show.


Although I do enjoy watching my Top 10 from time to time…and those damn 30 for 30s are just too good to pass up, lately ESPN’s news coverage has been a bit unbearable….in fact downright shameful.


It all started last fall with Les Miles and his “pending termination” from LSU.

For a good two weeks ESPN wouldn’t shut up about LSU firing Les Miles, interviewing anyone they could find on campus to ask them their thoughts on the matter.  Yes, of course, one of the best college football coaches in the land who has taken his team to 11 bowl games with a 7-4 record, a coach that weaseled his way into convincing the NCAA to share a BCS Championship with USC, a coach who has an overall winning record with 112 wins and 32 loses is going to get canned. Makes sense to me.


Hell the guy is environmental for god sakes, he actually drinks grass. Why would LSU get rid of this guy?


It was so over-publicized that for his last home game in Baton Rouge, his team literally carried him off the field (RUDY, RUDY), because ESPN successfully convinced them that this was the last time they would be playing for Les Miles.


ESPN fasho was front row and center for the post-game press conference for “The Announcement.”  Sorry Lebron, not this time.


And you think it couldn’t get any worse?  Introducing Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton vs. White America.  I’m sure no one can exactly pin point who began this idiotic discussion, but I would definitely bet that ESPN had something to do with it.  And why wouldn’t they? Race is a hot enough topic that always ignites rapid fire op-eds and discussions in the news and beyond.  Some would say that’s just good journalism…..puke in my mouth.


“The Plight of the Black Quarterback,” they are calling it.  Cam Newton is making headlines not because he has led his team to their second Super Bowl or the fact that he is highly favored to win this year’s MVP, but because of his celebratory antics and “fun” behavior on the field.


Unfortunately, the rules that apply to other star quarterbacks in the NFL don’t seem to apply to Newton. And according to ESPN reports,  he apparently knows exactly why.

“I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people,” Newton said frankly just days after winning the NFC Championship game. “[B]ecause they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

Paging Russel Wilson……an African American Quarterback who actually has a Super Bowl ring honey, hold up.


Perhaps Cam Newton is the one who brought up the issue, but ESPN is having a fucking FIELD DAY, covering the story like white on rice….sorry bad choice of words there.



There is not much talk about Peyton Manning, no real talks about the point spread, only talks about Cam Newton and his race.

Linking his antics to his race is somewhat of a cowardly blow (YEAH CAM).  However, it is not ‘pathetic cowardice’ that ESPN is worried about it.  No, they need to hold the attention of their viewers at all costs, even if it means hosting an on-site poll asking fans to vote what they think of the issue.


Newton’s “race” really isn’t the issue to begin with.  The only reason it is an issue is because ESPN is making it “THE ISSUE.” The true issue, which the ESPN poll participants have so sensibly concluded, is his behavior. Nothing about his childish behavior is linked to the color of his skin. Nothing about his college antics of cheating on a number of final exams, stealing expensive electronics from students’ dorm rooms, getting arrested in 2008 with charges of grand theft, burglary, and obstructing justice.  And who can forget his father, Cecil Newton, seeking $120,000 to $180,000 for his son to sign with the Bulldogs out of junior college.



His past and present actions speak louder than race.  In fact, they SCREAM.


By the way, someone should snatch that Heisman back…..


Bringing up race is never a good idea, unless you are running a news station I guess. I understand why ESPN is fixating on the issue, but I feel that sports is the one place where ACTIONS should speak louder than one’s words or appearance. Only performance on (and off) the field should be judged. ESPN should know better.


I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t think we are judging Cam Newton by his race.  We are judging him strictly on his actions, both past and present.  Yes, he loves to have fun on the field and wants everybody to recognize it.  Fine, cool, go for it buddy.  Just make the cheerleaders look bad why don’t you.


But why ESPN…WHY must you focus on his race? This merely makes the rest of us look bad because by watching your programming (which is prtety inevitable if you are a sports fan), we are unconscionably placing this topic of concern in our own minds, putting the discussion in the forefront, ultimately undermining what we have worked so hard to achieve as a society, where race shouldn’t the ultimate judgement.  It’s in the Constitution y’all!


Now I am truly scared to see what type of questions ESPN reporters will ask Newton after the Super Bowl, win or lose.  “So Cam, do you feel any BLACK-ER winning/losing the Super Bowl….?”





It’s time to grow up Little Rascal

Seriously, doesn’t Cam Newton look like a Little Rascal?  His bright eyes, big head, goofy smile, wrinkled forehead and perfectly separated (a little too separated….) eyebrows.  I know it might be hard, but you gotta look past the cutesy smile and see into his character to really understand why he has acted like a damn fool these past couple of days.

YES CAM, your team sucks, sorry but it’s true.  As a quarterback you are the general, the man, the leader of your team.  So why are you suddenly starting to act like an immature little boy who is upset at mommy because she wouldn’t buy you the chocolate bar you wanted at the super market so you decided to throw a temper tantrum in public and wet your pants?

Newton’s comments are a mere reflection of his character.  Do you know his sketchy past?  Nobody really ever focuses on someone’s off-field past, especially when all they want from them is to be in the present and win games on the field.  But Newton’s past is purdy darn sketchy.  While at Florida University, he was arrested for stealing a laptop that he later tried to hide from the police during a search of his dorm room.  He was then subsequently suspended from the team and, after a stop at Blinn Junior College, he ended up at Auburn, dazzling all of college football as well as the Heisman committee with his exceedingly good talents.  

During his one season with the Auburn Tigers, Newton’s father Cecil was accused of shopping his son around to prospective major college teams in return for cash payment.  Despite what should have been a major setback and harmful to one’s chances of getting a HEISMAN, Newton was cleared of any wrongdoing, was allowed to continue to play, win a Heisman and win a National Championship.  Go figure.  I guess cheaters do prosper.

Now Cam is coming out in press conferences in what appears to be a fur coat and making condescending comments to reporters, calling the ladies in the room “sweetheart” and giving run of the mill responses.  When asked what needs to change with his team’s four-game losing streak, Newton went on to tell the press to give him a “suggestion box” because he and his team were clearly out of ideas.  Who does that?  You know who does?  An immature butt-face.

Cam Newton is well on his way to becoming a great NFL Quarterback.  At 6’5, 248 pounds meat head has all the tools to withstand a hit and scramble away from linemen.  He is only 22 years old!  He has a long successful career ahead of him despite being on a shitty team.  Hey there is another young quarterback on the Redskins who is doing ok for himself on a not so great team.  Wait he is only 22…..?  Is this the excuse for his recent butt-face behavior?  Hell NO.  Look at other quarterbacks younger than him, RGIII and Geico caveman Andrew Luck.  They compose themselves so professionally in such a mature way, makes Newton look like a Rugrat.  What gives Cam?First of all, don’t ever call a woman “sweetheart” unless it is your wife or daughter.   It is such a demeaning and sexist connotation, not to mention archaic. Why would grown man even call a woman “sweetheart” in the professional setting?  Second, don’t give more leeway to the press, that’s all they want.  The last thing you want to do is give the press a stupid scoop, like having a “suggestion” box for a professional football team.  This isn’t Sizzler.  I’m sure the North Carolina coaches and owners know what they doing…….well..most of the time.  But they are trying.  And Newton mouthing off is only belittling the staff, not helping them.

Little Rascal, just shut your mouth and play the game.  Do what you are supposed to do.  Yes, you are paid to win but more importantly to play.  The coaches and owners aren’t going to penalize you if you are playing your hardest and putting up good pass percentage, rushing and touchdown numbers, even though those numbers aren’t necessarily winning the games.  Come on Cam, grow up and put on that goofy Little Rascal smile you just love to give the crowd.

Just think of the Heisman you unfairly won.  Remember that moment and cherish it because come Reggie Bush you won’t be able to even look at the trophy again.  Better yet, just think of RGIII winning it, a good standup guy who is now your public enemy number one in the pros.  Cam, you are a good quarterback, a freaking GAZELLE, so put that to good use and learn something from your idiotic behavior (and maybe your sketchy past).