Justice has been served?

Fat Ass Ben Rothlisberger’s lawyers and the woman who he raped at a Lake Tahoe Casino in 2008 have reached a settlement that ends her civil lawsuit against the Steelers quarterback. This ought to be interesting.

Cal Dunap, the Reno lawyer representing the victim (and if your asking yourself who the victim is, get off my blog now) confirmed the settlement on Friday but declined to discuss the terms of agreement, “The matter has been resolved and I have no further comment. All parties have reached a resolution of all claims and counterclaims.”

David Cornwell, Roethlisberger’s lawyer, did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment on Friday. His agent, Ryan Tollner, said neither he nor Roethlisberger would have any comment.  ShooOOOOooot.  Why not boys?

The woman (the VICTIM) was working as a VIP hostess at the ever so classy Harrah’s casino when Rothlisberger allegedly lured her to his room to “fix his television.”  By television he means his penis.  

Rothlisberger denied the allegations.  Well DUH.  The woman said she never filed a criminal complaint because she feared Harrah’s would side with Roethlisberger and she would be fired.  Sigh.  No worries chica,  he got what he deserved.  A tarnished reputation that will never recover.  This isn’t the first time he partied it up with ladies he can take advantage of.  Just listen to this awesome possum song in this video dedicated to the Fat Ass Ben and his wicked ways.

Even if he wins four more super bowls, football fans everywhere will always know the real fat ass rapist you are.

The original lawsuit filed in 2009 sought a minimum of $440,000 in damages from the quarterback, at least $50,000 in damages from the Harrah’s officials and an unspecified amount in punitive damages.  Unspecified amount you say?  Eduardo Saffron received unspecified amount in punitive damages from Mark Zuckerberg from their Facebook lawsuit.  Good GOD, I hope she got more from the Fat Ass.  He needs to pony up everything he has to all the ladies he has taken advantage of or even looked at the wrong way because he is a rapist.  He is a criminal and a horrible human being who happens to be the fattest professional quarterback in the NFL.  

Thank GOD Tebow and the Broncos took out Fat Ass Ben and the Steelers.  Maybe some of Tebow’s good Christian ways will teach Fat Ass Ben a lesson or two.  Throw more touchdowns and Stop raping WOMEN!

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