Smack that Bracket

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and March Madness KINGS.”


Well no, not really but you get it.  It’s MARCH MADNESS baby! This is the time of year when everybody suddenly becomes a college basketball fan, fills out a bracket, takes the time to listen to “experts” in basketball analysis (does that even exist?)……and a general consensus of just feeling smarter.

Bracketology (yes it is an actual word coined by ESPN’s Joe Lunardi) is like a new statistical rating percentage sports equation that determines your predictions in College Basketball’s ultimate tournament.  Can’t you just feel the power of knowledge flowing through you…….


When it comes to March Madness, you don’t necessarily have to like College Basketball, you just have to like being right.  If you fill out a bracket and win your pool, you can’t help but gloat.  You can’t help but gloat the SHIZZZzzzz out of a pretty much pointless life victory.  But hey, it’s the little things that get us through the day.


March Madness serves as a nice distraction from our everyday menial lives.  A nice distraction that makes us feel a little sense of involvement and empowerment in not only the people we are playing with (family, coworkers, friends) but in the greater arena that is College Basketball. ShoOOooot even the President of the United States takes the time to test his bracketology skills.


March Madness is the only time when we feel like we are participating in the collective fate of a sport.  We are willing teams to win, not for them and their potential championship glory but for our benefit to experience something beyond our normal spectrum of feelings derived from sports.  Yes it is amazing to follow a team from the beginning, rooting for a team engrained in your roots yet it is even more amazing to not even be a sports fan and participate in one of the biggest sporting events of the year.


I know nobody out there can predict the outcome of sporting events except if your Biff Tannen in Back to the Future II.  But the feeling you get when you win your March Madness pool is priceless.


It’s such a useless yet beloved accomplishment, we can’t help but embrace it. So here is to a happy and eventful March Madness full of upsets and excitement.  All I can say is, I could care less about who wins the tournament….but I better win my pool.


Urban Meyer the Liar


If the ass clowns at the NCAA could catch a liar red-handed, they would go Monstro on Urban Meyer’s ass.  Then again, the NCAA can’t even catch a cold.  ShooOOOOOooot.


Urban Meyer, do yourself a favor, quit coaching an overrated team whose conference has a sad excuse for a competitive schedule and start living up to your promises of spending more time with your family, and more importantly, taking care of your health.


Or go do what you really love……. Tebow.