If You’re a Real Football Fan, You Should Be Rooting for Carson

Mr. Carson Palmer. The man, the myth, the almost legend.

It has taken Palmer 13 seasons just to reach this kind of postseason success.  And now he is here, ready to take it for all he’s got!


Palmer, a 2002 Heisman trophy winner while at USC, has pretty much undergone one of the most tumultuous NFL careers any quarterback has even experienced,  a career plagued by injury after injury. Aside from him tearing his ACL TWICE, he’s suffered 6 additional injuries that has put him on the bench.  Sad face.


His second ACL tear happened when he was 34.  See this is when we would either shoot good ol’ Seabiscuit or sell him to the glue factory.


But no….Carson soldiered on. Even though the odds were never in his favor.


He just turned 36, an age the NFL would usually deem ancient for their athletes. He is on an NFL team that has only made one Super Bowl appearance on February 1, 2009. Sadly, they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-23. Before we knew the rapist’s true intentions…..


I mean christ, the game was played in Tampa.  Nothing comes good outta of Tampa.


Carson is a true stand-up guy.  Even when his team is losing, he still manages to fist-bump the refs on the field.  Great jobs guys!


He is definitely in the running for winning MVP this season, with the Cardinals‘ offense ranking first in points per game, yards per game and third-down percentage.  Perhaps most impressively, Arizona has more touchdowns (57) than punts (55) this season.  BAD-ASS.

Even when other players won’t help him up, he doesn’t sweat the small stuff.


And he is a full supporter of “Movember.”  Gotta love a man who can fully grow facial hair while fashionably supporting something as gross as butt cancer.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.01.06 PM

Carson Palmer is all kinds of awesome, clearly.  He has just never received the recognition he fully deserves from the NFL.  This is his year to prove to all those that never believed he would fully recover from all his injuries that he is the BUSINESS,  that he is the best quarterback in the league, that he truly deserves to be MVP, that he and the Arizona Cardinals are good enough to go and WIN the Super Bowl.

You got this Carson.  You’re a Trojan. You are Awesome. You are the real MVP.


Well, Mrs. Durant certainly is….but now it’s your time to shine Carsey !!


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