That is all you can say: WTF.  I had to find out this news while I wasn’t even in the good city of LA.  And of course, in Texas nobody cared when I shouted out those hurtful and disbelieving words:  DEREK FISHER HAS BEEN TRADED.

Sigh.  I never ever would have thought I would ever say those words.  WTF LAKE SHOW.  Why would you think that trading Derek Fisher would solve anything?  Well except, to keep some chunk change in Mitch Kupchack’s pocket.  The bastard.  This just feels so wrong and so cheap.  It’s just hard to swallow.

Derek Fisher was the soul of the Lakers.  What good is trading away the soul of the team?  Fisher was the only player on the team to keep Kobe in check, as well as protecting the new guys away from the wrath of the Black Masked Mamba, let alone protecting the Mamba from himself.  Why would you trade papa bear?!?!?!!  He is 37 years old.  He has only got a good 2 years left to play.  Why in God’s name would he go to the Rockets?  Isn’t it a little risky trading him?  

The Lake Show has fasho done him wrong.  The worst wrong.  Fisher took a pay cut to come back to LA from the Utah Jazz for his daughter, who has a severe eye condition that only the best doctors in LA could treat.  He was the head of the Player’s Association during one of the most troubled times the NBA has ever faced and successfully brought back the season from a lockout.  I unfortunately have to admit, he has been getting on in age, which has been purdy evident in his play.  He just can’t keep up and play defense.  I don’t care if he is slowing down though, he is still an important asset for the team.  He is a leader.  His clutchness is still fasho awesome.  He has some of the most clutch moments in Lake Show history.  I guess that means diddly squat to the business.  I officially hate Mitch Kupchack and hopes he breaks his face.  First Lam Lam, now the FISH?!!

If I was D Fish, I would just pull the band-aid off and retire.  Don’t go out a Rocket!  Retire with dignity, retire a Laker.  Be remembered for who you are and what you deserve.  D FISH you are one of the greats and you know, as well as everybody in LA knows, that you don’t deserve this.  I hope and pray that you stay in LA, maybe have a job in the front office as a scout or spokesperson for the NBA.  You have done so much for the NBA and all the players,  they owe you this season and everything more. It is just depressing and infuriating to think the Lakers don’t understand this, or maybe don’t want to understand it.

It’s a bold statement for any Laker fan to say that I won’t root for the Lakers anymore.  I really don’t want to but I feel like I should as a die-hard D FISH fan since day 1. It will be interesting to see where this Laker franchise is going.  At the looks of it, the team is going to crap.  Kobe Bryant is literally seeing his basketball world crumbling before his very eyes.  Good luck with that buddy.   






All I can do now is mourn, but more importantly, I will still wear my #2 jersey proud and root for D FISH, almost like her never left.  I think he would want that.  To pay respect to this awesome possum player, let us now  watch this video of D FISH most clutch shots in NBA history and never forget the player he was and still is.



OHHOoooOHHh and let’s just watch D Fish take out Luis Scola in game 2 of the series in the 2009 playoffs.  Pure Awesomeness and Pure Leadership.  Teaching ugly butt face Scola to not mess with his team and not mess with his tough bad ass mamba jamba self.  Take that butt face Scola.  Love the repeat.   He is just freakin’ awesome.



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