Open Your Prayer Books

I think we can all safely say as Americans that SPORTS, yes sports, ALL SPORTS, is the true religion in this country.  These awesome states of the united that we live in loves and worships SPORTS.  Ya know?  Sports, usually a game or gathering of sorts where a ball is thrown or kicked around in a field or court by a team to win one for their hometown, or the few who individually win the big one for themselves (lucky talented bastards).  Or those special sports that don’t involve a ball or any physical activity whatsoever… those SPORTS are truly only watched by the gifted sect.


Since America is unable to publicly support a religion, Sports is the next best thing.  Sports have become the sacramental expression for the American way of life and have emerged as the common religion of the land.  Anyone (not just the fellas anymore ladies!) can talk about sports because we absorb ourselves in its versatile culture.  A culture that epitomizes all the topics that we love to discuss and so dearly treasure… the politics, the social, the money…just sheer entertainment folks.  Throughout those long hours watching the games or ESPN Sports Center who preach of sports and figures alike,  viewers are unconsciously devoting themselves to their rituals and teachings.  Even if there are those who have chosen another religion, the ones who don’t watch sports or have no interest in the game, fear not!  America will still have their sports and will continuously try to convert those who are channel surfing, going to the movie, or even going out to their neighborhood bar.  You can always count on those die-hard fans standing in the freezing cold wearing nothing but body paint and a speedo or those devoted fans that manage to squeeze an entire day of watching sports never having to leave the comfort of the living room couch.

Wayne Blackshear

This blog is for all the nerds who follow sports: the guacamole n’ chip eaters who watch sports, the aged jocks with kids in neighborhood leagues who adore their not so distant pastimes by following sports, the fantasy players who “play” sports, and who can forget, the devoted disciples who pray to sports clasping their hands together ever so tightly during those Hail Mary plays (you know who you are).  My apologies but most of the sports discussed here are teams and individuals from the West Coast, you will have to blame my parents for raising their children in the City of Angels.  Don’t you fret, the other regions shall not be ignored.  That would just be mean, not the West Coast style yo.

Blog posts and podcasts are originally made from this religious party.  They most likely will be just flat-out boring, angry, and stupid….but hey everybody needs to be able to air their personal grievances and vent their frustrations because some of us are that gosh darn passionate and crazy for sports.  Don’t forget the positive, I am sure they will be some of that….please feel free to blow up the comment page and ignite this religion on fire.

nascar_fans_01Now let us all open our prayer books …..

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One thought on “Open Your Prayer Books

  1. Hello America!
    It’s Poland here 🙂 Apologies but I couldn’t find any contact details that’s why I put my comment here.
    I’d love to use one of your pics in my blog entry – of course with your logo as in the original

    I’d like to ensure myself that it’s OK with you. It’s a pretty urgent enquiry as I plan to publish it in a few hours. I hope you won’t send me a lawyer demading $$$$$$$$ from me for a copyrigt infringement 😉

    PS. Great job! Keep walking!!! I’ll sub your blog in a sec

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