Where is Biff Tannen When You Need Him?

It’s that time of year when we get to feel like sport scientists and yakkity yak about a topic we may or may not be all that familiar with.  Who doesn’t like to sound cool and keep in the loop?


That is right boys and girls, it is March Madness!


So by now your brackets must be finished and you are probably second, triple, quadruple guessing all of your choices.  Don’t worry, you didn’t get your degree in Bracketology. Only the special few attended universities that offered such a major.


My only hope is that you only made a few brackets (instead of 15) just for your own sanity.


I filled out two, nothing too adventurous because I would like to win the pot.

But who the hell knows. Nobody can predict the future of sports except Biff Tannen. Lucky bastard.


So how do you think yours will match up this year? Who are your Cinderella stories, upsets, shutouts, beat downs, slam dunks, losers and champions?

Watch Wyoming win it all. Calling it now.


Rousey Rages On

So last night was fun. The heavily favored Ronda Rousey defeated Cat Zingano in a record 14-second submission in the bantamweight title fight.

c43fcbc0a9167d096f0f6a706700e8b5Kudos for Rousey.  She remains the undefeated champion of Women’s UFC. I think most of our reactions were along the lines of….. WTF OMG?!?!?!!?!







But Rousey’s victory isn’t what upsets me. What upsets me is that my friends and I decided to purchase a $60 Pay Per View Package that aired only 4 fights which resulted in 3 first found knock-outs.  I know you can’t anticipate the length of a fight, but jesus, you want to see some action, action you can at least recall fondly about.


This either means that fighters are getting much better at their craft or fighters are getting stupider by the second. There is a strong possibility that Cat Zingano is the latter.