Bracketology= Smacketology my biatch

So this one lucky mexicana will be in Austin, TX this upcoming week for the infamously popular awesome possum SXSW (South by South West) music festival.  If it is everything it says it is, then we will party down like charlie brown every night.  I am sad to leave LA.  I will be leaving some things I hold so dear to me and shall miss them.  Especially the start of the MADNESS of MARCH fools!??!?!

Well March Madness aint going nowhere but I’m not sure Austin, TX believes in it. ……..That is a complete bias lie.  Texas actually made it in the tourney, up against Cincy (the team that took out CUSE in the Big East tournament, those bastards) in the first round.  So….. do I have to bring my nasty off chalk orange pom poms to Austin?  Hell no bitches, best be bringing my CUSE ORANGE!  Well gotta represent the school you gave soo much money too, it is the least you can do.

March Madness is the shit.  You don’t even have to watch or even like basketball to enjoy filling out those brackets.  You can get into some serious debates and disagreements over one’s choices.  Are there any games in the first round that just piss you people off?  There are some match ups that were truly worth a giggle.

Let us all bow down to HARVARD vs. Vanderbilt.  Because Harvard is an actual ivy league, Vanderbilt is calling themselves the ivy league of the south.   the SOUTH.  First of all, an ivy league wouldn’t even gracefully spit on the SOUTH while passing by the Mighty Mississippi river, let alone giving it the time of day.  Yea right Vandy.  But hey, is anyone going to actually pick Harvard to advance into the next round?  Yea, I didn’t think so.    

Gotta give a shout out to Long Beach State and SDSU, holla!! West Coast represent fasho.  But are they going to go far?  Yea, maybe if they sold their souls to Dick Vitale.  Would it be worth it to win it all and never win it again?  Naw.  Just be glad you made it into the tourney.   But I do have LBC advancing…..somewhat.

This bias biatch is trying to single out CUSE and have the rest of the Big East teams lose in the first round.  Yea….in my dreams.  The Big East is the narliest conference when it comes to college hoops.  The Hoyas, Cincy, CUSE, Louisville, Marquette, UConn,  SHOOOOooooooOOt dude.  The Big East conference is G.  I got them all advancing purdy far.  But when it comes down to it, CUSE is winning it all.  Otto the Orange will be making you his breakfast juice mofos.  Suck it.

This weekend we will see the first round games where the men are separated from the lil boys.  And if your like me, your bracketology is crap.  It is cursed and is inevitably screwed, because the teams you choose happen to decide to not bring their A game to March Madness…..their madness has run out……they just did not want to put on their game faces and just couldn’t handle the madness….. so they pack their bags and go home, and your once glorious and hopeful bracket turns into shit.  That’s right, Im talking to you MEMPHIS AND PURDUE.  yea right am I going to pick you fools ever again.  (Watch them make it to championship game, sigh………) My little heart just can’t take it.  I gotta win that office pool, duh.  


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