What to make of the almighty SEC……?

To many (many being those who only live in the south-east and bum dizzle boondocks towns), the SEC is the greatest  and most prestigious conference in college football.  Yes it is the most winningest conference but does that make them the best?  Yea maybe but there are so many other factors that us sports fans must consider.

One factor is Mary Jane.  The Pot, the Ganga, the Herb, the Green, the Bud, the Marijuana.  It has been recently disclosed by ESPN that players testing positive for marijuana in the mighty SEC do not face a one year suspension that comes from getting busted by the NCAA.  These crazy focused and dedicated players routinely get third, fourth and even with chances before they get booted off their beloved team.  Count ’em.  FIVE.  Well that’s a relief.  We need our players to get a nice inhale and exhale with em drugas to feel the full effect.  Can’t have that marijuana go to waste now you hear!  Failing drug tests administered by the NCAA result in a suspension.  Say it ain’t so, is the SEC gonna receive the bad news bears consequences??!

The findings come from the Associated Press who examined the drug policies of 11 current members of the SEC, which all have far more lenient drug penalties than the NCAA.  Really?  Than the NCAA.  The National Collegiate Athletic Association who is in charge of all the sports programming in Universities and Colleges alike?  Who do the NCAA think they are to come between the SEC and their championships?  That’s just crazy talk.

Apparently the NCAA is in no position to provide intervention throughout the school year but the actual schools are.  Thankfully, schools rely on their own philosophies and needs to set their drug testing policies, which are “complimentary” to those of the NCAA.  Ugh.  You got to be kidding me.  The SEC school’s policies focus more on recreational drugs because marijuana isn’t considered recreational at all.  Strictly performance enhancing……. DUH.  Will the smoke clear?  Probably not.  But it’s the players that desperately need the discipline from papa bear to learn from their mistakes and begin to act like the professional athlete they want to be. 

Aside from their outrageously idiotic drug policies, the one redeeming quality about the SEC is that they support the proposed PLAYOFF system.  The SEC took an official stand on the proposed four team playoff last week as school presidents and athletic directors voted unanimously to support having the four best teams play for the national title.  Sweet.

But here is the catch.  It WOULD make sense that the “best” powerhouse conference, which has won six consecutive Bowl Championship Series Titles, would want a playoff.  That gives the SEC the greatest chance to achieve ultimate college football glory, having two teams from the same conference compete against one another on any given year.  That would be just one big fat YAWN.  Those SEC games have been beyond boring, barely making touchdowns and winning games solely on field goals.  Is that competitive college football?  Wait, better re-phrase.  Is that the college football we want to see in the championship game??  Negative.

Unfortunately, it is not what all conferences want.  The Big Ten, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big East and the Pac 12 all want versions of a playoff that would guarantee some conference champions a shot at the title.  Every school obviously has their own agenda and will do what is best for their own schools/conferences.  I am not so sure that every individual school will look ahead to see the bigger picture at first, but over time, all we can do is pray that they do.  Especially the SEC.

The SEC needs to get off their high horse, swallow their southern pride and acknowledge that there are other conferences out there who play competitive college football.  Yes football players will smoke the reefer madness but good GOD, can we all have the same penalties and punishments?  Doesn’t that seem fair?  It’s just disgraceful to have a conference consider themselves above the rest just because they played a few championship teams who the BCS deemed competitive based on a computer program.  It’s especially shameful when you think you are the best after playing a team, a team in the same “powerful” conference, and making the championship game a field goal SNORE FEST.  Since having those less than stellar wins, the conference believes they can treat their athletes more leniently and let the bong hits rip.   That just doesn’t seem fair to us college football fans now, does it?  Sounds like somebody is drinking from the cheater cheater pumping eater kool aid.

2 thoughts on “What to make of the almighty SEC……?

  1. Sorry excuse for losers and haters. The SEC Rules. Make all the excuses you want, but fact is, our culture supports football more than yours ever will. It is ingrained in our culture, developed w/ a love since we were children. History, tradition, family. Pacific 12 kids smoke way more marijuana than south eastern. If you happen to win ONE national championship in the next 5 years, you’ll be saying your the best of the decade, idiot.

    • No worries there my friend. A Pac-12 team will win a National Championship game within the next five years, and probably score more than 12 points. WOW, more points put up by the quarterback than the kicker??!! Get outta town. Oh wait, you are.

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