Fox Sports What?

Is there such a thing of re-inventing a sports network?  Well, Fox Sports seems to think so.


Fox Sports 1 launched a little over two weeks ago as an alternative to the almighty ESPN, the original worldwide leader in Sports. ¬†Attempting to be the alternate “fun” sports channel, I find Fox Sports 1 to be the complete opposite. ¬†It’s just down right confusing…..say what?

As for the Fox Sports LIVE program, the channel is just trying to do too much in too little time with way too many commentators.  I get it, you are trying to be too cool for school and out bid ESPN, but is that physically possible?


(Tee hee, random side note. ¬†Did you notice that the Sports Ticker, Table of Contents if you will, is on the left hand side of ESPN is now on the right side of Fox Sports 1. ¬†Such a DIFFERENCE. ¬†Hey man, it could save lives. AND that Sports Ticker isn’t even really a ticker, it provides viewers with statistics of discussed topics such as profiles of players, stats and upcoming schedule. ¬†Kinda cool. )


‚ÄúFans are ready for an alternative to the establishment, and our goal for FS1 is to provide the best in-game experience possible, complemented by informative news, entertaining studio shows and provocative original programming,‚ÄĚ said Co President and COO Eric Shanks. ¬†Really Mr. Shanks? ¬†So why is¬†your odd mix of commentators and panelists more disorienting than a heat wave in January?

The Fox Sports 1 LIVE commentators consist of NFL stars Donovan McNabb and Ephraim Salaam, Tennis player Andy Roddick, NBA all star Gary Payton and sports blond bombshell personality Charissa Thompson. Oh yea, and two older dudes behind the desk.


Sweet, that is definitely an awesome possum group of personalities from all different walks of sports life. BuuuUTTTT really? A bunch of¬†ex-jocks sitting at a very cold grey steel table saying what they think might happen or how they would feel about something if it involved them, which it never does seem entertaining to you? ¬†Do you really care what Andy Roddick thinks of Tiger Woods at the Masters OR what Gary Payton thinks of Yaisel Puig’s home-run?


This group is just so discombobulated it needs a beer or two. ¬†There ain’t no drinks resting on that steel table, better make it a double bartender. Just leave it to the experts, it’s that simple. It’s a safe assumption to think that an audience would listen to an expert in the field, aka an retired player or coach of the sport, and trust their advice or take their input into full consideration. Then why the hell is an NFL Quarterback talking about the X Games?


I feel that this group of commentators would work better in a sports radio setting. All of Sports Radio in the greater Los Angeles area are made up of columnists, retired athletes, broadcasters and even actors (Nobody listen to the Jay Mohr Sports, for the love of GOD).


And the topics of discussion range from all sports to keep their audience entertained. ¬†The only difference is we aren’t viewing radio, we can’t see the commentators, we can only hear them all in the while they have special guests who ARE in fact experts in the field. ¬†Watching Fox Sports 1 Live commentators sit there and discuss sports they probably know nix to nothing about is just plain awkward.

Let’s face it. ¬†The best analysis, wrap ups, commentators, conversation and highlight packages will be seen on ESPN. But a little competition never hurt anyone. ¬†Maybe this is a GOOD thing. Maybe Fox Sports 1 Live is just a bad TV dinner, leaving only a bad taste in your mouth, while we wait for an ESPN desert to be served.


Big Brother Sucks

The most wonderful time of year is about to begin and it seems a bit mellow. ¬†A little too mellow for my taste…..


College Football kicks off in less than a week and I have seen slim to none coverage of the sport on ESPN unless Johnny Football’s face is slapped on the screen, Nick Saban counting his crystal footballs or the greedy NCAA being sued for their Scrooge McDuck behavior.


What seems to be the overshadowing Big Brother of College Football is, and always is, the NFL.  Forgive me if I am wrong though, but I distinctly remember a lot more ESPN College Football coverage including interviews with the coaches, players, highlights and season predictions for all the conferences.  I am well aware that ESPN fills in a half an hour slot at 1pm for College Football talk but I am strictly speaking of SportsCenter evening programming. You know, the evening show everybody and their mom watches before going to bed.


(The more important question now is, how can you go to bed without watching Top Ten?)

I know it is the NFL pre-season, and NFL fans just loving telling non NFL fans the many reasons why the NFL is “better” than College Football: The NFL makes more money, the NFL is quicker, the NFL is more badass, the NFL is professional, the NFL does your laundry….the list of reasons can go on for ages. ¬†But speaking as a College Football fan, I don’t care.


I have been College Football for years now and ESPN has always been my dependable news source for the pre-season. I ask you, how the hell are you supposed to make realistic Heisman Trophy winner bets in Vegas now?! G Golly Wiz.


After letting my frustration subside, there are three distinct reasons as to why I believe there is more NFL pre-season coverage than College Football pre-season coverage this year.

1. Johnny Manziel: The Kid Who Got Caught.


Ever since Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, the controversy hasn’t stopped. ¬†All of his publicity and attention have been negative, from the day drinking to the busty women he hangs out with. The guy just can’t catch a break. ¬†Unfortunately, his childish antics has severely put a dark cloud over college football, a cloud that won’t evaporate until Manziel proves himself on the field this season.


Who cares if he is giving College Football players a bad rap. ¬†He isn’t the first and he certainly won’t be the last. ¬†Damn you social media and your trickster ways!

2. NCAA: Scrooge McDuck


The NCAA this year has been going through hell (and rightfully so?).  First, six current college football players are suing the NCAA for what else?  MONEY. The players are suing the NCAA in hopes to expose their Scrooge McDuck persona to billions of dollars in damage.  The plaintiffs now demand the NCAA find a way to give players a cut of the billions of dollars earned from live broadcasts, memorabilia sales and video games. PSsshs, yah good luck with that fellas.

Damn, and I loved those video games too…


Second, this is the last year of the BCS System before Playoffs are implemented in the 2014 season, the NCAA’s last hurrah of raking in the big cha-ching. Poor guys, they are so useless and don’t even know it.

3. The SEC Dominance

Once again, the SEC is expected to completely dominate the season. ¬†SNORE. We get it, the dynasty is here….thank you Mr. Saban. Despite the SEC teams’ not so competitive schedules, everyone is convinced that this College Football Season will be an SEC season.

medium_Saban Forbes ALcom

No wonder nobody is really excited for this year’s upcoming College Football season. Without the excitement of upsets and unexpected cinderella stories, the season will drift off into SEC waters and never return.


I hope my theories are BS. Please feel free to let me have it because College Football is my absolute favorite time of year and arguably the best sport ūüėõ ¬†(Don’t Hate!). ¬†So here is hoping that the season will in fact not end up being a Johnny Manziel COPS special, or a Scrooge McDuck downfall or even an SEC snore of a season. ¬†Let us expect a great season for the coaches and players, but more importantly the fans.


The NFL can suck it. ¬†Your season doesn’t start till September 8th. ¬†Wait your turn. ¬†Let the little guys shine for a week or so.


Almost Famous

College Football. ¬†The place where you go to kill your athletic popularity…….apparently.


With all the shenanigans Johnny Manziel has been putting the NCAA through, we can never ask for our favorite College Football players’s autographs ever again.

In light of the NCAA investigation of whether Texas A&M’s star Heisman trophy winner Quarterback was paid to sign a butt load of memorabilia, the University has introduced a new policy for their college football program.


The Aggies announced that players and coaches will not sign any memorabilia for fans attending the “Meet the Aggies” event Aug. 24. Basically a meet and greet with fans and college football admirers alike.


Instead, the only autographs allowed will be on specially provided autograph cards, “in order to accommodate as many fans as possible.” All other items must be left at the door.

No other fun items such as jerseys, helmets, footballs or even photos can be signed.  That just leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Thank you for keeping some money in my pockets, but seriously, what the hell is the point of getting an autograph on a card, a card I have to therefore frame and pay for to look nice in my manly library/lounge/man cave?  Thanks NCAA.  Nothing looks cooler than a signed football helmet.  Too legit to quit fasho.


Texas A&M also said players and coaches would remain seated at the event and would not pose for photos. ¬†DUDE…!!!! Might as well poke my eyes out before the season even starts.

Louisville took it to even more drastic measures…..

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse

They canceled their fan signing event all together in response to their head coach’s comments, calling the Manzeil situation a “national problem.”

Theses moves are being made because of ongoing concerns about college athletes and autograph sales, and neither mentioned Manziel by name. ¬†Wait….what?! Why?!


Johnny Manziel is THE problem. ¬†This isn’t a concern involving the collective, it really is punishing everybody else for an individual’s actions. ¬†Such BULLSH*T NCAA. You have been pulling this unethical crap for far too long.

Why punish the entire team, the coaches, the fans, the college and the sport for one, count it ONE, player’s mistake. ¬†GOD help me if the NCAA does find Manziel guilty of taking the money and pin the blame on ‘lack of institutional control.’ ¬†Welcome to the Trojan club Aggies. ¬†I warn you, it’s a depressing one.


The ones who are truly suffering for all this are the fans.  The players will get over it, they will move on to the NFL making millions and appear in Madden 2015. The colleges will get over it because they will still make millions of dollars off their athletic programs.

Why should the fans be punished for this ‘lack of institutional control’? Why should the people who breathe the very life into college football not be able to celebrate their players by personally expressing their adoration for them?


It all comes down to the Benjamins (of course). ¬†If people didn’t come out of the wood work claiming to have profited from a collegiate sport in an ‘illegal’ fashion, then would we be in this situation? ¬†The NCAA is already in hot water, immediately ending their ties with EA Sports because they themselves have been profiting¬†from the football players without the players’ knowledge. ¬†HMMMmmmMMMMmmm….monkey see monkey do…..?


Just blows the mind to think that the NCAA is committing the same violation as these autograph shysters: Profiteering. We can’t escape the inevitable….but dammit, why do this before the season even starts?!


Really sucks to be a college football fan now doesn’t it?

Johnny Whoops

Whoops he DID it again.

Johnny Manziel just can’t seem to keep his hands off his social media….or beer.


Having virtual access to the I WANT IT NOW social media by owning any of the technological devices smarter than us (smartphones, tablets and laptops ), it isn’t hard to believe that anyone can make a mistake while tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, youtubing, tumblering, wordpressing….. anymore -ings?


It’s true, nobody can escape the eyes and ears of social media. ¬†It’s EVERYWHERE.

But Johnny Manziel isn’t anyone.

Johnny got caught red-handed tweeting:


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.35.10 PM

You just can’t seem to keep your mouth shut can you Football boy?

Now here is a thought: Wouldn’t you think a young guy who has been around social media his WHOLE life, a guy who is far more knowledgable than your typical older athlete about all the fun digital toys, interactive channels and open digital communication would know better than to stream his unfiltered opinions on a public platform that million and MILLIONS of people have access to? ¬†Yes, you WOULD think that.

ANOTHER thought: Being the only College Freshman football player to ever win the Heisman Trophy, wouldn’t he be surrounded by coaches, publicists, higher collegiate authorities and SEC conference officials to advise him to be more cautious and perhaps mute when expressing his honest opinion about issues that pertain to his athletic ability, academic standing and recreational activities in public?


Yes Johnny, social media is public.

You have thousands and thousands of followers, I don’t think your tweets will go unnoticed unless you start tweeting solely in emoticons. ¬†Hmmm…I may be on to something….

Then there is the loop-hole: He is twenty years old. ¬†What were you doing at twenty? ¬†Exactly…..nothing you would want to broadcast to the entire Twitter sphere.


He is one of the most popular youngsters in America because he has accomplished something no one has ever done before. Of course he deserves a little celebration, a kick back, a keg stand…what ever he chooses. ¬†He just needs to know the consequences of his actions, because his actions are being watched by the ENTIRE country. (Come on, what else do we gotta do?)


(I mean, come on, the kid is straight up goofy looking. ¬†Do you think he would be getting all this attention solely for his good looks…..?)

Johnny Manziel

So dude, Mr. Football, just don’t air your frustrations in the Twitter world when you have over 400,000 followers, you AREN’T going to go unnoticed. ¬†But I bet you already knew that didn’t you…..

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.46.26 PM

Sigh… today ūüėõ