Mayweather: Scum of the Earth

I unfortunately didn’t get to catch the showdown Saturday night between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, but it sounds like I didn’t miss all that much.

After there was a unanimous vote in favor of Mayweather, earning him the WBA super welterweight title and leaving him with a perfect 43-0 record, it isn’t hard to believe that many innocent remote controls were killed, shattered into hundreds of little plastic pieces because they were thrown against the wall.  Sorry Brave Little Toaster, there was good reason.  Floyd Mayweather is Scum of the Earth.

Yes, he deserves the title because he single-handedly won every game, quite possibly with a uber cheap shot to Ortiz last fight, but that is the game, I guess.  Floyd threw 179 punches while Cotto landed 105.  Yea, I guess the schmuck won.  What was truly nauseating was to hear that Floyd would be given 32 million dollars for this May 5th fight while Cotto would receive  a measly 8 million.  This is the largest pay cut in boxing history.  A guaranteed 32 million to good old Scum of the Earth.  Great.  Another reason for Mayweather to toot his own horn.

That money can’t buy him out of prison, that’s fasho.  But now with this money, he can make friends in prison. He could buy 500,000 cartons of premium cigarettes for his inmates.  That will keep off em vultures for a good while, maybe throughout his entire 30 month sentence.  He could BUY the prison if he wanted to keep his ass really safe.  Well, I for one, would love to see Mayweather become somebody’s bitch.  

During the fight, Cotto gave Mayweather a bloody nose.  UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE.  He bleeds.  He is Human.  No freaking way dude.  I don’t know about you but I thought that was kind of a big deal.  Just for that, Mayweather approached Cotto after the fight telling him ” You’re a hell of a champion.  You’re the toughest guys I ever fought.”   ShOOOOooooOOoot Mayweather.  That is the nicest thing I have ever heard you say.  Better not get used to that :/

Even though it was a good fight, the crowd was not pleased with the verdict.  Fortunately for Mayweather, that’s exactly what he thrives on.  With all the booing and shouts of discontent, Mayweather still has another win, a win with a nice pot of gold at the end of that boxing rainbow.  And he will never live that down.

During his post fight press conference, he left us with this cryptic statement, “”If it was my last fight, I gave them a bang. There’s really no one for me to fight anymore.”  Hold the phone yo.  Is Mayweather trying to make us believe this was his last fight!??!?!  He is retiring?!??!  Good GOD does this guy piss the sports world off.  If he thinks he is truly the best then he needs to fight his last competitor: Manny Pacquiao.  DUH.  Mayweather earlier mentioned that he would never play Pacquiao, “I don’t have to fight if I don’t want to.  It’s not going to happen.”  Well he has earned enough money to never play the game again.

Mayweather is becoming more annoyed with the incessant stream of questions about facing Pacquiao. On his Twitter, he has completely refused to address fan comments about this topic or his retirement. Instead, he has focused on promoting his “Money Team.”  WTF is his “money team?”  Is that his lover: 50 cent’s new album? 

Scum of the Earth continues to dodge questions about Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather continues to insist that Bob Arum is the main problem and won’t let the fight happen. How convenient to shift the blame to avoid answering more questions about the Pacquiao topic he prefers to ignore.  What a chicken sh*t douchebag.

If you are truly the best fighter Mayweather, wouldn’t you have to play every competitor in the game?  Is he that scared of losing the title or does he really just doesn’t want to fight? Everybody thinks they know the answer and we all want to KNOW the answer.  But isn’t it just more fun to just rip Mayweather a new one and be just like him: a sh*t talker.  AHHHHHH Floyd, you piss everyone off soo damn much it’s actually impressive.  Come on Floyd, if you lose you can become a straight up Gangsta rapper with your hottie with a body boyfriend 50 cent.  You two can conquer the Rap world with your love ballads and mournful rhymes of a lost title.  Word.

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