D is for DIVA


Andrew Bynum, or to his close friends and homies, Drew, is in a bit of some trouble with the Lake show.  Trouble being guilty of being a straight up DIVA.  ShooOOooot J Lo and Mariah Carey watch out, Drew Bynum is up to no DIVA good and could kick both your culos with his one bare hand.

Drew Bynum, center for the Lakers, was recently fined for “numerous infractions.”  One stunt was Bynum blowing off a meeting with the Lakers general manager, Mitch Kupchak.  Regardless of Kupchak being a complete douche, as a player you shouldn’t just blow off a meeting with the guy who has the power to cut you, that is just dumb.  (Silent Kudos to Bynum though, Kupchak sucks at life).

Bynum chose not to play in yesterday’s game against the New Jersey Nets (yawn) because he suffered a moderately mild sprain to his left ankle in a previous game against the Golden State Warriors.    Bynum’s sprain did not require an MRI on Monday and X-rays on Bynum’s ankle were negative, but Bynum did not participate in the Lakers’ shootaround on Tuesday. Bynum used the shootaround time for treatment, which included anti-inflammatory medicine.  He claimed he couldn’t play, so obviously we have to believe him……..right?

If you all remember last week Drew made a bold move (as a center) to take a 3 point shot, which resulted in taking a nice fat old seat on the bench.  He decided to go out of formation and take the shot, against the (better?) judgment of head coach Mike Brown. 

While Bynum never has been better on the court, averaging career highs in points (17.9) and rebounds (11.9) per game to go along with 2.0 blocks and the second-best field goal percentage in the league (58.1 percent), he increasingly has been difficult off it since playing in his first All-Star Game in February.  HmmMMMmmm interesting development, wouldn’t you say?  Now he is getting all good and bad ass in his swag, Drew feels like the DIVA best be released.

“I don’t take part in the huddles,” Bynum said. “I’m resting … getting my Zen on.”  BOOYAH.  If that doesn’t scream DIVA, then something is fasho wrong with your interpretation of DIVA.  Dammit Drew.




The Lake Show got enough problems as it is yo.  Why would Drew feel like he is all of a sudden entitled to spell his name with a capital D for DIVA.  Ughhhh it makes sense.  He is on somewhat of a hot streak since he has been with the team, made the All Stars, and has to prove his worth to a new coach who may or may not know what the hell he is doing.  But seeing how the team is playing and how their season is unfolding, Drew needs to shut up and play.  Don’t give me this zen crap and not enter the team huddle.  Such a cliche but it has to be said: THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM DREW.  Seriously, swallow your pride, which might actually take a couple of mouth fulls in your case, and just play.  Play for the Lake Show, they are in dire need of your athletic ability and gigantor size.  We are all now well aware that YOU know that, but be the bigger (hah, is that physically possible?) man and just play with your teammates and finish out the season strong.


One thought on “D is for DIVA

  1. Nothing to do with Kobe sitll being a ball hog and Gasol and Bynum being the ones who need to be the point men on offense? There are problems with the Lakers stopping them from being a legit title contender and its all due to Kobe still wanting to be the man-that’ll piss off everyone on the team.

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