Cheaters can suck it

It’s that time of year again!   If you are one of the 600 lucky Baseball Writers Association voters, you get a whopper of a choice of who gets the honor of being inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  In my personal opinion, the BEST Hall Of Fame.

The steroids funky bunch, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa, are listed on the hall of fame ballot fo the first time, setting up an election which fasho will mandate on the steroids era.  How sad is that?  Wow,  now we have to say “steroids Era.”  I guess everything has a dark side.  Who would be Darth Vadar?  I mean Clemens got that dark quality but Bonds is soo much bigger than he is….and is already black. Hard to say…..  Sosa is too nice a guy to be apart of the galactic empire.  Sosa would just be an evil spanish speaking Yoda.





I know it makes sense to put Bonds, Clemens and Sosa on the ballot because they were great players, broke records, made history…..but had a bit of illegal help.  They all took performance enhancing drugs and got caught.  The only one to come clean about it was Sammy Sosa, the other two are still in denial.  Fat heads….literally.  The key word here is “performance enhancing,” meaning their performance on the field was not their own, it is being illegally aided and boosted them into record breaking heights, records that shouldn’t be counted, performances that shouldn’t be considered.

I mean, it is a 37 player ballot.  The voters got lots to choose from.  But it is inevitable that voters will consider one of these three steroid players because in reality, they kinda sorta want to vote for them.  It’s hard not to take into consideration what they did on the field.  Bonds is the all-time home run champion with 762 and won a record of 7 MVP awards.  Clemens set a record with 7 Cy Young awards while Sosa hit 609 home runs.  Voters are facing a moral dilemma now aren’t they?  They have to decide whether drugs, well to some “drug allegations,” that tainted their big numbers should keep them out of Cooperstown.

Hey Mike Piazza is on the ballot.  My favorite Dodger and first home run.  So magical, and so without drugs.  Vote for him!





This steroid discussion was inevitable because there was a “steroid era” where a handful of the MLB’s greatest players were in fact taking steroids and breaking records.  Before anyone knew anything about their drug use, we baseball fans gobbled it all up like a hungry hungry hippos, loving the idea of it, the idea that we felt like we were apart of some great sports history.  But then when the questions start coming in, questions about drugs and wrong doing, that is when we retract and start to question the integrity of the game.  A vicious cycle, a cycle that American Baseball is now headed.  Well look at that, it’s already here!

If players who use steroids can get elected in the Baseball Hall Of Fame, then can we start talking about Pete Rose?  Even though he is permanently on the ineligible list for his addictive gambling ways, his performance on the field wasn’t artificially enhanced.  Pete was a great player and unfortunately allowed his gambling lifestyle seep into his professional baseball career.  Why would the Baseball Hall Of Fame induct some players who flat-out cheated their way into the record books than a player who just bet on the record books?  Baseball a funny business ain’t it.

Performance enhancing drugs will always be a thorn in the side of Baseball, despite Baseball trying to rid itself of the stigma.  They aren’t going to rid themselves of it if they induct these three in the Hall Of Fame.  Nobody should ever celebrate cheating.  We have elected leaders and generals for that messy doing.  Voters shouldn’t give out the highest honor in Baseball to those who cheated.  Man, I love baseball, it IS America’s sport.  Why would we ever want to question the integrity of America’s past time?  Baseball has been the one traditional sport that has remained the sport of the common man and the pure hearted.  I know many don’t consider baseball as a special or important a sport as some do.  They clearly haven’t watched Ken Burns awesome possum Baseball Documentary >:0      But it’s the little things that make it special and those little things don’t involve cheating and drugs.

Here is hoping voters will make the right decision.  Come on mofos, u know what to do, don’t break our hearts now.

The results will be announced Jan. 9…sHHOoooOOOOOooot.  Betta be a happy new years.

Project Runway: Coaches Edition

I know it is a bit difficult to take your attention away from the game, averting your eyes from those “leave little to the imagination” uniforms those chiseled athletes are wearing.  But have you ever noticed what the coaches are wearing?

When it comes to what coaches wear on game day, I always wondered if it was a matter of choice, lifestyle or tradition.  Maybe it is neither.  But it does have to do something with the sport itself, whether the sport is a classy dignified occasion or a mangy get down and dirty game.  It is also to important to consider the types of fans those sports attract and appeal to.

So I roughly picked the 5 coaches that best represent the fashion and style (both homeless nasty and clean chic) of their sport.  Omitting Baseball because the coaches wear the same damn uniforms of the players.  Don’t get me wrong, baseball uniforms can be sexy….just not on an old saggy ass man.  Who knows?  Maybe a coach’s style has a direct reflection on their team, their franchise and their town/city.  Or maybe it doesn’t and I’m just really bored.

Here we go fashionista playas.


(oh they just look soo cute matching and all.  Don’t you wish all coaching staffs looked like this?  Naw, mean either…there would be no reason for this post yo)


1. Bill Belichick- The New England Patriots

Good GOD what is wrong with this guy’s fashion sense?  Oh wait, he clearly has none. This guy is a hell of a coach bringing New England 3 Super Bowl Championships and 5 NFC Championships.  Belichick is such a good coach he is clearly too distracted to get dressed before game day.  He legit dresses like a BUM.  Straight up BUM with his oversized Patriot’s hoodies.  What is even better is that some of those hoodies have the sleeves cut off.  Is he working out later?  WAIT, better call the cops to arrest those Belichick guns!!  Dude, this is New England, I think it is worth it to buy some sleeves.

What respectable coach of a championship team wears a freakin’ poncho of a sweatshirt to work?  Is he hiding something?  It’s ok Bill, we already know your fat.  At least he is comfortable, right. You would think coming from a championship team, producing a future hall of fame quarterback and representing not just one city but an entire region, a region that founded this country, would maybe want to brush his hair in the morning and put on some sleeves.  Then again….it is football

2.  Mike Krzyzewski-Duke University

If your going to coach a sport watched by millions and go all the way to see the March Madness daylight, hey you gotta dress the part.  Nobody does this better in the NCAA than the iconic Coach K. Even though he is on the sidelines, he looks damn good in those crisp grey suites and plenty of gold accents (cufflinks, belt buckles, rings).  It seriously looks like this dude is straight out of Mad Men.  Douche bag of characters but damn can they dress.  I mean Coach K coached the Olympic team for god sakes…..he should have some class.

Since this is college basketball, and the polished wooden basketball courts are pretty reflective, what the coaches wear might matter a bit more.  On a more serious note, any college coaches hold more responsibility than professional coaches because they are more like parents/mentors than a boss/co-worker.  These college coaches are coaching kids, not adults, and have the power to influence their players’ lives and help them grow into respectable athletes. Coach K coaches one of the most respectable college teams in the country, a southern bell of a school, Durham, North Carolina.  The South is always known to stay classy.

3. Lane Kiffin- USC

Love my trojans but this coach’s signature “visor-white wearing style” is just plain boring, kind of like the personality.  If your going to go for a signature style, make it good.  Don’t make it white, especially in a sport that is known to get down and dirty in the mud.  Why would you want to worry about ruining your whites when you have a football game to coach?  Oh wait, he isn’t really coaching is he…at least not this season. You would think as a SoCal coach he would just be sporting Hawaiian shirts and board shorts….that would be ridiculously awesome.

Kiffin’s signature visor is a just another mere hiding tactic, kinda of like his giant laminated play card. Although he is trying really hard to dress like a classic football coach with his neatly pressed khakis and white collared shirts like Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, but come on, you gotta get rid of that play card man.  You can dress the part but it don’t mean you are the part.  And those white beanies….yikes.  Recipe waiting for a disastrous season..  Word of advice, you can’t get away with wearing white if you muddy up your season with those stains of defeat.

4. Jim Tressel

God I hate Ohio State but damn do I love Tressel’s sweater vests.  Even though he isn’t the coach anymore, his red/grey sweater vests, white colored shirts + khaki pants are just a damn good combo.  Such a clean and classic look for the annoying college football town of Toledo, Ohio.  Although Tressel’s career ended in shame and ultimate termination from the Buckeye family, he is still one of the best dressed college football coaches.    And hey, it wasn’t such a terrible coach anyway, leading Ohio State to 6 Big Ten Conference Final Championship games and winning coach of year 12 times.  Maybe he is soo well dressed he forgot to manage his players, the same players who managed to trade in some one of a kind Buckeye paraphernalia for some narley tattoos.   It’s always something isn’t it!

Why is he a well dressed coach you ask?  Perhaps it is the sport…?  Maybe, maybe not.  I really think it has to do with the University and it’s culture.  Ohio State is a prestigious school known for its winning sports.  Not to say USC isn’t, but Southern California isn’t Ohio.  I don’t know what there is to do in Toledo, Ohio….but it’s not LA, I bet you people live and breathe college sports more so than any dedicated Trojan fan in Los Angeles.  At least Trojan fans go the movies or hit the beach… not so much in Ohio.

5.Paulo Sousa- Videoton FC (Hungary)

What is it about Portuguese men and style?  Wait.  What is it about European men, soccer and style? Seriously, it has to do with the fact that they are from an entirely different country or maybe that the good ol’ US of A has none when it comes to sports?  Meh, I just think it’s because these are sexy guys with accents coaching a foreign sport.

Paulo is well-known for coaching Swansea City A.F.C. (South Wales), Leicester City F.C. (English) and now coaches in the Hungary League.  What a globetrotter. Needless to say, it seems like it reflects his style. His colored sweaters, dark fitted suites, pea-coats with brightly colored buttons and scarfs, it legit looks like he could strut down a Marc Jacobs runaway show in Milan.  Total GQ yo.  The magazine made them their 37th best dressed man in Britain in 2011.  Obviously, he could just resort to wearing a sweater or wind breaker like some other soccer coaches out there who are standing out there in those cold uncovered fields in sometimes miserable weather, but naw, not Paulo.  Always rocking his dapper attire and giving into his love for Armani, Paulo is the classiest and best dressed soccer coach out there.  You don’t really see that soo much in other sports…










Forgive me for not picking a NHL or NBA coach because frankly, they look the same to me.  Plus the coaches in the NHL are always standing behind the bench and players….how in the hell am I supposed to see what they are wearing? But from what I can tell, they all wear the same dark suit and light-colored tie combo.  No one has ever really stood out from the rest or rocked some shiny jewelry.    Not discriminating against the suit and tie ensemble, very classy, but it can get tedious and down right dull.  The only fashionista to come out of the NHL is Barry Melrose, dude looks like a mobster with those black pin stripped suits and slicked back hair.  Love it.  But Barry hasn’t been a coach in a long time, plus he didn’t start dressing like a badass mobster until he became an NHL analyst on ESPN.  Thanks ESPN!

So here is my conclusion when comparing and contrasting these fashion forward and fashion retarded coaches.  One could assume that a highly watched sport would have coaches wanting to look their best.  Yea, not so much. Case and point: Belichick.  The dude has been to how many super bowls?  The Superbowl, one of the most watched television events of the year.  Gimme a break dude.  When it comes down to it, it is the sport and the culture.

NFL is a violent and dirty sport that takes place outside in sometimes not so great weather. Yes sweatshirts, windbreakers and beanies are sometimes a necessity but can be presented in a classy and clean fashion.   You would think New England would produce a classy American Revolutionary coach, but no, you get a dude with cutoffs. All Americans love their professional sports but never really consider the cultural pride behind them. Every sport contains a level of pride, especially representing where your team comes from, but American football (sad to say) is shameless. It really is all about the benjamins in the pros.  Americans only care about the popularity and the winning in professional sports not because it depends on their livelihood (unless they are a professional athlete, coach or owner) but because it’s fun, exciting and just makes life better, even if it costs over $100 bucks for a nosebleed seat.  NFL Fans do care about their team and their players, but they aren’t as genuinely connected as they could be.  How genuinely connected can you get to a money-grubbing conglomerate?

College sports give fans with the same fun just like the pros but have a bit more pageantry, more pride and cultural importance.  No matter if it is football or basketball, college sports is more pure because “in theory” is not about the money.  These are kids playing, not adults.  College athletes have yet to be screwed up by the world.  College coaches are more than just coaches to these athletes, students and fans…. they are family.  These dabber dressed coaches (minus Kiffin) represent more than the sport, they represent an entire family filled with tradition, pride and innocence.  A dingy dressed college coach would be down right disrespectful.  The only reason Kiffin gets away with his boring snuggle white attire is because of the city his team resides in.  Los Angeles is one of the chillest places in the country.  USC does indeed have tradition, but nobody can ever get over the fact that its sunny Southern California…forget that visor man and dismal run of a season, relax bra, just hit the beach.

Soccer takes the project runway cake fasho.  Perhaps because it is a foreign sport and people across the pond have better fashion sense…common decency..? I would assume that since these soccer coaches are closer to the heart of fashion, therefore come into contact with more fashionistas, their fashion sense is taken to new heights.  It was hard to just pick one but apparently Paulo Sousa was the easy choice because he openly talks about his love for fashion.  Even though these coaches are consistently outside standing on the cold grass, yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs hundreds of yards away to get their players’ attention, they still look good doing it.  The biggest distinction between these coaches’ fashion sense is the culture.  Soccer isn’t an American sport and never will be.  It was invented in Europe and is the most popular sport in the world, except in America.  There are Americans that love soccer and there is a somewhat popular league bringing David Beckham to the LA Galaxy, but soccer is still not the country’s sport.  Popular American sports are never going to adopt the styles of a foreign sport because USA is filled with too much pride.  Kudos to European soccer coaches and their fashion forward trendy style, making the rest of the coaches of the world look bad, but hey that is the last Armani shoe drops I guess…

It would be nice for American coaches to take a hint and take fashion more seriously, especially when our attention is on them 25% of time.  Don’t let that attention go to waste boys.  Even if you are an amazing coach with outstanding credentials, I think you can still make a little time out of your busy schedules to take a shower, comb your hair and put on a nice outfit not just for you, but for your team, your town, your city, your sport.  Appearances aren’t everything, but sometimes they can make or break a first impression.  When it comes to any team sport and it’s time to go up against your opponent, it’s all about looking intimidating, overpowering and giving off that aggressive attitude that will win the game.  And if by chance one of those players, or even coaches, on the opposing team takes one look at their competition, a dumpy looking coach with sleeves cut off and goofy white beanie, I think that intimidation might be dunzo.



Shine on you fashionista coaches you!

Tebow was Played

How much worse can this get for this god squadder?  Now he got his own locker room talking smack about him.  I can’t help but feel bad for this guy.  What did Tebow ever do?  He is just there to play the game and help the team win, which they haven’t been doing much of this season.  Didn’t Skip Bayliss call Tebow a Play Maker?  Well his plays aren’t being made Skip, not one bit.

There is more and more talks of who to start this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams for this ailing New York Jets Team.  Shitty Mark Sanchez or bench warmer Tim Tebow.  I mean, is this a contest or a matter of pride?

Acquiring Tebow seemed to erupt some good publicity and attention for the Jets but now continues to remind coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson why they ever made the trade in the first place.    Why trade for a player who you are never going to use?   Tebow is still giving the Jets publicity, but it ain’t good.  Stemming from this girl drama happening in the locker room, Quarterback Mark Sanchez’s sucking ass, while Rex Ryan refusing to discuss the missing Tebow factor, the Jets seem well on their way to a NFL nervous breakdown.

Everybody seems to want to point the finger to the boys upstairs, particularly Woody Johnson.  I mean, it makes sense.  Rex Ryan is merely taking orders and if he makes his own orders outside the jurisdiction of Johnson, Rex would be fired, come on now.  Who is in control is this situation?  Shouldn’t it be Woody?  Making this huge public display over Tebow is not only going to waste but is working against them in the worst way possible.

Isn’t the point in any team in any sport to win?  All I do is win mothafuckers!  Yea No, not the Jets.  Mark Sanchez is not winning, at all.  At the beginning of the season, Sanchez was asked to comment on the Jet’s addition of Tebow, “Selling seats, man.”  I guess your selling the seats “man” but for how long?  What is going to happen when the Jets axe Tebow and are left with no backup quarterback because god forbid they are going to stick with useless Sanchez next year.

Tebow just wants to play man, give him a chance.  What do the Jets have to lose?  Freaking NOTHING!  They are already losing and bringing more and more embarrassment to themselves.  Starting Tebow or letting him play a quarter would at least shut up those Tebow squadders and could possibly stop some of this unnecessary drama the Jets seem to be relentlessly diving back into over and over again.  Rex Ryan isn’t helping the situation at all.  Is it just me or  Rex Ryan is getting less jolly with his weight loss, maybe because his team has been on a downward spiral since he cut out the Twinkies.

Team Tebow yo, at least until the Jets play him for more than 2 minutes.  Roll the dice with this Gator, if he fails he fails.  No loss there.  Then you can start up Dirty Sanchez again and really see how the season plays out.  Merry Christmas Rex.  My gift to you is  a new job….and maybe some mallomars.

How to put the F in UCLA

Well well well the Bruins are really living up to their Baby Blue color.  UCLA is stooping to some selfish, and idiotic, lows to make this Saturday’s game against their big town LA rival, USC, a safer and secure environment to promote more sportsmanship among fans.  Well if that is the case, then why is UCLA pulling out all the stops to make USC look like the bad guy?  Why is UCLA making empty threats to USC, challenging and undermining their long-held traditions?

I’ll tell you why.  UCLA is falsely promoting sportsmanship when in fact it is mere disguise to wipe out the integrity and pride of USC.  UCLA told USC that their drum major, Tommy Trojan, would not be allowed to stick the sword in the midfield “UCLA” logo during USC’s pregame band performance prior to kickoff.  The routine, which always goes to Tommy Trojan (the drum major), has been a part of USC’s pre-game routine for decades…i dunno, like 40 YEARS.  An individual in the UCLA athletic department told Chris Foster of The Los Angeles Times that should the drum major choose to stab UCLA’s logo, the USC band will not perform at halftime.   Well, that sounds mature.

“In the spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship and at the request of the UCLA athletic department, the USC marching band drum major will not stab the field before the game Saturday,” USC said in a statement released Tuesday.  I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that UCLA has lost 12 of 13 to the Trojans, including a 50-0 loss last November that sealed Rick Neuheisel’s fate. But …..oh have the times have changed: UCLA is 8-2, atop the Pac-12 South Division, ranked higher than the Trojans and USC is no longer allowed to just stab away at the Rose Bowl’s field like Michael Meyers in Halloween.

The only dignity USC has left this season is being a lousy 4 point favor and upholding their traditions, their pride, their school spirit.  What is a college team without tradition?  Probably not a fun one. What are UCLA’s traditions again?   Putting the F in UCLA right?  Oh wait, that is USC’s…my bad.

I guess there is somewhat of a back story to how all this absurdity came to be.  When the game was played in 2010 at the Rose Bowl, multiple brawls in the parking lot erupted before the game, and two people were stabbed.  It was one of several high profile fan violence incidences in Los Angeles, a list that  unfortunately continues to grow and grow.  

Earlier this year, both UCLA and USC, as well as professional sports teams, institutions and venues, adopted the Los Angeles Sports Council’s Southern California Code of Conduct. It is outlined on the UCLA athletics website.  Go figure…..all of this violence occurred at The ROSE BOWL, not the Coliseum, all this violence is outlined on the UCLA website.  I hate to point fingers but UCLA is making it really hard not to.

Yes, the planting of the sword is a violent act itself but it is tradition.  Would you tell Colorado that they are no longer allowed to run out with the Buffalo on the field or the Oklahoma Sooners to shoot their muskets?  I don’t think so.  Just because the Trojan represents a warrior who happens to rock a sword and shield, why punish a school for the tradition that only harms the groundskeepers?  Interestingly enough, all of this violence has only went down under UCLA’s watch.

There were no brawls on USC’s home court Coliseum last year or the times before, so why punish the Trojans when they come to the Rose Bowl?  Yes, fans will get rowdy especially when they are home town rivals and it is hard to blame one side or the other for the violence because it is probably equally instigated by fans decked out in cardinal or baby blue.  But UCLA is taking this sportsmanship to extreme and quite possibly dangerous lengths.

A school so dedicated to making their sporting arena a friendly place and endorsing sportsmanship is sure making a decision that WILL create more violence and intensity among fans.  Taking away your rival’s traditions is not the answer.  It is merely going to piss everybody off.  You sure as hell aren’t going to bring out the best in both teams.  The rivalry should be held with graciousness and class but come on!  This is Football not the Chess Club, it is going to get nasty among the players and the fans because it is one of the most violent sports in this country.












Does this prove that UCLA are babies?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I just don’t get why there is so much sensitivity all of a sudden.  Has this been an oppressive action that UCLA has been living with these last 40 years and just haven’t said anything?  Are the complaints mounting and mounting to the point where UCLA’s Athletic Director Guerrero has to do something to appease the whiny alumni?  Or is this possibly a PR ploy to get the fans and media all riled up for the big rivalry.

Hate to break it to you Bruins, but you are ranked higher than USC this year, you actually have a real shot of BEATING the Trojans and basking in the glory of  being Los Angeles’ college football team.  The Trojans are on the decline and UCLA knows it.  This Trojan fan just wants to put the blame on UCLA because it’s easy and it feels just too damn good.  But safety is always an important issue in any sporting event and measure should always be taken into great length to ensure everyone’s safety, both players and the fans.  The Bruins are just making this a “ME” issue and taking it away from the Trojans.

This isn’t about defacing or disrespecting UCLA, it is about USC’s pride and football tradition.  It is to get the band going and get the fans excited to watch their team take the field.  The sword is planted in the center of the field, it has nothing to do with the placement of the logo…that would just get too complicated.  It is a shame to reduce the rivalry to this.  Hopefully this new sportsmanship resonates with all the fans….because it is the ultimate lesson to be learned in any sport…but realistically, it seems like the USC fans will instead tear the Rose Bowl apart.  I just wish i could be there to hear the “U-C-L-A Sucks song,” it is going to be beyond loud and roaring all throughout Pasadena.

“FIGHT ON…..but safely (and without swords)

Ladies and Gents, Meet the New Lakers…..again

The Los Angeles Lakers just can’t seem to make up their mind.  This last weekend was filled with indecision, drama and impatience.  The brilliant Jim Buss and company decided to hire Mike D’Antoni over…..DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Phil Jackson?! Cue the dramatic music, it’s been playing all week in LA.  With the hiring of Mike Brown last year I thought the Lakers were already starting anew……but not soo fast….we got another new coach in town….dang……that was fast.

Why is this such a big freaking deal? Oh wait, BECAUSE.  Los Angeles brought this upon themselves and no thanks to the never-ending nosey media.  This situation was completely blown out of proportion and has seemed to create such a stir in sports media, that this hot topic is the ONLY thing everybody has been talking about the last week.  What happened?  Did the NFL stop playing games?  Did College Football forfeit the rest of the season?  No wonder Jeff Gordon and his crew started a massive brawl in the pit, they felt that NASCAR was getting shafted by ESPN’s constant flow of Phil Jackson and Lakers updates, they needed to start something to get everyone else’s attention.  GO NASCAR.  ShooOOOooooot.

With such talent on the roster and a championship reputation to uphold…..or at least a championship LA can realistically dream about…it is no wonder the Lakers suddenly tossed Mike Brown to the curb and scrambled to find a new coach as quickly as possible.  Here is a thought, why didn’t you recruit a new coach before you fired the other one?  Isn’t that what a professional does?  Wouldn’t you think this whole mess and media attention could have been avoided?  Meh, probably not, this is LA, this is Kobe’s team.  A coach of a championship caliber team fired at the beginning of a dismal season…yea that is pretty newsworthy.  It could have just been done in a more professional and timely manner boys, come on now.  You just had to strategically plan and execute.  This isn’t rocket science, you can use some common sense here. 


Phil Jackson is old and retired.  He left a game a while ago, the game he happily left behind holding one of the greatest coaching reputations the game has ever seen, so obviously he would only return if the price was right.  A price he should be able to negotiate to favor his aging needs and brilliant mind, a price that would win Los Angeles a Championship they have been wanting for some time now.  Sadly, the men upstairs (VP Jim Buss, General Manger Mitch Kupchak, and the barley present President Jerry Buss) are trying to get their team under control but unfortunately under the relentless scrutiny and close watch of a city starving for a championship, a city that has very high expectations, so high that perhaps those expectations will never be met.  Phil Jackson would have “somewhat” met those expectations because he has won championships for the Lakers in the past.  But that still doesn’t guarantee a championship.

But LA wouldn’t be LA without those expectations.  The city simply expects the best.  Just look at the Lakers roster.  A roster filled with soo much talent they don’t even know what to do with themselves.  That talent seems to have gone to waste in the pre-season and nobody wants to see a talented team lose to the Golden State Warriors.  Laker’s star Kobe Bryant seems to be happy with the coaching change, “To be honest, I said D’Antoni was my first choice because I didn’t even know Phil was going to be an option,” Bryant said. “And then Jimmy’s the one that brought up Phil’s name. I didn’t even know that was a consideration. They said, ‘Well it is, and I want to know how you feel about it.’ I said ‘I love it’ and that was it. They knew my two guys that I liked. If one didn’t work out obviously with Phil, they knew that they had my approval to pull the trigger on the other one.”

Well of course Kobe has to say that.  Who wants to be labeled the team douche….oh wait….its Kobe.  He can do whatever the f*ck he wants, it’s clearly his team.  I am just glad Jim Buss consulted Kobe about the deal, that is a true friend right there.  Wish Phil could say the same.  That is going to be an awkward Thanksgiving at the Buss household.  Will Phil Jackson even be invited even though he has been shacking up with Jeannie Buss for years? Whose going to be sitting at the head of the table boys? Soo tense but probably soo entertaining.

But the more important question here is: What exactly is the Lakers’ vision for the Lakers?  Yes we all know winning is on the mind and forever will be in this town, but can’t we give enough time for a team to rebuild and grow?  I guess not.  With an aging team with no bench, there is no time.  Maybe Los Angeles just wants to go big or go home.  It’s not such a terrible mantra but it can get exhausting and just down right annoying.  I think all of LA just needs to take a chill pill and give this so-called “offensive genius” D’Antoni a chance.  Who is ready to riot? 

However, if D’Antoni doesn’t take the Lakers to at least the Conference Finals, Dwight Howard will opt out as a free agent and probably kiss the Lakers goodbye.  Unless D’Antoni impresses the pants off Dwight and the rest of team, possibly rejuvenating the bench with Space Jam’s Michael Jordan Water, then the town can start talking.  Another pressing factor is Kobe.  The Black Mamba be old.  Along with newly acquired Steve Nash, Kobe has a good two years left in those aging knees.  Two years starting from now.  Is that enough LA?


It is a bit naïve to fully support your city’s team and all the decisions management makes.   This is a democratic country, we ain’t shutting up.  It should be everybody’s job to question management especially when they are making contentious actions.  I don’t really agree with the Lakers’ decision to immediately fire and hire a coach (What are we the Yankees?) but I am going to support them because let’s be honest…support is all they need now from their fans.  An old and ailing Lakers need their fans’ consistent support to get through this difficult transition and hopefully start producing some winning results.  If you are the type of fan that just needs to see results NOW, go jump on the Clipper bandwagon.

No Joy in TrojanLand

Well here is to another loss for the once no.1 ranked USC Trojans.  At least it was against an incredibly talented opponent who is competing for the BCS National Championship.  But it’s hard to take a loss to same Oregon team the Trojans beat last year, an Oregon team that has all same star power and potential the Trojans have.  So what the hell is going on?

Could it be the khaki wearing white visor head let’s hide behind my laminated play card Kiffin?  Could it be the Trojans head coach who is messing up what should have been a stellar season?  Is it fair to just blame one guy?  Hell no, but it’s easier and takes away the pain of a failure…..well…just for a bit anyways.

The Trojans have become a three loss disaster, plagued with mounting penalties and shame.  The team set historic lows with Oregon last week for both years (730) and points (62) allowed.  And after one of the ugliest nights the Coliseum has ever seen, USC has fallen to fifth place in the Pac-12 Conference, ranked behind city rival UCLA in the BCS and appear destined for the Holiday Bowl.   The Bruins!?!?!?  The Holiday Bowl??!?!  OMG, WTF happened to this team?!

Sports Illustrated Magazine asked Kiffin how much of the blame should be placed on him and the coaching staff, Kiffin reluctantly responded saying, “All of it.”  GOOD.  Because it is.  No DUH.  The team’s performance hasn’t matched the talent all season.  It is such an embarrassment.  It really feels like a riches to rags story.

To be fair Kiffin has had to deal with harsh NCAA violations coming into the job, which includes a two-year bowl ban and 30 scholarships revoked for the next three years.  Hmmm, funny.  This is the first season the scholarship restrictions kicked in.  A sign?  Thank GOD Kiffin recognizes the talent running through his program, “”With the players that we have, we should not be 6-3,” Kiffin said on his Sunday conference call with USC beat writers. “There’s only one person for that to fall on — that’s me as the head coach.”

Maybe Kiffin wasn’t the best choice for USC.  Just look at his track record, it ain’t so swell with a career record 36-31.   The Raiders fired him and Tennessee University named their sewage system after he bailed on the Vols football program to head back to sunny SoCal.  He was only at Tennessee for one season!  Kiffin is 0-3 against Stanford, one of the most inexcusable defeats this year. The Trojans also lost to an Arizona State team last season that fired its coach and earlier this season fell to an Arizona squad that UCLA beat 66-10 on Saturday.  The BRUINS again!?!?!

Quarterback Matt Barkley doesn’t seem to be improving and his NFL draft stock is going nowhere but down.  SC’s defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin (Lane Kiffin’s old man) is just soo beyond bad there are no words to describe it.  Apparently the old man gets paid $1.5 million a year.  Good GOD.  That money is better earned by the water boy than him.  The Gatorade bins and water cups are always filled promptly, the defense on the other hand would be lucky to finish a game with the glass half full.

Funny to think that Kiffin voted his team no.1 in the preseason coaches poll has now fallen to no. 21.  Apparently Kiffin’s childish and immature antics that defined his tenure at Tennessee have returned.  Already he has lied about participating in the coaches poll vote in the preseason, pulled off jersey changes to trick the Colorado Buffalos and banned a local beat writer for reporting injuries…..hmmm what would that be called?  Oh yeah! Honest Reporting!

Sad to think Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian, head coach at Washington, were both the Golden Boys under Pete Carroll.  Now look at them.  Stevie if flying high at Washington and Kiffin is a hot SoCal mess.  Kiffin has a 3-8 record against ranked college football opponents.  Is it too much to ask how Kiffin got to USC in the first place?  Was our football program that desperate to scramble and find a coach?

Kiffin can recruit, no doubt about it but, sad to say, it just doesn’t match his actual coaching abilities.  The Trojans clearly don’t lack talent.  They just lack discipline.  Just count how many penalties the team has already accumulated.  They lead the nation by a landslide, averaging at least 10 penalties a game.  It’s pathetic.   Some say Kiffin cares more about appearance and style than substance.  Maybe he doesn’t have the patience or maturity to be head coach.

Things will most likely get worse next year for the Trojans before they get better.  USC has two more seasons with a loss of 10 scholarship players.  Should SC get rid of Kiffin?  Not yet.  They can’t.  Who else is out there?  I say give the visor wearing khaki loving coach another year.  See if he can salvage what is left of USC football pride.  I mean, can next year get any worse?

Next year won’t be worse than this year because the expectations won’t nearly be as high.  The Trojans are not going to start the season as no.1, HELL, they might not even be ranked in the top 25.  And they shouldn’t, they don’t deserve it, which might be a good thing.  Starting off the season with low expectations might be the best thing to ever happen to the Trojans.  If you’re at the bottom there is nowhere to go but UP right?  I think it will help the players grow, learn from their mistakes and become a team that doesn’t rest on the glamour, the hype, the so-called “style” that Kiffin is supposedly accustomed to.  The real question is: Can the team do it without Kiffin? Better yet: Does the team want to do it without Kiffin?

With his previous coaching jobs producing failed seasons, Kiffin keeps on surprising us by landing better jobs despite never accomplishing much.  After this travesty of a season, will Kiffin still land a better job than USC head coach?  Better yet, will Kiffin ever get USC out of this disgustingly embarrassing mess?  It seems very unlikely that Kiffin will ever see the light of day.    Well, at least not while he is hiding behind that play card.
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Panic Button

OMG the Lake Show won a game?!  Who knew it would only take them 12 games to get there.  The Lakers didn’t really start off the way they hoped. The Lakers are  1-2.


And now they are without their star point guard, Steve Nash, who hurt his ankle last game against the Dallas Mavericks.   LA fans have already hit the panic button and don’t really know what to make of the season.

Nash’s injury is always going to be a problem, especially when his trade (along with Dwight Howards) was so public and ::ahem:: ridiculously awesome.  But the dude is old, he is 38.  He is up in the ranks with Derek Jeter on the New York Yankees, a classic and great player who just never wants to quit the game.  Nash is only going to play 20-25 minutes a game, maybe play a total of 60 games rather than 80…..dude, the guy has some mileage.  We are going to need more than duct tape to help Nash’s (Lakers) “speedy” recovery.


The biggest reason to panic is the Lakers themselves.   Their offense and defense to start.  Good GOD the bench is terrible, being outscored by every bench in the league by at least 10 points or more.  And maybe we can put head coach Mike Brown into the mix.  Mike Brown is trying to instill a “Princeton” offense (whatever the hell that means).  Is this new offense absurd and completely pointless?  Maybe.  It clearly isn’t working out for anyone on the team.  Can we just go back to the good ‘ol pick and roll.  Don’t you think those newly acquired prized players would murder on the Pick and Roll offense?

And why is it called the “Princeton” offense?  Did it originate in Princeton?  Because we all know only superb athletics and talented players come out of the Ivy Leagues.

Unfortunately for Mitch Kupchack and Laker fans alike aren’t getting the results they are used to: winning.  Sadly, you can’t just throw these awesome talented players together and pray it is going to work.  Chemistry needs to be built.  Who knows how long that will take.  Hopefully not much longer because my eyes are starting to hurt just watching these painful games.  Mike Brown better stop looking like Randy Jackson from American Idol and start looking like a better coach. For starters, choose a better offense Brown.








Sounds like the Lakers are going to have issues for a while.  Kobe is literally only going to play for another 2 years tops, Dwight will opt out next year as a free agent if he isn’t happy, Nash will retire, Metta World Peace will change his name to Generation Apocolypse and Pau Gasol will be the only remaining Laker who can remember the good ‘ol days of championship rings and parades.  Sounds like a fate worse than getting Lebron in a Laker Jersey.