Tebowmania no more

Lo siento Tebow, but there is a new man in town.  And not just any old man.  It’s freaking Peyton Manning, that’s who!?

So Why Denver Peyton?  You had the NFL world at your finger tips and you chose Denver.  DENVER?!  Hey, nothing but love for them Broncos, but the obvious choice was San Francisco.  They are the better team and by far a more attractive and lively city to become the football star of.  Lo siento Denver.  This has John Elway written all over it.  

John Elway wined and dined Peyton during his visit in Denver, using his wiles and sexy football pedigree to sway Peyton’s decision.  So much so, that his decision will have Tebow packing his bags.  For everything Tebow has “done” for the Broncos, bringing them to the second round playoffs and more popularity than they have seen since John Elway.  I guess Elway couldn’t take Tebowmania.

Did Elway just not like Tebowmania or couldn’t hang?  Don’t get me wrong, Peyton is the man!  He will definitely have a good 5 year run with ’em Broncos, only will cost them $96 million.  Chunk Change right? Tebow was just not the right QB Elway wanted to see his Broncos groom.  He just wasn’t a true believer of the good Christian that is Tim Tebow.   Tebowmania was a bit much but he isn’t a bad guy.  He is actually a great guy, just a lil on the annoying religious side…..and does pro-life commercials with his Mommy dearest……..

He plays hard every game, only had a disappointing 47% passing completion, but put the Broncos back on the map.  He Charlie Hustles his ass every game, scoring touchdowns NFL QBs normally don’t have the balls to do.  It’s just a shame that Tebow started his rookie year and now will most likely be riding the bench for a few more years wherever he ends up.  He is a great athlete and hard worker.  Hopefully a team will play him, not necessarily as QB, but where ever a coach puts him, he will play hard and never back down.

I can’t believe this is a pro Tebow blog post.  GOOD GOD is right.  I hate Urban Meyer and those damn Gators.  But i guess I am just a sucker for Tebowmania.



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