No longer your precious now Biatch!

Apparently everybody wants a piece of Los Doyers. Magic Johnson, Mark Cuban, Peter’Omalley, Joe Torre…..the list goes on.  There were more than 10 opening bids for the team on the January 23rd deadline.

Bidders are supposedly considering partnerships not only to pool money but to enhance the expertise among groups by pairing, like Magic Johnson with a smarty pants financier or a richer than Jesus investment banker with a Sports Executive.  Best of Both World si?  Anybody but Frank McCourt who drove the Doyers franchise to the ground.

(Well except the introduction of the Mexican Doyer dog in concession stands.  I haven’t had it yet but god damn… sounds freakin’ delicious)  

Doesn’t that look orgasmically delicious?!?!  Ugh i want one now.  Something to look forward to in April fasho.

Outgoing Owner, aka the spawn of satan, Frank McCourt is expecting the Doyers to sell for at least $1.5 billion.  SHOOOOooooOOoot.  The Doyers are a BILLION dollar franchise?!  No freaking way.  Will that be enough for Frank McCourt to get the hell outta LA and stay out for good?   Sadly, it doesn’t sound like it.   The spawn of satan sounds like he wants to stick around and hang on to the smallest  amount of the Doyers franchise he can get his greedy little hands on.

Frank McCourt might keep the Doyer’s parking lots.  Really?!?!!  If McCourt hang onto those parking lots, he will be the landlord and potential developer of the land surrounding Doyer stadium.  Sigh.  In order to get McCourt to even sell the team, Major League Baseball agreed to grant him ‘sole and absolute discretion’ over whether to keep or sell the land.  McCourt would only make a lousy $14 million off these bad boy lots. Good GOD NO. UGH, just sell a hand full of  your multi million 10 homes (especially the ones located in LA), I am sure you can spare some.

Some say McCourt could try and develop the land in a way to rehabilitate his civic image.  Ummm let’s think about this…HELL to the NO fool!!

All of LA is hoping he will sell the parking lots so he will get the f*ck out of our fair city and never come back.  Luckily, most bidders are expected to ask McCourt to include the land in the sale, a negotiable tactic.  Yea bidders, just hire the Sopranos to make that negotiation.  The sweeter the deal fasho.

Frank McCourt, nobody wants to see you stay in LA.  Go back to Beantown or where ever you came from and never come back.  McCourt could be a nice guy, who really knows.  But all of LA fasho has only seen your dark side.  The Doyers are like the one ring to rule us all and has turned McCourt into an evil bottom feeder creature.  This ring, the Doyers, has poisoned your mind and will give you a unaturally long life if you choose to hang onto it.  Who wants to live that long when nobody likes you?

Frankie, here some advice:  Just watch yourself in The Two Towers over and over again and repeat that message to your evil self (the Doyer self) so it will never leave that thick skull of yours. “LEAVE NOW AND NEVER COME BACK!”

One thought on “No longer your precious now Biatch!

  1. What I want to know is what is McCourt going to do with those parking lots? The Parking lots in dodgers stadium really are bad just horrible I hate them. So him being in charge would just make the parking lots even worse right?! well anyways… as much I would like McCourt to just go away and just be a memory that all dodgers fans would like to forget is that he did take the dodgers to the playoffs 4 times and got them close to the world series twice. But getting his personal life involve with the business aspect of the dodgers franchise just turned this team into a joke and no Dodgers fan want to see that happen. I agree with you and just GO AWAY!!! GO NOW!!! Hopefully whoever buys the dodgers, make sure to get rid of McCourt in the process. Maybe he can be a vendor but he might screw that up to!!!

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