Is the Lake Show dunzo?

Well Well Well looks like the Lake Show may not be dunzo after all?  Steve Nash is a pretty nice addition to this ailing Los Angeles team.  But is he the ultimate solution?

As much as a I love the alien look a like Steve Nash and all his point guard slick nasty moves, he is still NOT the solution for the Lake Show.  The Lakers are in far much more trouble than they want to lead on.  The problems are still there and from the looks of it, will be there for a while.

The Lakers have no bench.  No, seriously.  Nothing.  If you watched any of the Laker Western Conference Final games at all, you know exactly what I am talking about.  The Lakers have no money.  With all the dinero they had left I guess we can assume it went to Mr. Nash.  Paul Gasol, sad to say, must go.  He is the only somewhat “valuable” player we could trade to get someone valuable in return.  Besides, we would rather not pay out the rest of his contract to give those Laker Girls some shake weights for X-mas.

Good GOD do I wish we could trade Bynum for the ridiculously huge center Dwight Howard.  But, it sounds like Dwight only wants to suit up in Brooklyn or bust.  Bynum is a bitch.  Plain and simple.  He is like the anger spoiled teenager who acts out when he doesn’t get to go out past curfew.  Who wants that in the NBA?  Bynum, be grateful that you are playing for one of the best championship caliber teams and playing alongside one of the greatest players to ever hit the court…..but you won’t…..because you an anger lil bitch.  Grow up.  Where is Derek Fisher when you need him?  Talk some Papa Bear sense into his Big head.




The one player we all were hoping and praying would return to the Lake Show, Lamar Odom, went to the next best LA team, the Clippers.  I don’t know about you but I think Lam Lam is going to destroy with the Clippers.  Even though he is coming off his worst season, everyone believes that he is confident in returning to LA and playing his absolute best……bringing that purple and gold champ style to the Clipper court.  He was sixth man of the year when the Lakers decided to trade him.  I can’t wait to see Mitch Kupchack and Jim Buss pulling out their eye lashes this coming season…..

Will the Lake Show be served?    Maybe by Ray Allen and the championship Heat team……or quite possibly Jeremy Lin and the Rockets?  I think the Lake show can stomach to lose to those teams but losing their city to their own neighborhood rivals? Now that calls for some serious upchucking.


4 thoughts on “Is the Lake Show dunzo?

  1. Is Steve Nash the answer to the Lakers problems No…but they are heading the right direction. They scraped up all the money they have to get Nash, and Nash would not turn down this opportunity for him to get that ring he always wanted. He even turn down a contract where the lonely Toronto Raptors were offering him more money. But for reals Lakers are giving up to many things for a player pass his prime. Nash can provide many things for the lakers and give them a true point guard but he is 37 years old and lakers gave up to many draft picks. Can the Lakers contend with the Thunders, Spurs, HEats, and Celtics I dont know we can only hope. I dont think the lakers can afford to trade gasol because after last year playoffs his trade value certainly went down. I agree Bynum is a huge baby and doesnt appreciate to play for one of the greatest franchise in all of sports. But really you got to pick your poison keep Bynum and take your chances with his weak ass knees or try to get Howard and take your chances with his bad back. Howard will go to the lakers but Lakers need to offer him a long term contract and he will be a laker. Only reason he wants to go to the nets its because they have the money to afford him. Hope Odom has a great year with the clips. and if he does have a great year i think we can all petition to get rid of mitch kupchak out of LA because he certainly not doing anything to help the lakers future.

    • Nash just chose the Lakers to stay close to his kids. In actuality, he should have went to the Knicks or Raptors where he was going to get far more perks and money. Damn kids, always gotta be something :/

  2. The Lakers were done as soon as they ran into the Thunder. And don’t forget the TWolves, Clippers, and even the Nuggets pushed the Lakers to the brink. In an 82 game season, the Lakers will be grateful to contend.

    • The Nuggets DID almost take out the Lake Show. SIGH. I know the Lakers should be grateful to even contend, but this is Los Angeles, we have seen way too many championships in our time and need to see more. We want to see the money!!!

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