There is no God?

A devout Christian dedicating a good part of his life to GOD by serving his Lord in every way possible, adamantly praying and freely sacrificing his time and effort to the religion is the RIGHT “Christian” thing to do.  And in return, God’s plan is said to steer you down the path of righteousness, the path that will guide you where you are meant to be in life.  Welcome to the “Good” Christian life.


So why is Tebow’s path meant to go down the shitter?

Tim Tebow : Jesus’s wet dream, a Christian do-gooder, a God squadder…call him what you want, Tebow loves GOD and isn’t shy about it.


So with everything going wrong in his NFL career, where does GOD fit into all of this?


Everything was going right with Tebow: Heisman trophy winner, 2 NCAA championships, 1st round draft pick, starting as Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, leading the Broncos to a playoff win to reach the Divisional Round, picked up by an ailing Jets squad in dire need of a Quarterback, then picked up again by the power house Patriots team with the superior coaching of Bill Billicheck and then finally, all of a sudden…he is released….out into the unemployed wild.


If Tebow is no longer playing in the NFL (his lifelong dream) then is there really a God?


Has GOD led Tebow to the Arena Football League to play for the L.A. KISS?  Really? This is what Tim Tebow’s hard efforts and prayer have brought him: nothing but an embarrassing washed up NFL career?

WTF GOD?!  If Tebow can’t make it in God’s good graces than what the hell are the rest of us heathens to do?  Tebow’s positive attitude and hopeful spirit is something you don’t see everyday in sports.  It was refreshing to hear him talk about the upside of his down and out career situations and move forward in admirable fashion.  But how admirable is it if you are going to go live out your career playing for a football team owned by the band KISS?

(Haha that would be kinda sweet)


BUT, did you ever think that THIS is MEANT TO BE for Tebow.  Maybe Tebow is meant to an analyst on ESPN for College Football (replacing Lee Corso…..AMAZING) or perhaps to steer his football efforts and expertise more towards coaching. Tebow had a great run, some would say even a phenomenal, but I think it is safe to say that Tebowmania has come to a close.


Tebow already fulfilled his childhood dream of playing Quarterback in the NFL, just not a very long dream. Maybe his other unspoken dreams of NOT playing Quarterback will eventually come true, whatever those may be.  What does the homeboy Jesus think?


6 thoughts on “There is no God?

  1. Funny you think that because God hasn’t answered Tebows prayers that God is just sitting by and not caring about the situation. Well this whole fiasco must have done enough to get you to write about Tebow and God. Good job at least they both made you think about them.

  2. Its very sad that Tebow put in so much work and no one gives him a chance. I really blame the devil (John Elway) for letting Tebow go and not helping polish his skills. Under Manning, Tebow could have been a great QB. Under Sanchez come on really?!!! And under Mr. Brady honestly I think Brady just thinks of himself and doesnt help his other teammates. But sadly, we might have to see Tebow just go to NFL Limbo without any team. But maybe one team might pick him up and they desperately need a superstar and people to go to their games. Jacksonville Jaguars!!! Why haven’t you called Tebow yet? I know he’ll happily play for you guys. One more thing the Media brainwash all these people in the league from rejecting Tebow thanks ESPN you ruin lives now. Especially God’s 2nd son lol

    • Agreed, Elway did sell him down the river.
      Please please please let him replace “SOMEONE” on College Game Day. I think him and Herbie could be BFF<3

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