The Rightful Winner

The most anticipated boxing fight since EVER will be taking place in front of our very own eyes tonight.  Oh man, this is huge. Some would even say this is a sporting event that we will remember for years to come.  A fight that will go down in history.


But does it deserve to be?

It will only be a fight worth watching and remembering depending upon the outcome. Duh.


Floyd Mayweather is a horrible human being, plain and simple. Manny Pacquiao is a humanitarian, a congressmen, a diplomat, a Christian, a man you would proudly shake hands with.  I think my friend Ken said it best:

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 1.21.47 PM

However, Ken does make a point about the outcome of the fight.  Pacquiao may not even have a shot.

Do you agree with Ken’s words? More or less, I do agree that this isn’t going to be an exciting fight.  But it is a fight we all want to be a part of. It is a fight that may turn out in Pacquiao’s favor.  But the odds are not in his favor.  They will never be. The odds are in Vegas’s favor and Mayweather owns Vegas.


I don’t want to give any credit to Mayweather’s “strategic thinking” capabilities (because those capabilities can’t even read a page of a Harry Potter book), but he and his team only accepted this fight because they all know he can win.  This Pacquiao fight should have happened years ago when Pacquiao and his team first initiated the discussion.

But we all know who the real winner is.  It’s just that Mayweather will never admit it.  He only sees dollar signs and title wins as life. That isn’t life.  He will only admit his defeat if he loses not once but twice to Manny.  It is stipulated in their contract that if Mayweather loses tonight, he is guaranteed a rematch with Manny.  Great, another snore.


If Floyd Mayweather wins, we all lose.  But if Pacquiao wins, then maybe there is a glint of hope still left in humanity.  So here’s to the human race!


We Should Thank Mayweather

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Pretty Boy vs. Pac-Man. The illusive yet “it’s never gonna happen” fight that remains only a figment of our crafty imaginations may very well happen this May.


And why wouldn’t it? These are the only two high level boxers who have yet to fight each other.  And why is that? Well, you see Floyd Mayweather is a very high commodity, not only for sports promoters, television broadcasts and fans but for the sport of boxing itself.  He may be the greatest Welterweight fighter the sport has ever seen.


Floyd Mayweather jr. vs Shane Mosley

Mayweather has consistently surprised us fans both in and out of the ring.  Not only being one of the most electric undefeated fighters, barely throwing a punch during his matches, but has revealed his true compassionate side towards the human race. He saved all of his children from their mother’s abusive hand.  How dare she teaches them a language outside of English, a language Mayweather  masters each and every night by reading a chapter of Harry Potter to his devoted children.


His confidence in his portrayal of the world’s other cultures is something to be admired.  His critique of Oscar De La Hoya’s Mexican heritage as well as Pacquiao’s delectable Filipino cuisine is a commendable quality every American should try and emulate themselves.  Americans always embrace each others’ differences.


Instead of wallowing over his friend’s selfish action of taking his own life, he openly supported one of the National Basketball Association’s struggling franchises, a Clippers team that is in dire need of attention from people who epitomize positivity and respect.


Manny Pacquiao should be honored to even be considered meeting Mayweather in the ring,  I mean this man’s nickname is “MONEY.” And who honestly doesn’t love money? Especially if that money is going towards Mayweather’s pre-approved charities that benefit all of mankind.


As long as Mayweather is given what he deserves, which should be a very fair salary distribution, then the fight should happen. Even though Mayweather probably wouldn’t be able to necessarily read the fine print of his contract, he should be preserving his real power for when he meets Pacquiao, defeating him with his unrelenting wit and tenacious intellect.  Someone with his high level of  intelligence only surrounds himself with like-minded people.


And what has Manny Pacquiao done for this world to be given the honor of fighting Mayweather? He is a rigged politician who devotes his life to the corrupt public while his mother openly performs witchcraft in public against his innocent victims. His questionable actions and ill-family ties have made him ultimately untrustworthy and sour.


Come May, we will see who the true winner is in the boxing ring.  The right winner will be a man of the utmost dignity and virtue, an athlete who go down in history as one of the greatest men to have ever graced this world with his divine presence.




(Sorry, I think I almost lost my lunch there……)


The Gingerbread Man vs. Evil

CANELO vs. MAYWEATHER…..or as I like to call it THE GINGERBREAD MAN vs. EVIL…Who will you be rooting for this Saturday night?

Mayweather v Canelo: undefeated champions face off in Time Square - video

This good vs. evil fight is to go down in the books, a blockbuster fight seeing how both fighters are undefeated.  In the blue corner, Saul Canelo Alvarez, a red-headed undefeated Mexican fighter from Guadelajara (woot!)  who helps old ladies cross the streets and rescues cats from trees on fire.  In the red corner, Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated spawn of Satan.

If you are questioning who to root for in this fight, get off this blog now……seriously.


This fight is being promoted as “The One”- as in the one that could finally end Floyd Mayweather’s reign of terror.  Slightly south of $19 million just from ticket goers alone, the fight will bring Mayweather $40 million plus a pay-per-view showing that could near 2 million buys.  Jeez.  The guy is 44-0, you do that math. This is a big fight, probably the biggest fight in combat sports history, with SOOOooOOO much riding on the line.


How can you NOT root the Gingerbread man?  Alvarez has long been touted as the guy to topple Mayweather and now he gets his chance, with a plethora of titles on the line. Alvarez’s WBA, WBC and The Ring light middleweight title are up for grabs alongside Floyd’s super light middleweight title. Can he do it?  Yes.  Yes he can.  And he WILL.


If there is any good left in the world, Canelo will win this fight.  How the hell can you or anybody for that matter, root for Mayweather? Honestly, the man is a god awful terrible human being.  He is a racist, a narcissist, a sexist, a money hungry big mouth and everything else in between.


You would think you would want an undefeated fighter to win and stay undefeated, but not, not this guy in a long shot.  Mayweather makes it really easy for anyone to hate him.  During Mayweather vs. De La Hoya fight promotion, Mayweather came out dressed like a “mexican” in a sombero and poncho. Oscar de la Hoya is a Mexican American fighter. This all took place on Cinco de Mayo.  Ok…….

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

During his so-called tiff with Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino fighter with whom he has long had a war of words with over their inability to a potential matchup,  he called him a “little yellow chump.” Then he went on to say, “Once I stomp the midget, I’m gonna make that mother fucker make me a sushi roll.”  YEA, I am going to spell out F-U-C-K because that’s what the racist said.  No holding back here yo.

Oscar+de+la+Hoya+v+Manny+Pacquiao+Weigh+7MW4peCBwhPlIF you ever watched Mayweather when he WAS on HBO Boxing (WAS being the operative word because he left HBO for Showtime for more “money”…  Let’s be honest, HBO couldn’t stand his ass anymore), every word out of his mouth was “ME,” “MONEY,” “The GREATEST,” and “SHUTUP.” The dude literally got in a fight with his own father on the show, threatening to beat him up if he didn’t leave HIS gym.  We get it, you are a fighter, but to fight your own father?  Oh wait, it gets better, because as more information unfolds you will see that Mayweather is just a misunderstood family man.

“Floyd made a business decision that is best for him and best for his family,” said Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, about leaving for the Showtime network.  Best for his family you say?  Well, that is interesting.


Mayweather loves his family so much he had to express his emotions the only way he knows how.  In September 2012, he beat up his baby mama, Josie Harris, as two of their babies watched no less.  Mayweather pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor battery domestic violence, and no contest to a pair of harassment charges.


I’m not saying Canelo is an angel but to everyone’s knowledge, he is the better man.  Shoot, any man with a library card is a better man than Mayweather.

So if you find yourself rooting for this horrible human being tomorrow night,  please, go punch yourself in the face.  Thank you.


(Hopefully he will look like this after his defeat on Saturday night)–>



UF-Come on over and mount me

I got the chance to catch the last two big UFC fights….you know UFC…where guys (and sometimes girls) are getting it on with each other’s fists?


Let me tell you….the fights are wildly entertaining…i mean who doesn’t want to see someone get the SHIT kicked out of them.  Hello, Fight Club?  But just imagine Fight Club with 3X the fans, the cheers, the exposure, the awesome.   I think you are talking to the converted.


The one aspect about the game… we call this a game?…….about the UFC sport is the homoeroticism involved.  Since this is so regular boxing match, other fighting techniques are allowed and highly encouraged, to take down your opponent in 3-5 rounds.  This unique mix of fighting skills and discipline can do the trick, to name a few….like Jeet Kune Do, Sanshou, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Damn.  That’s a lot of syllables.


A lot of these fighting techniques involve wrestling, leg wrap arounds, squatting thrusts….should i go on?  No, i get it.  Wrestling itself is very homoerotic with those tight leaving nothing to the imagination leotards and the obvious fighting moves.  But with UFC, the more and more popular it gets, the more and more exposure this fighting style receives, thus making this homoerotic fighting really cool in the eyes of millions.



After watching a couple of fights, it is pretty cool to witness the awesome intensity, masculinity and straight up beat downs some of these fools get.  SO ask yourself this….with the dramatic surge in UFC popularity leaving bars standing room only on Saturday night fights and the mainstream broadcast thanks to FOX… this style of homoerotic fighting going to permeate into everyday life.  Good GOD I hope so.


Can you imagine?

Susumu Nagao's Photograph

Bar Brawls, Throwdowns, Rumbles, Gang hootenanies…..all would start incorporating these fighting tactics, making every confrontation a possible UFC show.  Awesome.  I would just feel bad for the profesional UFC fighters because when Joe Smoes start embracing your fighting style….it would kind of decrease your level of BadAss.  They just wouldn’t seem as cool when BuBa down the block can take out a legit UFC fighter with one Jiu Jitsu move.    Still, the world would be a much more entertaining place…..


Mayweather: Scum of the Earth

I unfortunately didn’t get to catch the showdown Saturday night between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, but it sounds like I didn’t miss all that much.

After there was a unanimous vote in favor of Mayweather, earning him the WBA super welterweight title and leaving him with a perfect 43-0 record, it isn’t hard to believe that many innocent remote controls were killed, shattered into hundreds of little plastic pieces because they were thrown against the wall.  Sorry Brave Little Toaster, there was good reason.  Floyd Mayweather is Scum of the Earth.

Yes, he deserves the title because he single-handedly won every game, quite possibly with a uber cheap shot to Ortiz last fight, but that is the game, I guess.  Floyd threw 179 punches while Cotto landed 105.  Yea, I guess the schmuck won.  What was truly nauseating was to hear that Floyd would be given 32 million dollars for this May 5th fight while Cotto would receive  a measly 8 million.  This is the largest pay cut in boxing history.  A guaranteed 32 million to good old Scum of the Earth.  Great.  Another reason for Mayweather to toot his own horn.

That money can’t buy him out of prison, that’s fasho.  But now with this money, he can make friends in prison. He could buy 500,000 cartons of premium cigarettes for his inmates.  That will keep off em vultures for a good while, maybe throughout his entire 30 month sentence.  He could BUY the prison if he wanted to keep his ass really safe.  Well, I for one, would love to see Mayweather become somebody’s bitch.  

During the fight, Cotto gave Mayweather a bloody nose.  UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE.  He bleeds.  He is Human.  No freaking way dude.  I don’t know about you but I thought that was kind of a big deal.  Just for that, Mayweather approached Cotto after the fight telling him ” You’re a hell of a champion.  You’re the toughest guys I ever fought.”   ShOOOOooooOOoot Mayweather.  That is the nicest thing I have ever heard you say.  Better not get used to that :/

Even though it was a good fight, the crowd was not pleased with the verdict.  Fortunately for Mayweather, that’s exactly what he thrives on.  With all the booing and shouts of discontent, Mayweather still has another win, a win with a nice pot of gold at the end of that boxing rainbow.  And he will never live that down.

During his post fight press conference, he left us with this cryptic statement, “”If it was my last fight, I gave them a bang. There’s really no one for me to fight anymore.”  Hold the phone yo.  Is Mayweather trying to make us believe this was his last fight!??!?!  He is retiring?!??!  Good GOD does this guy piss the sports world off.  If he thinks he is truly the best then he needs to fight his last competitor: Manny Pacquiao.  DUH.  Mayweather earlier mentioned that he would never play Pacquiao, “I don’t have to fight if I don’t want to.  It’s not going to happen.”  Well he has earned enough money to never play the game again.

Mayweather is becoming more annoyed with the incessant stream of questions about facing Pacquiao. On his Twitter, he has completely refused to address fan comments about this topic or his retirement. Instead, he has focused on promoting his “Money Team.”  WTF is his “money team?”  Is that his lover: 50 cent’s new album? 

Scum of the Earth continues to dodge questions about Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather continues to insist that Bob Arum is the main problem and won’t let the fight happen. How convenient to shift the blame to avoid answering more questions about the Pacquiao topic he prefers to ignore.  What a chicken sh*t douchebag.

If you are truly the best fighter Mayweather, wouldn’t you have to play every competitor in the game?  Is he that scared of losing the title or does he really just doesn’t want to fight? Everybody thinks they know the answer and we all want to KNOW the answer.  But isn’t it just more fun to just rip Mayweather a new one and be just like him: a sh*t talker.  AHHHHHH Floyd, you piss everyone off soo damn much it’s actually impressive.  Come on Floyd, if you lose you can become a straight up Gangsta rapper with your hottie with a body boyfriend 50 cent.  You two can conquer the Rap world with your love ballads and mournful rhymes of a lost title.  Word.

Douch Lord strikes again

UGH.  WHY.  Everyone and their mom wanted to see this fight go down like charlie brown.

So now the douch of the century, Floyd Mayweather, is fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th at the ginormous MGM Grand.  According to the douche’s twitter account, “I’m fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th because Miss Pac-Man is ducking me.”


Ugh, will this guy ever shut the f*ck up.  Douchiness aside, there is still hope for the Pac-Man and Lord Douche to meet in the fall for the show down of the year.   Apparently the deal wasn’t necessarily squashed according to Bob Arum, Pac Man’s promoter.

Really Bob?  Cuz it sounds like bitch ass Mayweather ain’t gonna see Pac-Man in the ring anytime soon.  We can all now point our fingers at Mr. Arum. According to Lance Pugmire’s article in the LATimes, Arum made a big deal of wanting to avoid a May 5 date so he could try to build an outdoor venue for the Mayweather beat down, but he knew Mayweather had a June 1 report-to-jail date (suck it yo), and that a fight of such magnitude did not absolutely require an extra month of publicity to boost pay-per-view sales, which would’ve been astronomical.

So it comes down to the dinero.  OF COURSE.  It always does.  Douche Lord did want a 60%cut from the supposed fight, leaving Pac-Man with on 40% in his pocket.  Don’t get me wrong, this was going to be a multi-million dollar for both parties, but since Mayweather is a douche lord and has douchey demands……sooo sad to say, there ain’t gonna be no douche beat down.

To add insult to injury Bob’s story continues…..

“Don’t you understand?” Arum said. “Mayweather told us not to deal with anyone unless he tells us to deal with them. If Mayweather said, ‘You deal with Richard Schaefer,’ we would do that. But I’m not going to call someone when Mayweather tells us, ‘Don’t negotiate with anyone unless I tell you.’ Schaefer had no contract with this guy. He’s absolutely overblowing his importance. He’s acting like he’s an indispensable guy, when he’s hired for a fee and not acting as a traditional promoter.”

 Richard Schaefer, Mayweather’s so-called promoter, made a mess of things as well.  Sounds like Douche Lord’s douchiness has rubbed off on his promoter.  EEEp.  Both promoters just didn’t know how to handle this “fight.”  Would have it been better if both fighters were in one room negotiating their deal instead?  Who knows.  That would have been a media field day, where the two guys wouldn’t even be fighting.  They would be sitting at dinky tables with giant microphones jammed in their faces, staring into each others’ blood thirsty eyes out to seek vengeance.  Wait, that does sound kinda sweet.
But then we would have to yet again listen to Douch Lord’s big ass mouth.  Please.  No.  Let us just stick to his Twitter Account from now on.

Ring Ring

So Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to place a collect call to the Philippines to his dearest and oldest boxing buddy, Manny Pacquiao.  He just wanted to catch up and ask if Manny’s fridge is running alright.  

Giggle.  As expected, Floyd was all business (in his usual douche-bag pompous way).  It is just oh so very convenient that Mayweather had his 87 day jail sentence postponed until early June to set up the fight of the century.  Wait…. fight of the century?  Really?  I know everybody wants to see this fight just to see Manny stick it to Mayweather…..but i wouldn’t go so far as to call it the fight of the century.

Mayweather provided the details of his pow wow with Manny in an email sent to ESPN anchor Stan Verrett. “I called him and asked him about us fighting May 5 and giving the World what they want to see.  I also let him know we both can make a lot of money. He ask about a 50/50 split and I told him no that can’t happen, but what can happen is you can make more money fighting me then you have made in your career. I also let him know I’m in control on my side but he needs to get on the same page with his promoter so we can make this fight happen.”

50/50 can’t happen?  Why Floyd?  What gives?  Just because you happen to be an undefeated fighter who will stop at nothing to win, even if that calls for dirty fighting, cheating, and beating down your woman once in a while.  It keeps you focused, we get it.

Floyd doesn’t shut up, “I told him to tell his promoter that he only wants to fight Mayweather and that this fight will be the biggest fight in history. His manger came to my boxing gym a few months ago and we spoke about getting the defamation of character lawsuit dropped against me and about both fighters taking the random blood and urine test. I spoke to his manager again last night about the same thing. The call last night lasted 15 or 20 minutes. I mainly spoke to his manager he got on and off the phone real quick.”

Manny got on and off the phone because he just wants to stop talking and slap the bitch out of you Mayweather.  It’s going to be the biggest fight of the year (not history, your kidding yourself) fasho, making millions for both fighters.  Two fighters considered to be the best of the best.  ShooOOOOoot we all want to see this fight happen.  It would generate $100 million dollars into the ailing Las Vegas Economy.  How about the ailing country’s economy?!  A nice solid chunk of change.  Sweet.

According the Mayweather,  the only one stopping this fight from happening is Manny’s promoter, Bob Arum.  He has said he wants to make the fight happen but has given numerous reasons why it can’t be on May 5.  He has proposed the fight to be on May 26 in order to construct a temporary near the Las Vegas Strip to fit 40,000 spectators, which is double the capacity of the MGM Grand Garden Arena (the biggest casino on the Las Vegas Strip only fits a puny 17,000).  That put some more mills in everybody’s pocket.



Mayweather has even gone to his Twitter Account to address Manny.  Because Manny fasho is checking his phone every other minute when seated in Congress discussing the economic environment of the Philippines.  “Shooot Mayweather wants to fight?  Snap, fellow Congressmen, I gotta skidaddle.  Mayweather just called me a ‘Punk.’ It’s on like donkey kong now.  But no worries!  I will bring back the Vegas winnings to the motherland and all will be well.”

It would be beyond cool beans if Manny won.  It would definitely put Mayweather in his place, a place where the sun don’t shine.  If Manny won, he would give back.  He serves as a Congressman in the Philippines.  Mayweather wouldn’t even be allowed on the steps of Congress. Can we wait till May?  Sounds like we will have to.

Butt-face getting served

Oh Floyd Mayweather.  Nobody likes you.  Not even your father can stand to be in the same room as you.  Let us just hope that your future inmates won’t feel the same way.

Floyd Mayweather is finally getting served. YES.  Shut this mofo up, goddamn he is obnoxious.

Mayweather is scheduled to start a 90 day jail sentence January 6th for pleading guilty to  misdemeanor battery domestic violence and no contest to harassment for hair-pulling, punching and arm-twisting argument in September 2010 with his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, at the women’s home while their two children, ages 9 and 10, watched.

Geeze dude, is there anybody you won’t get in a fight with?  The kids?  Better set an example for the kiddies and just have them watch so they can become badass fighters and women beaters as well.  That must look good on your résumé.  You are not only a boxer in the ring but also out of the ring, that fasho steps up your game, preparing you more so for the long-awaited Paquiao fight.

Not only has Mayweather committed the most cowardly act of beating a woman, he has apparently poked a 21-year old guard in the face several times with his finger during an argument in front of Mayweather’s  million dollar plus home in an exclusive gated community several miles south of the Sin City Strip.  Really dude?  REALLY?  What are you trying to prove?  Trying to make everybody hate you even more so after the cheap shot Ortiz fight?  Well you are doing a superb job buddy. 

Mayweather’s brilliant lawyers have said they may ask the judge who have sentenced Mayweather ‘s domestic violence case to reduce his 90-day jail sentence.  Are you kidding me?  ShooOOOot we all want to see him suffer and become somebody’s bitch.  There is bound to be a jail mate named Bubba who can take on the 5’8 whiner, he only weighs a whopping 135 lbs.

Then again…we all want to see a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.  Police said good behavior can reduce Mayweather’s term sentence by several weeks.  Is this guy even capable of good behavior?  Only if good behavior is being a bitch, then sure, go ahead, release the terd.  But his time behind bars will likely cut into his training time for a future fight with Pacquiao.  A May 5th date has been set by Mayweather’s promoters, who are reserving the right to name the opponent he will be fighting at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. HMmmmmmMMmmmm, who can that be?

Mayweather also has to complete 40 hours of community service by January 31 with the Las Vegas Habitat for Humanity Project.  Why Habitat for Humanity, what gives?  If you want Mayweather to learn anything from his mistakes, his community service should be assigned to a Women’s Health Center or Counseling Facility.  Now that would truly be an amazing sight.  Mayweather rubbing elbows with troubled women all day long, women who would inspire him to be a better person, stop being a pathetic coward and stop beating people who don’t wear boxing gloves.  Who am I kidding?

Unfortunately, I don’t think jail time and community service are the best medicine for Floyd’s douche character. Floyd Mayweather is never going to change until he gets a beat down by Pacquiao, which would be his first loss in the ring, a glorious triumph that all viewers, fans and members of the boxing community would relish to see.  Plain and simple. At least that would shut him up for a while.  He needs to get his clock cleaned and his conscious checked to become a well-respected member of society, if society even wants to forgive the jerk.  Here is looking at you Manny 🙂