Where did Tebow go?

The NFL season is underway and I only have one question: Where is Tim Tebow?


Tim Tebow hasn’t snapped a football in the NFL in over a year, which may be the right amount of time for him to realize that he may not play professionally again. ¬†Sad Face Timmy ūüė¶


Due to his lackluster NFL career, Tebow has been on the back burner this whole year, leaving us with no shred of hope for his return to the NFL. ¬†Well maybe as an assistant coach….or better yet a cheerleader….


Apparently Tebow has prospects outside of his football dreams: broadcasting. ¬†Go figure. ¬†Tim Tebow could be coming to a TV screen near you….


Three major networks- ESPN, CBS and FOX- have expressed interest in hiring Tebow as an on air talent. ¬†Tebow is no stranger to the camera. ¬†Just look at that Jesus smile ūüôā


One place the Florida Gator legend could land is¬†ESPN’s SEC Network, which is set to debut in August 2014 with the intention of launching its own version of “College Gameday.” ¬†Of course the almighty SEC wants its own network. ¬†My vote is to replace Lee Corso whose commentary is border line senile and useless, which is why he resorts to gimmicks like stealing school mascot head gear.


Regardless of where Tebow lands, his pop culture clout and go to Jesus persona should be enough to entice even casual football viewers into watching him.  Just think we can watch him on Saturday mornings and not have to go to Church the next day.


And let’s be honest, haven’t we missed him?

(Minus his pro-life Superbowl commercial)

Adios BCS :)

After an eventful season, College Football is coming to an end. ¬†But the season isn’t the only thing coming to an end. ¬†The wrath of the BCS is finally ending! This is going to be the last time for a lot of things BCS…..Is it possible to even list all the things we will NOT miss about the BCS?


Well, I can certainly try. And these are my top 6 reasons why I will NOT be missing the BCS.


6. Do we really need an Abbreviation?

Don’t you just feel stupid when someone asks you what BCS stands for? ¬†I know College football is all about the abbreviations with the names of the Universities and even some players (thanks RGIII). ¬†I get it, we are lazy and need to keep our conversations short and sweet but for some reason I really hate what the BCS stands for –¬†“Bowl Championship Series.”


So that mean there is a series of championships. ¬†Doesn’t the word championship imply one, one final game where there is only ONE winner. ¬†The final game between the top two college football teams is called “The BCS National Championship.” ¬†First of all, the word champion is used twice in that phrase, making it a redundant phrase that feels like a tongue twister, but really isn’t. ¬†It’s just stupid.

5.¬†Calling All Statisticians…..or Computers…


Every week when the BCS standings¬†are released Sunday evening, you get a chance to see a number next to each team, a number¬†reflecting the combination of polls and computer selection methods to determine relative team rankings. ¬†Thank you Bill Gates.¬†And who ever really liked Statistics?! ¬†Sports shouldn’t make you think this much.

You WOULD think math always works, but when it comes to the BCS, it’s crap. For some reason, the numbers just don’t add up. ¬†When one team loses and another wins, you assume the winning team moves up in the BCS standings as the losing team falls. ¬†That would be a big fat NO. ¬†The

4. Notre Dame


This team is always ranked regardless of EVERYTHING. ¬†Doesn’t matter if they have a losing season, it doesn’t matter if their star player lied to the media and it doesn’t matter if everyone else is winning around them, the BCS always finds a way to rank the Fighting Irish.


Without their precious BCS, what is Notre Dame going to do now?! To be ranked based on actual merit and talent rather than a heavily skewed reputation is going to rock their College Football world. ¬†I don’t know if they will be able to put up a Fight. ¬†This is going to be so sweet ūüôā


3. Non-BCS Bowl Games

Why the hell would we watch NON-BCS Bowl games? ¬†Having losing teams compete in a “Bowl Champion Series” really wouldn’t be champion-like would it now? ¬†Yes, if your team is playing in one of these Non-BCS Bowl Games, of course you are going to watch, but you are forced to come to the realization that your team is a bunch of losers and didn’t make it to the real “Bowl Championship Series.” It’s like the BCS is giving you the finger. ¬†How mean ūüė¶


2. Bowl Game Names


These absurd bowl game names have just lowered our intelligence over time.  Here is a list of the latest bowl games:

*¬†Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl

* S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

*National University Holiday Bowl

*Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

*Heart of Dallas Bowl

Kill me…..


1. Unfair Rankings

This is the #1 reason why everybody is happy to see the BCS go.  The BCS rankings just never ever seemed fair, leaving teams who had undefeated seasons unfairly treated and overlooked. Yes, there are over 30 teams to watch and consider when discussing college football rankings, which is why the BCS was initially created.  But for the past 15 years, the BCS has just been pissing people off.

Image: Nick Saban

Where in the world is it ok for Les Miles to bitch his way into sharing the National Championship with USC in 2007 based on similar BCS rankings?  A freaking horrible world.


Although the BCS is being replaced by a possible biased Playoff Committee, it is still good to see it go. Having Playoffs might bring more justice and truth to College Football.  Right Condi?

condoleeza rice

Adios BCS and good riddance ūüėÄ

NCAA Football: California at Southern California