Tebow was Played

How much worse can this get for this god squadder?  Now he got his own locker room talking smack about him.  I can’t help but feel bad for this guy.  What did Tebow ever do?  He is just there to play the game and help the team win, which they haven’t been doing much of this season.  Didn’t Skip Bayliss call Tebow a Play Maker?  Well his plays aren’t being made Skip, not one bit.

There is more and more talks of who to start this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams for this ailing New York Jets Team.  Shitty Mark Sanchez or bench warmer Tim Tebow.  I mean, is this a contest or a matter of pride?

Acquiring Tebow seemed to erupt some good publicity and attention for the Jets but now continues to remind coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson why they ever made the trade in the first place.    Why trade for a player who you are never going to use?   Tebow is still giving the Jets publicity, but it ain’t good.  Stemming from this girl drama happening in the locker room, Quarterback Mark Sanchez’s sucking ass, while Rex Ryan refusing to discuss the missing Tebow factor, the Jets seem well on their way to a NFL nervous breakdown.

Everybody seems to want to point the finger to the boys upstairs, particularly Woody Johnson.  I mean, it makes sense.  Rex Ryan is merely taking orders and if he makes his own orders outside the jurisdiction of Johnson, Rex would be fired, come on now.  Who is in control is this situation?  Shouldn’t it be Woody?  Making this huge public display over Tebow is not only going to waste but is working against them in the worst way possible.

Isn’t the point in any team in any sport to win?  All I do is win mothafuckers!  Yea No, not the Jets.  Mark Sanchez is not winning, at all.  At the beginning of the season, Sanchez was asked to comment on the Jet’s addition of Tebow, “Selling seats, man.”  I guess your selling the seats “man” but for how long?  What is going to happen when the Jets axe Tebow and are left with no backup quarterback because god forbid they are going to stick with useless Sanchez next year.

Tebow just wants to play man, give him a chance.  What do the Jets have to lose?  Freaking NOTHING!  They are already losing and bringing more and more embarrassment to themselves.  Starting Tebow or letting him play a quarter would at least shut up those Tebow squadders and could possibly stop some of this unnecessary drama the Jets seem to be relentlessly diving back into over and over again.  Rex Ryan isn’t helping the situation at all.  Is it just me or  Rex Ryan is getting less jolly with his weight loss, maybe because his team has been on a downward spiral since he cut out the Twinkies.

Team Tebow yo, at least until the Jets play him for more than 2 minutes.  Roll the dice with this Gator, if he fails he fails.  No loss there.  Then you can start up Dirty Sanchez again and really see how the season plays out.  Merry Christmas Rex.  My gift to you is  a new job….and maybe some mallomars.

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