Peyton Peyton, Whose got the Peyton?

Oh Peyton Manning.  Wherever shall you go?  With 12 NFL teams nipping at your heels, it seems like you have your pick of the litter.  Not the greatest of NFL teams, but you alone are GREAT.  You are already among the GREATS of professional athletes and will have your #18 Jersey retired in Indianapolis.  So what have you got to lose?

Peyton would prefer to remain in the AFC, but is open to play in the NFC.  SHooOOOOot.  Now that just complicates things.  Of those 12 teams whoring themselves out to Peyton, ESPN sources tell us that the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. 

According to Dan Marino, star of Ace Ventura Pet Detective, he thinks Peyton will be A-OK.  “I think he fits with anybody,” Marino said Thursday at a charity golf tournament. “He’s one of the best to ever play the game at that position. So wherever he ends up playing, if he’s healthy, which is going to be important to Peyton, I’m sure he wants to go out there and play at a high level. Wherever he plays, he’ll be a huge impact for that team.”

Well DUH.  Everybody knows that Dan.  It’s just a matter of consistency.  Where will Peyton be able to live out his career as a successful and effective player?  All 12 teams need a QB that is for sure but wouldn’t it just be so FREAKIN’ sweet to have him in New York?!

Let’s do the math shall we?  The New York Jet’s quarterback is crap.  Mark Sanchez sucks at life with his career just begging to take a big seat on the bench.  He ain’t performing and the whole locker room is letting him know about it, let alone the twitter world.  LOVE IT.  Sanchez could use a break, going back to his old ways of good ol’ fashion domestic abuse.

I would love to see Manning vs. Manning on a Sunday afternoon.  That would just be spectacular.  Who would you root for?  Legend vs. Baby Bro?  The Tater Tot vs. the Tiny Tot?  ShooOOOoot.  Hard to say.  It would just be fun to see if they would play nice.  New York would literally destroy itself if they were both in the Superbowl.  CraZZZzzzeeeeee

Sadly, the Jets probably won’t get Manning because he doesn’t want to play for the Jets.  YES, it would be ever so sweet but I don’t think Peyton would want to play for a coach known for his defense.  The Jets are just not an appealing team for a strong offensive player.  Sigh.  Cant a girl dream?

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