Big City, Big Money, Big Talent, Big Problems

Who knows what the hell is going on with LA sports, considering a majority of the classic hometown teams are in disarray.  Sorry Clippers, you didn’t make the cut because you are the only team not sucking ass right now….and seriously who is a Clipper fan?


I just don’t get these crazy lucrative contracts to get players to come to the big city.  Wait, maybe I do.  But then again, I don’t.  Whatever happened to plucking players from farm teams, the minor leagues, college teams and walk-ons?  What happened to teams nurturing and helping players grow into strong athletes?


I guess it all started for me with big boy slugger Albert Pujols and his deal with the Anaheim Angels, a 10-deal for $250 million dollars and then some with the perks and bonuses.  WTF dude, I know you have 5 latino babies but DAYYyuuum.  The MLB had to come out and publicly address the ridiculousness of this deal, stating that there is now going to be a spending limit on players’ contracts.  Whooopee. The next was the Doyers crazy blockbuster deal, a deal worth over $265 million dollars, with the Boston Red Sox, sending pitcher Josh Beckett, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and outfielder Carl Crawford to the Doyers.  Now Zack Greinke’s $158 million dollar for 6 six years is just insane, dude is 30 years old.  That doesn’t seem old but in sports, it is.  Hello, paging the farm leagues…?

It seemed that the ailing Lakers team had to follow the MLB trend of big spending with Steve Nash, a 38-year-old superstar point guard from Phoenix, and Dwight Howard, best center in the NBA from Orlando.  Seriously,  with all the drama they put themselves through with their bottomless purse, the Lakers are in for some hard times…….and it’s not even mid-season.  Dang, LA…..the city of angels just turned into Scrooge McDuck, diving into a pool of gold coins and swimming in wealth. Duck Tails…..Wooo Hoooo.Scrooge-in-gold-coins

Maybe it has to do with the awesomeness that is Los Angeles.  The size and popularity of the city is bound to ignite some drama in every entertainment facet, dude it’s the ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL of the world.  Los Angeles is starving for more and more newsworthy entertainment because here we are just so spoiled and saturated in gossip, no matter where it comes from.  Sports don’t have a chance of escaping the clutches of LA.  Look what happened to Kobe and his not so fun let’s take advantage of a woman trial?  You think that shiz would have went down the same if he were on the Charlotte Bobcats?  How about Matt Kemp banging Rihanna?  You think those shenanigans would happen is he were on the Minnesota Twins?  Yea…not so much.  You grab dat ass Matty!


But how many of these lucrative contracts are really paying off?  The only decent payoff would probably be Pujols on the Angels.  The dude hit 30+ home runs but didn’t take the team to a World Series his first season.  Hey, it’s only his first season.  Angels just picked up Josh Hamilton for a butt load of money too, fool is 31 years old getting a $125 million dollars for 5 years.  Dude is crack addict?  Really?!   The Dodgers…..that’s just too depressing to talk about.  The Lakers, well that remains to be seen.

Truly the most tragic part about the greed in LA sports is the sacrifice of players.  It is so rare to see players now a days stay with one team their entire career.  We rarely get to see a player be loved and adored by his city, grow up and become a part of a family, become a part of the city.  Superstars aren’t even immune.  Look at Albert Pujols from St. Louis.  Didn’t he have a restaurant in the heart of St. Louis?  Said he would DIE a Cardinal?  That quickly changed. He picked up and left right after he won a World Series following the millions and millions of dollars that LA flashed before his very eyes.  Steve Nash was the best thing to happen to the Phoenix Suns while Dwight Howard was selected by the Orlando Magic in the 2004 NBA draft.  No professional athlete feels like they can stay if they feel like they deserve more money for their talent.  City love just ain’t what it used to be 😦


Sports is a business and needs to make money. DUH.  Gambling big can mean winning big, I get that. What we also have to get is it makes BIG PROBLEMS.  It’s not rocket science.  I just can’t get past the loss of the nostalgia and innocence that sports used to hold dear.  As time goes on, the greed in sports is showing no signs of slowing down as long as athletes will continue to follow the money and not follow their hearts.  Does love have a price tag? In LA, there is a price, it’s just a ridiculously crazy Vatican spending HIGH.   Isn’t that sad?  I feel like I don’t want to accept that but it’s true.  Is there still that good we once loved in sports?  Am I just being a spoiled LA sports fan?  Who the mofo knows.  If you do know, please come talk to me.  Maybe I’ll buy you a taco.



Whatcha smokin’ Rex?

Someone seriously needs to fire this weight watchers drop out of a coach.  Rex Ryan just seems to be exercising poor POOR judgement.


Ryan has decided to make Quarterback Mark Sanchez his starter for Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.   Despite third string Greg McElroy winning the game for the New York Jets last week.  Keyword here…”WINNING.”  The Jets haven’t done a whole lot of “WINNING” with Sanchez starting. No Sir E BOB.

This is what Sanchez had to say of last week’s quarterback change, “It was probably the worst and best experience of my life.”  HmmmmmMMMmmm, let’s just stick to the best, the best for the JETS.  Worst for Sanchez.  You SUCK SANCHEZ.  You know it and all of New York City knows it.  That’s why they be cheering like it’s the Superbowl when McElroy was put in the game against the Arizona Cardinals, rallying the Jets to a 7-6 victory.  That must be a really sucky mcSUCK feeling for you Mark….but in truth….that is the reality of this situation.  Fool has 18 turnovers, including 5 in the past two games.  DUDE, YOU SUCK.


(Greatest picture ever)

Ryan popped into a quarterbacks meeting early Wednesday morning and informed the trio, which includes Time Tebow, that Sanchez will start Sunday against the Jaguars. A short time later, Ryan broke the news to the entire team, mentioning his decision in passing during a scouting breakdown of the Jaguars.  Dude, that must have been a silent middle finger moment from Tebow and the entire team. Seriously, when a team is obviously struggling, a team’s whose quarterback has brought nothing but humiliation and embarrassment to a city that is used to sports glory….(oh wait that’s why they got the Giants and Yankees.   Well, can’t have em all I guess), it is a bitch slap in the face to keep starting your weakest link, your LOSER of a player.

NY Jets

Does Sanchez seem motivated by this position?  SHOOooooOOOOt, I would hope so.  But no, I bet you anything nothing is going to change.  NOTHING.  Sanchez started off on the Jets as a coddled baby who has never had to worry bout his job security.  “I think Rex was more or less sending a message, and it was well received,” Sanchez said. “I know. I get it.”  You GET IT?!?!?!  OMG part the motherfuckin’ clouds, Dirty Sanchez GETS IT!  Wow, this quarterback is one smart dude, it only took him 11 weeks to get it.

Ryan’s hope is Sanchez will benefit from his much NEEDED time on bench, saying it can be a learning experience for a player to take a step back amidst a slump.  A slump?  Dude he SUCKS.  I have no idea why it took this long for Rex to get off his high weight watchers horse and make the change.


Ryan also made it clear he won’t tolerate reckless turnovers, strongly suggesting he will have a short leash on Sanchez.  NOW you decide to have the short leash.  Dude, took you long enough.  That would be soo sweet if he took out Sanchez after the first fumble or interception.  Now THAT my friend would be keeping the short leash!

It’s not even about Tebow anymore.  It is about the JETS and how the team is going to start being competitive.  “This kind of thing affects people’s lives and careers. It’s not just, ‘Oh, man, bummer.’ It’s not like that. This is serious,” Sanchez so genuinely said about his situation negatively affecting everyone.  Oh man, bummer you SUCK Sanchez, you either have yet to step it up as a player or your team will most likely be subject to more embarrassment (if that is physically possible).  If you are really looking out for this team and are aware of the severity of the situation, pull yourself out of the game.  Be a man yo.  Stick up for your team, play another QB because you clearly have failed far too many times to have your team fully support you.  That is why the locker room is such a minefield of chatter and gossip.  The O line can only do so much.  Sanchez just doesn’t know how to play under pressure…….clearly.


Sanchez SUCKS.  But wait!  There is still time for redemption.  Watch him play a hell of a game against the Jaguars Sunday, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions….yea in our Tebow dreams.  Even Tebow’s GOD can’t save Dirty Sanchez.

The real issue is Mr. Rex Ryan.  He be smokin’ that shizzzz cuz he ain’t thinking straight because he is continually starting Sanchez week after week.  Would make more sense if they were the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks with this new legalization of weed….but NO.  There is seriously NO EXCUSE.  How many chances does this kid get?  Good GOD.  Sucks to be a Jets fan, that’s fasho.  Just put those fans out of their misery already and end season, fire Rex and start a new QB. FO REALZ….