Lame Sauce Lam Lam


Poor Lam Lam.  I can only think TRAGEDY when his name comes up.  Is it fair?  Who is to say?  Lamar just can’t seem to roll with the punches.  Thank you Kardashian Klan for making your upcoming “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” season drama filled yet again.

There were confrontations, finger-pointing and plenty of regrets in this Lam Lam saga.  It all started with a locker room clash between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Lam Lam, asking him straight up, “Are you in or out?”  Damn, Cuban just got right to the point, hey time is money my friends.  And we all know that Mark Cuban needs more of that bling bling.  

Lam Lam allegedly shouted “Stop playing games,” prompting Cuban to place the under-performing forward on the inactive list for the rest of the season.  Lam Lam was averaging career lows, the lowest being his last game against the Lake Show: 1 pt, 1 rebound and 1 assist.  EEEEeeeep.  Especially playing for a team trying to defend it’s NBA Title, pssssssh who we kidding, a team trying to make it to the Western Conference finals, at least!

Will the Mavericks have to pay Lam Lam his remaining $8.9 million salary for doing……what exactly? A lot of people say NOTHING, but others are a bit more sympathetic to his situation.  Odom’s cousin was recently killed and his father fell ill (yea Heroin addicts get sick once in a while), while Lam Lam rushed to be by his side, missing about 2 weeks of play with Dallas.  He was then dumped to the Mavericks’ D-League team then to the bench before he got the axe from Cuban.

To top it all off, Fox Sports Florida reported that Odom had been eliminated from consideration for Team USA during this summer’s Olympic Games in London.  How sad.  Money grubbing Mark Cuban and the Mavericks are expected to exercise the $2.4 million buyout of Lam Lam’s contract.  Ugh.  Bad News Bears up in Odon’s grill fasho.

Is it anybody’s fault.  Yes.  It is Lamar Odom’s fault.  He let his emotions get to him, clearly affecting his life in the worst way possible.  We have all been there, we have all been depressed but we learn to grow and move past is.  Life is all about staying positive baby.  Easier said than done for Reality TV Stars…….I mean NBA stars……..wait, what?


It’s hard to separate his reality TV show and his life.  The word “reality” means something right?  Nothing but love for his wife Khloe and those crazy Kardashians, but I can understand why the media has been attacking him like a group of Weight Watchers attacking a box of girl scout cookies.  It has been relentless.  It doesn’t seem like Odom’s life has been negatively affected by all his reality star family until now.  If anything, Khloe has been his rock, keeping his shiz together and helping him move forward.  We will be able to see for ourselves this upcoming season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which premieres in late May.  For now, we can watch Lam Lam slowly but surely unfold and become more and more depressed on Khloe and Lamar.


One thought on “Lame Sauce Lam Lam

  1. Yeah he let his emotions take control of him, but where no one seems to understand is that all of this just happen one by one really quickly. How do you expect him to get over it just like that? He stressing over being traded, doing this whole reality show, and tragic things that is happening in his family. These things will definitely affect any athlete out there. Mark Cuban is an asshole, all he cares about is making his beloved Mavs into a powerhouse team to be reckon with in the NBA. Now he’s full of it after winning the championship last season. He never cared for his players even though it seems that he does. If he really was sympathetic with Lamar he would offer some help to him to get over this emotional roller coaster Odom is going through. Lamar can still contribute to any team in the NBA, its just this year was not his year.

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