America’s Present Time

America’s Present Time

Another day, another scandal of PED use in the MLB.  Your typical baseball day in the good old US of A right?.  How sad is it that I can write that without any remorse, without so much as a flinch in my fingertips?

SteroidsThe MLB has been plagued with PED users and scandal since BIG Mac and Sammy Sosa were battling it out in the 1998 Home run race.  Some would even say the biggest blow from this steroid era is the lack of punishment from upper management.  Yea, that’s right Bud Selig, you haven’t done shizzz to help ameliorate the situation.  (I dare not say “solve’ because this problem will never be solved the rate its going). You really think a suspension is getting through these balloon heads?  Or are the millions and millions of dollars not burning enough in your pockets?

The biggest, perhaps hugest, BLOW to the game isn’t the players, isn’t the business, it’s heart.  This never-ending steroid era has sucked out everything what was once good in the game, the game we love to call our “Pastime.”


But is it still “America’s Pastime?”  Never once has the thought crossed my minds that “America’s Pastime” may no longer be “America’s Pastime.” A game now filled with players, players we trusted and adored that are tearing down the heart and soul of a game with lies and deceit, a game we cherish and love so much in this country. A country’s beloved sport that was proudly built upon the freedom, hard work and independence of the common man is now a sport we can no longer look to for future comfort, only in its rich past of players breaking records in an honest good-hearted fashion.


The real beauty behind the sport of Baseball is what it represents to every American, to the country:  It is US.  (Hahaha United States, get it?).  What we were, what we are and what we want to become.  America is Baseball.  Baseball has grown with the country and has seen it through thick and thin, good and bad, giving Americans comfort during times of national hardship and loss, evoking more nostalgia among Americans than any other sport, a democratic sport played by the common man, by US.  So when one of US betrays the trust of the entire country, there is unfortunately damage that can’t be undone.

(What went wrong Roger Maris, what went wrong??)


So here is the million dollar question: Is the pure innocence of the sport forever lost?  Can we ever get back to our pastime?


In all honesty, probably not.  When situations like Ryan Braun and A-rod emerge, we can only hang our heads in shame and hope for a better tomorrow for Baseball because this is no longer taboo, it is the norm.  PEDs are the norm.  What the hell…..

Yankees Rodriguez  Baseball

The only thing we can do is truly shame those players that lie and cheat the sport, the players who are making our nation’s sport a mockery, ultimately making the country a mockery.  This sucks……

As a baseball fan, all you can do is hope for the best in these type of situations and as the Ken Burns ‘Baseball’ Documentary says in the concluding 10th inning series, ‘We move forward.’  As Americans, we move forward and try to remember all that was good in the game….and still is.



There are still players out there who are honest, forthright….and don’t take freakin’ PEDs to play the game well, who remind us that Baseball is still America’s sport despite all the selfish (and stupid) actions of some players.


We love Baseball and we will never let it slip away from our fingers.  So Bud Selig, get it together…kick out those players who test positive for those Hercules drugs, strip away those players any awards or recognitions they have received during their PED use and shame them.  Shaming a baseball player and forever taking away the game he has loved since he was a child is punishment enough.


Since when are we the only World Champions?

Did you ever notice after the end of a World Series or a Super Bowl, the winning team is always called “Champions of the World” ?


Doesn’t that just sound wrong, ignorant and a bit narcissistic?  I just cringe ever time I hear that, which sucks because it’s the end of the game meaning I’m usually in my happy place.  Thank you Coors Light.

I believe this said title is a combination of a couple of things: Americans sports + Winners = National Arrogance


But why only Football and Baseball?  Why no NBA or Hockey or Handball?

american-football-wallpapersFootball and Baseball would be the only sports to crown their winners, ‘World Champions,’ because those two sports are American.  Baseball is as American as apple pie and Football was invented in America.  Who are we kidding, who the hell else loves and plays football like we do?  Not a whole lot of other countries play football to say the least.  The whole conception of football is constantly referred to as a war, where the quarterback is the general and his troops (teammates) go into the battlefield.  The comparison alone should be any indication that the USA loves war, a feeling that exerts this country into dominance while creating this deluded sense of super power.  Which is why when football was conceived, some said Football was a new American pastime.   Hmmmmm let me think about that…that would be a big fat NO.


Baseball is America’s pastime.  No Duh.  Baseball isn’t compared to war or American dominance…the whole point is to stay safe and run home….which is perhaps why the sport is embraced and played by many countries…..countries that… i dare say….love it more than America?

Obviously I’m talking about Japan.  I don’t know if they necessarily love it more because it isn’t their historical ‘pastime’ but they sure do worship the sport.  Which is awesome for America right?  I love how Baseball is considered a more international sport as well as a catalyst for friendly foreign relations.


So World Champions?  How the hell do we get away with that?

Both Football and Baseball were first played in America, when no other countries at the time were aware or even knew about the sports.  Baseball was first played in the 1800’s while Football was first played over 75 years ago.  So I guess by default if no other countries were played the sport, this meant that that their champion is the ‘World Champion.’  By the time other countries starting playing the sport and competing on a professional level, Super Bowl and World Series winners being considered ‘World Champions’ was common practice and stuck.  I mean ‘WORLD’ Series….come on. th

But is it at all possible to evolve from that and consider the rest of the world?  No, this is America, the best, the proud and true.  But even in the Olympics when a team or an individual wins, I can’t recall them being dubbed ‘World Champions,’ when in actuality they are because they are competing on a world level, competing with other countries.  Olympic athletes are the best of the best while we like to think that the football players in the NFL and baseball players in the MLB are the best of the best.  But they are only the best in the USA.  America doesn’t want to consider other countries because they don’t have to.


Nothing but love for one of the greatest countries in the world, but when it comes to this word choice for our sport’s champions, is a bit nauseating.  The problem is there is no accountability.  America isn’t going to catch itself saying it let alone other countries going to correct it.  Other countries just don’t care because there is no point for debate.  America isn’t going to budge over for something that places them on a national pedestal and no other country wants to piss of America particularly over a very beloved and sacred topic.


If anyone was to challenge this American narcissism would be a notable and well-respected broadcaster, like Bob Costas.  He hasn’t covered the Super Bowl nor World Series in about 10 years but if was to come back, I could see him calling out the ‘World Championship’ title as archaic and rude.  And then he would be fired.