Just blame it on Lebron

UGHHHHHH The New York Knicks have just been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the Miami Heat.  And it is all Lebron’s fault.  Can we just put more blame on Lebron James, cuz the fool is clearly not getting enough 😛

Amare Stoudemire was so frustrated with Lebron and his down syndrome looking face, he punched some glass on a fire extinguisher in the locker room, putting the entire Miami Heat fans, workers, executives, celebrities who attended the game that night at the American Airlines Arena. Dammit Lebron, you could have potentially killed a couple of devoted “bandwagon” fans who actually like you and the other Miami Heat players, or work for your team to make it possible for you guys to play.  Even though it was one fire extinguisher, it could have possibly saved a handful of lives in case of a fire, earthquake, Godzilla attack, etc.  What a selfish herd.  Plus harming Stoudemire to take him out of game 5…..well played Lebron…….

The other bad news bears injury was Baron Davis.  Another Marvin Gaye look-alike.  Who wants to hurt the man who just wants to know “What’s Going On?”  It is obvious Davis just tripped up and blew out his knee, but it’s just so damn fun to blame it on Lebron because you know he would just implode with frustration and anger. Lebron just can’t catch a break and we love all just LOVE taking it from him, every time……all the time.  Let the HEAT burn y’all, cuz Lebron be catching the bad news bears fire yo and it ain’t getting put out :X


Lebron James is one of the most scrutinized athletes in the game, but there is very good reason.  Due to his highly questionable “decisions” and bitch whining on the court, why would anyone like this fool?  Probably one of the best players in the NBA who has yet to receive a ring, is getting closer and closer this year to winning one.  With Derek Rose out for the Chicago Bulls, it is very unlikely any team in the East will beat them.  Let’s turn our attention and love to the West: Go Oklahoma City!

Is enough is enough for all Lebron haters out there?  Hell NO.  Why you think we keep on hating?  Because we have cause to: his punk ass fouls, his twitter name KINGJAMES (who calls you the king aside from your knocked up baby mama who is stuck with fug looking babies?), the desertion of his hometown and team, the unnecessarily long TV announcement on ESPN showcasing Lebron’s truly selfish and disgusting ego, and his fugs down syndrome face…..dude Im sorry, your busted.  Why you wearing that sweat-band further back yo?  Receding hairline anyone??

 And if Lebron finally gets the ring he has coveted for nearly a decade, then the MAD HATE will ensue fasho.  With popular athletes, it is very difficult to let the past be the past.  With Lebron James, that is never going to happen.  Do yourself a favor Lebron, don’t win a ring because you will never live to see the light of day.  HATERS don’t die, they grow.  And they will grow so far past South Beach you will have nowhere to hide.

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