Hop on this Bandwagon yo!

Following the Lake Show’s pathetic demise to OKC along with the overhyped Clipper Nation being swept under the rug and Albert Pujols’s less than perfect batting average producing only 3 home-runs,  LA sports are left in exhaustion and disappointment.  There is only one thing left for us Los Angelinos to do……..Jump on the Mighty KINGS Bandwagon y’all.

No seriously, there is a bandwagon we can jump on.  It looks like this….i guess the tradeoff for some car windows are hot white chicks……nice

It’s hard not to notice the LA Kings.  They are about the win their second playoff series against the Phoenix Coyotes (what a team name).  The Kings might actually make to the Stanley FREAKING Cup.  The Staples Center is in dire need of a new trophy and what better than the HOly Grail of Hockey?  And who has the coolest trophy?  Obviously the Stanley Cup, it’s just so regal and elegant with all its silver lining ingrained names, it just looks like it comes from royalty.  Fo-shizzle.

This is exciting shiz.  The Kings haven’t been to the Stanley Cup final since 1993.  SHOOOooooooOOOOt.  No way.  This is the best thing to happen to LA in a while.  Seriously.  With the majority of LA sports ailing, who wouldn’t jump on this LA KINGS bandwagon?

The eight-seeded Kings are on an unbelievable winning 11-2 streak with eight consecutive wins in the postseason, outscoring their opponents 37-17 and winning the first three games in each of their first three series.  The KINGS just have one win separating the team from heading back East to battle for the Stanley Cup.  Get Out Of Town Fools!

LA, let alone the west coast, hasn’t really jumped outta their seats for a hockey game since……well, maybe since ever (obvi MINUS Wayne Gretzky).   LA is just not a Hockey Town.  Hockey is a cold.  LA never gets cold.  The only ice we get is from the our coolers to put in our margaritas when we are chilling on the beach in our perpetual summer weather.  But with any sports team on the brink of competing for a championship, the city jumps on board.

I for one and glad to say I’m jumping on this bandwagon.  Hockey is awesome.  Sadly, it is a sport that needs to be experienced live.  Watching it on TV does it no justice.  The excitement, the speed, the fights.  It’s awesome.  With more on the line for the Kings, LA will become more and more decked out in white and black.  Peace out Purple and Gold.  Bow Down to the MIGHTY KINGS.

One thought on “Hop on this Bandwagon yo!

  1. hahaha Love this!!
    YEah I have jumped that bandwagon since they beat those canuckers lol I really hope they win it all! Hell its the only team left right now competing for a championship! Lakers and Clippers are done so Staples Center and the city of LA need a champ this year. And dont get me started with my angels and Pujous struggles because I am so disappointed =( hopefully they turn it around. Hey dodgers has the best record in baseball maybe they compete for a world series this year maybe I really hope not lol

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