Good Riddance to the Bitch

YES.  Andrew Bynum is gone and we got Dwight Howard.  Maybe dreams really do come true…….

I just had to make a post about this amazing trade, more amazing that Bynum is gone and is never coming back.  I have never really agreed with Stephen A. Smith and am more partial to side with Skip Bayliss on ESPN’s First Take.  But this time, Bayliss is sadly…. sadly mistaken.

Just watch the clip displaying the intense argument over the bitch that is Andrew Bynum, titled  “Kareem Questions Bynum’s Commitment.”

In case you missed the fast paced reading of ESPN anchors, here is Kareem’s quote for you to get the full effect of the Bitch that is Andrew Bynum: “Andrew has been up and down on that issue. There are times he wants to play, do a great job and he goes out and does it.  Then here are other times where it seems like he’s not focused….When I first started working with him, he was eager to learn.  He appreciated me shortening the learning curve.  Once he figured he did everything he wanted to do in terms of learning, he didn’t want me to bother him constantly going over the fundamentals.”

Love me some Stephen A. Smith right about now.  He is COMPLETELY right.  WTF Skip?  Where do you get off questioning the word and talent of a basketball legend?  There is just no reasonable logic in defending the Bitch that is Bynum.  He clearly isn’t up to the level that is six-time NBA champion Kareem Abdul Jabbar and has obviously demonstrated a bratty attitude when playing for the Lake Show.  He clearly doesn’t want to listen to any advice from a NBA hall of fame player, who just wants to help him grow and become a better player.  Are you now the better player Bynum??  You don’t need any other outside help??  Why did he even show up to practice if he is soo damn good?  He was obviously above everybody else :/

Why have to deal with a temperamental douche who doesn’t want to play with one of the best basketball players in the game?  Shaq and Kobe hated each other towards the end despite winning some championship rings…and THAT animosity and tension didn’t negatively affect Shaq’s hustle and attitude.  He came to play and WON.

If Bynum was a professional, he would have swallowed his tongue and listened to what Kareem had to say.  You would listen and RESPECT what the legend had to say.  RESPECT is not a quality the Bitch has and probably will never have.  He could have been great with the Lakers, but his heart was never in it.

I don’t want to hope for Bynum to fail in Philadelphia….but it would be nice for some one to slap him silly.  All that potential and talent needs to go somewhere….and it sadly went nowhere in LA.  I only say “nowhere” because Bynum was putting up good numbers.   Despite those solid numbers, his bad attitude was just so palpable it became just frustrating to watch him play and watch his negative emotions seep into the team’s mentality.  His ungrateful attitude overshadowed his god given talent in LA.  After the playoff loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last year, the Bitch Bynum told the press that he “would play for any team” next season.  WTF dude?  I guess we don’t want you here either, you ungrateful douche.  Get out of here and never come back.  Have fun re-creating the Rocky jog up those steps and chilling with the Liberty Bell.  Hey there is something you are definitely familiar with…… objects that are smaller than they actually appear.  HMMMmmmm…. explains so much……..

Good riddance to the bitchy ungrateful disrespectful rubbish.

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