They’re Here……….

The time has come……the Trojans must avenge their SEC enemies and take back what truly belongs to them.


Did the NCAA sanctions cripple this football program??  I think not motha fuckas!!!!!!!

ESPN ranked the unfazed Trojans at number 1 in their Power Rankings.  Say waaaaaaaat?  Matty Barkley, who skipped out on entering the NFL as a number 1 draft pick to stay for his senior year (what is going to be an amazing comeback year for the Trojans), is obviously a Heisman trophy favorite.  Suck it Mark Emmert and your useless NCAA punishments 😛

The Trojans haven’t risen from the dead.  Sorry NCAA, but they were never dead.  These last two years have just been a hibernation to reconstruct and solidify their college football dynasty.  “Our goal was just to maximize the situation we were put in,” USC coach Lane Kiffin said. “We didn’t know exactly what that’s going to mean.”  Damn right your going to maximize the situation.  





Maximize it soo much that SC went ahead and snatched up Penn State’s star running back Silas Redd after the Nittany Lions were slapped with one of the “harshest” NCAA punishments.  MHHmmmmmm we will see about that Penn State.  We will see……




In 2010, USC was slapped with what I believe are THE harshest NCAA sanctions:

• A postseason ban in football following the 2010 and 2011 seasons. If we win this year then who the F*ck cares.

• A loss of 30 total football scholarships over the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.  Ouchies……

• A vacation of all football victories starting in December 2004 and running through the 2005 season. This includes the national championship win over Oklahoma on Jan. 4, 2005. RETARDED

• All statistics vacated for Bush, Mayo and women’s tennis athlete Gabriela Niculescu in the games which the NCAA deemed them ineligible due to rules violations. Meh…….

• Bush and Mayo must be disassociated from USC athletics.  Sad Face.

• An acceptance of USC’s self-imposed penalties on its basketball program, which included a forfeiture of all wins in 2007-2008 and a one-year postseason ban.  POINTLESS

• All titles won during ineligible games must be vacated and trophies and banners must be removed. RETARDED

• A vacation of wins in the women’s tennis program from May 2006 to May 2009, for long-distance telephone violations committed by a student-athlete.  We have a tennis team?

• A reduction of recruiting days for the men’s basketball program in 2010-2011.  Who cares?

• Four years of probation. UGH

HMMMMMmmmm not looking so bad huh Penn State :/

Kiffin just made the right moves.  He effectively delayed scholarship limits, making this season filled with experienced veteran players who are going to be competing for the National Championship.  BOOYAH.  Kiffin strategically signed players that would play at SC for at least three years or more.  “We signed a kicker, a punter and a snapper so that we wouldn’t have to for the next four years,” Kiffin said.  “You’ve got scholarship players at the three specialist positions,” Kiffin said. “My point is that isn’t for this year. That’s for a long time. That’s why it’s so big. Those guys are either sophomores or redshirt freshmen. They still have three or four years.”  Redshirt those fools like there is no tomorrow!  Kiffin, I love this long-term plan playa! 😀

As the scholarship reductions take a greater toll on football enrollment the next two seasons, USC will likely start feeling the NCAA bitch slap.  But hey!  At least they will still be polishing their Championship Crystal Ball and Heisman Trophy chillin’ in Heritage Hall.  Can NOT wait for September 1st baby, BEAT THE WARRIORS!!!!!!

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