If You’re a Real Football Fan, You Should Be Rooting for Carson

Mr. Carson Palmer. The man, the myth, the almost legend.

It has taken Palmer 13 seasons just to reach this kind of postseason success.  And now he is here, ready to take it for all he’s got!


Palmer, a 2002 Heisman trophy winner while at USC, has pretty much undergone one of the most tumultuous NFL careers any quarterback has even experienced,  a career plagued by injury after injury. Aside from him tearing his ACL TWICE, he’s suffered 6 additional injuries that has put him on the bench.  Sad face.


His second ACL tear happened when he was 34.  See this is when we would either shoot good ol’ Seabiscuit or sell him to the glue factory.


But no….Carson soldiered on. Even though the odds were never in his favor.


He just turned 36, an age the NFL would usually deem ancient for their athletes. He is on an NFL team that has only made one Super Bowl appearance on February 1, 2009. Sadly, they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-23. Before we knew the rapist’s true intentions…..


I mean christ, the game was played in Tampa.  Nothing comes good outta of Tampa.


Carson is a true stand-up guy.  Even when his team is losing, he still manages to fist-bump the refs on the field.  Great jobs guys!


He is definitely in the running for winning MVP this season, with the Cardinals‘ offense ranking first in points per game, yards per game and third-down percentage.  Perhaps most impressively, Arizona has more touchdowns (57) than punts (55) this season.  BAD-ASS.

Even when other players won’t help him up, he doesn’t sweat the small stuff.


And he is a full supporter of “Movember.”  Gotta love a man who can fully grow facial hair while fashionably supporting something as gross as butt cancer.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.01.06 PM

Carson Palmer is all kinds of awesome, clearly.  He has just never received the recognition he fully deserves from the NFL.  This is his year to prove to all those that never believed he would fully recover from all his injuries that he is the BUSINESS,  that he is the best quarterback in the league, that he truly deserves to be MVP, that he and the Arizona Cardinals are good enough to go and WIN the Super Bowl.

You got this Carson.  You’re a Trojan. You are Awesome. You are the real MVP.


Well, Mrs. Durant certainly is….but now it’s your time to shine Carsey !!



2016 Trojans: Should auld acquaintance be forgot?


Well, it was a good season.  The boys played tough….somewhat, but you have to hand it to them….this year for the USC Trojans was anything but smooth.


The removal of their head coach, the almost loss of their athletic director, the naming of their new head coach and the debut of ESPN’s 30 for 30: Trojan War.  Good yet sad….very sad documentary that made us remember just how infuriated we all felt when the dynasty fell into the depths of nothing.


Last night’s Pac-12 Championship game against Standford wasn’t the best for good ol’ SC.  Granted the refs were completely calling the game with their eyes closed and JuJu might as well had a bullseye on his back. Yes it was an entertaining game up until the end of the third quarter but it wasn’t the way the Trojans were supposed to end their season. In fact, it was better.


Considering all the distressing circumstances the Trojans faced all season coupled with the loss of a whopping 4 games, winning a ticket to the Pac-12 Championship game is impressive……most impressive.


And being able to actually say FUCLA with gusto…


However, no team has faced that amount of loss and went to the championship game. Well, no team outside the amazing Pac-12 Conference.


Even though this last season wasn’t the prettiest, it shouldn’t be forgotten and will hopefully serve as a catalyst for next season = ULTIMATE DOMINATION.



Will Los Doyers Win The World Series?

The hunt for October is on like Donkey Kong.

But will our beloved Dodgers make it through?  It seems like the past couple of years have been so promising for our Boys in Blue.  Unfortunately, they fail to make it out alive in the playoffs, leaving their fair weathered city disgruntled and saddened.  And let me tell you, LA is a city not known for its wallowing.

But perhaps this could be the year.  If the Dodgers do win, LA will be LA. Cop cars beware.

A fan celebrates outside the  Staples Center with a large cut out of Shaquille O'Neal as a news vehicle burns after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals  Monday, June 19, 2000 in Los Angeles. A celebration of the Lakers' first championship in 12 years deteriorated into mayhem as hundreds of fans torched two police cars, vandalized businesses and set dozens of small bonfires in streets. (AP Photo/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Stan Lim) ORG XMIT: CAONT106

A fan celebrates outside the Staples Center with a large cut out of Shaquille O’Neal as a news vehicle burns after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals Monday, June 19, 2000 in Los Angeles. A celebration of the Lakers’ first championship in 12 years deteriorated into mayhem as hundreds of fans torched two police cars, vandalized businesses and set dozens of small bonfires in streets. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why the Dodgers may make it out alive.

1.Greinke and Kershaw

Greinke is having his best season as a Dodger and has arguably been just as effective as he was in his 2009 Cy Young season.  Greinke’s stats are completely ridiculous, a 1.71 ERA, fueled by a 45-inning scoreless streak, along with a 2.62 FIP, walking batters at a career-best rate of 4.7 % and has only given up eight home runs in 152.1 innings.  Thank you Sports Center.

Kershaw is known to somewhat slump in the postseason but maybe this time around he will find his competitive rhythm.

cool-runnings-1 Cool-Runnings-2

2. Justin Turner


The ginger has risen.  This year Turner has received a starting role by leading the team with a 167 wRC+ (and that means for us non-sport addicts weighted runs created, a rate statistic that attempts to credit a hitter for the value of each outcome, which can be a single/double/triple, rather than treating all hits or times on base equally).  Jesus, people that play fantasy baseball must have watched a Beautiful Mind way too many times.


3. Adrian Gonzalez

He is having a pretty good season.  And come on, that at-bat intro?  You can’t go wrong

4. The Odds

If you ever find yourself in Vegas in the next few weeks, the odds of the Dodgers making it to the World Series is 15/2, courtesy of Bovada.lv.  That means if you bet $5 on the Dodgers to go all the way, you will win $75. Not too shabby if all you buy in Vegas is a keychain.  Better make that bet on the Cubs.
5.  Tommy Lasorda

He is always a reason.


Homeboy hangs out with Magic Johnson in the stands. The Dodgers can’t go wrong!


Today is the DAY

I am feeling all the FEELS today!

giphyZYxBDZ9giphyBecause today is the day that the 2015 College Football season kicks off.  Oh man. At the beginning of every season, I am always filled with such hope and excitement for the games to come, the players to watch, guessing what will unfold and, like a true college football fan, follow your team till the bitter end….or winning end if you are a Buckeye.

Who knows what will happen, but for now, I shall relish in this moment of hopeful positivity and elation.

Here is to a happy season everybody!


The Best Part About The NFL Draft

Guess who is not going to be a top pick in the upcoming NFL Draft?  Wait, wait….I’m being a bit hasty now.  Let’s go through who will be the top 10 picks in the 2015 draft.

1. Mr. Mature


2. Duck Man


3. Not Aaron Hernandez


4. Run Forest. Run.


5. Hercules


6. Cool Hand Luke


7. Stanford Sucks


8. The Kentucky Derby

Vanderbilt v Kentucky

9. Ring Ring. Hello? Is Anybody Home?


10. Tony Montana’s Bodyguard


So who is not in the top 10……?!

Mr. I Tend To Fall A lot and Cry


Love it 🙂

Do Women and Sports Mix?

We would like to think women and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly 😛 Might be a bit more complicated than that. It’s like what Smither’s said to Mr. Burns,”Women and Seamen don’t mix.” Ha, maybe not really.


Women and sports have a very interesting and at times depressing relationship. With all of the controversy surrounding Ray Rice’s less than harsh punishment for hitting his wife versus the San Antonio Spurs hiring the first woman assistant coach, it’s unavoidable to question the “real” place women have in sports. There are several different sports that have a separate women’s leagues: WNBA, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Hockey.  And who can forget, lingerie football.  Kidding, kidding.

Of course the manliness sport has to have women play in their underwear……


These women leagues have yet to experience the success of the men’s leagues, and sadly, probably never will.  Why?  For one, they are not commercially viable in part because people may think watching women play sports is not be as exciting as the big boys and flat-out just don’t care.  If people cared, they would be lucrative markets and be broadcasted nationally.  The popularity of the National Soccer League lasted about as long as David Beckham’s screen time in Bend It Like Beckham, Softball ceases to exist in the Olympics, the WNBA is going to have to hitch hike overseas, The National Hockey League ended 7 years ago and Golf…..well, let’s be honest, who the hell watches golf?


Despite these women leagues, women athletes do in fact dominate other sports. Unfortunately, those other sports suffer the stigma of being labeled very feminine and dainty, displaying a downright sexist outlook on these women athletes. I’m looking at you Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Synchronized Swimming and Ballet.  YES, ballet.  Ballet is badass.  Haven’t you seen Center Stage? Seriously, can you don’t see those ballet dance moves done by the frail and feeble.



In typical sexist fashion, these ‘feminine’ sports are slapped with heavy makeup, tight bright spandex, blinding sequins and at times, just awful…awful music. Despite the feminine presentation, these women are badass athletes who work hard to jump 10 ft in the air, land that triple toe lutz, tread water for hours on end while starving themselves.  That sheer dedication and their athletic prowess is immensely admirable and shouldn’t be dumbed down by being too “gay” or “soft.”  Because they are far from it.

The only sport that I can think of where women experience the same level of popularity and success as men is Tennis.  Tennis has become one of the most popular international sports, boasting around 1 billion fans around Europe, the Americas and Asia. Yes the uniforms are a bit ridiculous but the athletic intensity remains the same.  Serena Williams’ athletic power alone probably scares the hell out of men in Compton.



It’s sad to say, but the reality is that women and sports DO mix but make some sort of odd concoction that doesn’t tend to sit well with the general male public. Then again, you have the women who have left their permanent mark on the sport they played, coached, commentated or just even loved.

Pat Summit



Danica Patrick


Jeanie Buss

Jeanie, daughter of Los Angeles Laker owner Jerry Buss, arrives at Time Warner Cable Sports launch event for Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable Deportes in El Segundo

The Williams sisters


Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn - May 8, 2012

The interesting takeaway from this diverse list of women in sports is that they all are influential, business savvy, and intelligent individuals, yet not all are athletes.  Can we say the same about men?


Patt Summit is known as one of the greatest coaches of all time.  Danica Patrick defeated all the conservative odds and became the first popular woman race car driver to compete with the boys on the NASCAR track.  Jeannie Buss pretty much single handily runs the Los Angeles Lakers (one of the biggest brands in pro sports) with no thanks to her co-owner brother.  The Williams sisters have permanently made themselves tennis royalty.  Linda Cohn has been a witty sportscaster for over 20 years.

Men do run the sport, but it’s the women who make it interesting. A bold statement that may be.  Bold enough to piss off the boys 🙂


In an ideal world, women would receive the same respect as men in every facet of life.  But they don’t.  And the sports world is no different, maybe even worse.  Women and sports do mix but takes a bit more effort on the women’s side to make it functional.  Hats off to the women who have and still are succeeding in sports, leaving their mark on a male dominated world.


BTW: Screw Roger Goodell for slapping Ray Rice on the hands and Stephen A. Smith for saying “She had it coming.” Watch out boys, you may have it coming….