Pigskinners be looking Fly

This year’s NFL draft is kind of a snore.  Everyone already knew where the top picks were headed because the teams already made the deals and made it perfectly clear who they want.  Plus, there were only a couple of Trojans in the mix, why would I even watch?

Even though the draft’s audience is predominantly male (sorry ladies but its kinda true), it was hard not to notice the fly lookin’ fellas.  It’s highly doubtful that the dudes actually picked the outfits themselves but a select few of them were workin’ it.  LOVE IT.  Who knows when we will see them this best dressed again.

There seemed to be a pattern of striped ties, dark suits and checkered shirts.  You would think all those shapes and patterns would clash when put together, but they surprisingly came out quite nicely.  All of them chose colors that really made their smile and sparkling eyes pop when interviewed on camera.  I guess great minds think alike.

Didn’t get a chance to look at the shoes…..but seriously…..who was looking at their shoes?

So before they suit up in their less than revealing NFL uniforms, let us relish in their flyness for now and pick the best dressed outta the boy bunch.

1.  RGIII    

Holla.  This is the guy who was sporting Superman socks during the Heisman Trophy Ceremony, where he wont the coveted trophy….suck it GEICO CAVEMAN LUCK.  Griffin was the only player to have his initials chanted before his name was called by the Washington Redskins.  He was sporting some more styling socks that said “Go Catch Your Dream.”  This guy is even more awesome when he sits down !

Baylor Boy was looking fly fasho.  Buttoning his coat after he exited his limo and strutted his stuff down the red carpet, what a baller.  The baby blue suit with the red stripped tie made him look like Superman (probably what he intended) or maybe.   The light blue and white checkered, picnic looking, shirt was a nice touch.  It wasn’t too cluttered and the bright colors played off on each other.  It was a comfortable combination of pattern and color, perfectly resonating with RGIII relaxed and friendly demeanor.  The Heisman trophy winner was in good spirits and goddamn is he articulate.  Rooting for the true blue RGIII!

2. Michael Brockers 

The big boy from LSU was looking like a high-end body-guard.  With that suit, beard, shades, diamond earrings….damn.  Just looking at the suit, his light gray suit with the lavender silver stripped tie and matching hanker-chief, you can’t help but stare.  Although it remained pretty hidden, he was wearing a matching gray sweater vest…..stepping up his swag.  He fasho looked like a classy guy on the red carpet.  Personally I loved the beard and the shades, just made him look more important.  Here is hoping the St. Louis Rams will think the same.

3. Mark Barron

Alabama safety Barron tried to do everything in one suit.  The colors, the patterns, the style.  I loved the colors: purple, white and gray.  The patterns were a bit outta control but in a good way.  His solid lavender tie, his picnic like checkered purple and white shirt, his white sports coast with shiny lavender inside lining and light gray pants…….see….describing it just sounds busy.  But in daring fashion, Barron pulled it off.  The coat was a little much but the colors really complemented his dark complexion and his combed out dreadlocks, which were pulled back in a nice pony tail.  He wanted to be noticed and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did.

He stepped outta the car onto the red carpet without his white jacket on….so photographers and onlookers could notice the pretty purple inside lining of his white coat before he put it on his back.  ShooOOOooot.  What a G

4.  Trent Richardson 

This guy was the only one to NOT have purple in his ensemble.  That is refreshing.  The Alabama running back was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, which is almost fitting with the color of his suit.  Trent was sporting a tan suit with matching shirt and pants.  His dark brown and circle patterned tie playing with white and khaki colors was a perfect fit.  He looked G except for one thing…..His glasses kind of made him look like a sphincter but HEY!  He is playing in the NFL, who the hell am I to poke fun.

It was lovely seeing his entire family up on the stage with him after he was drafted, beaming and rejoicing in the pick.  Trent later stated in an interview that he was doing this for his family, more importantly his three children.  CUTE.   Sometimes we gotta step back and think of the bigger picture when it comes to some of these NFL players, they aren’t just playing for themselves, they are playing for their families.  Go Tan Suite Yo!


5. Dre Kirkpatrick

His suit made me giggle.  It was almost as if he was trying to represent his alma mater, ROLL TIDE, with all the red.  Aside from my not so favorite color,  Dre’s suit was definitely the most fun to look it, it was just soo damn creative and different from the rest (no STRIPES :X).  Dre had a charcoal colored suit with a bright red sweater vest, a white stripped shirt, a red and white polka-dotted tie with a color matching white hanker chief with bright red lining.  LOVE it.  The polka dots definitely put him over the edge.  He made the clown pattern look classy.  Way to go Dre.

(Please ignore ugly Geico cave man and his boring butt fugs suit

Too bad soo sad for Dre being drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals, they won’t be sporting any red 😦 .   This D back will have his work cut out for him fasho.  At least he will be joining the greatest linebacker of all time 🙂

6. Matt Kalil

Holler back Trojans!  This SC Offensive Tackle was all about the stripes.  Purple and gray stripped tie, charcoal and white stripped suit with sweater vest with a clean white shirt.  He too was rockin ‘ a lumber jack jesus beard.  It wasn’t as baller as Brockers’s look but it complimented his more simple look.  Kalil is a humble guy, already knowing he was headed to the Minnesota Vikings, so he chose his suit not to be too flashy.  He is an Offensive Tackle for god sakes.  Nobody except football coaches knows or even notices the beast players on the O line.

Now the most boring looking dude in a suit–> Geico caveman Andrew Luck

(That’s why the picture is so small, you really don’t want to see the busted fugness of his face, let alone his suit)

OMG was his look busted and boring.  This guy isn’t too pretty to look at in the first place so you would think that his stylist would try and pretty him up a bit.  This is only the biggest and greatest night of his LIFE.  He literally just looked like a any old suit you would bump into on Wall Street.  Don’t get me wrong, any suit can be hot on a guy, but his tie needs to be bumping and fly for him to pop.  Fuggs Geico Caveman chose a black suite, white shirt and stripped light pink, grey and black tie.  Barf.  Maybe he didn’t want to bring too much unnecessary attention to himself, he was the # 1 draft pick, so everyone was already drooling over him.  If he was wearing a really nice suit, people would have probably thought what a fame whore.

Dude, whatever.  Luck is busted, there is no saving him there.  Not even a ballin’ suit.  Let’s just hope all the hype will work itself out in Indianapolis.

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