The Clutch D FISH

D FISSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH.  He is the man.  The Clutch man.  THE CLUTCH of man.  Good God he puts the shiz back in the Lakers when they truly and desperately need it.  He has always been CLUTCH for the Lake show.  Love this GUY.

Derek Fisher scored the game winning 3 point shot against the NBA champs, The Dallas Mavericks, making it a 73-70 victory over a team that swept them out of the playoffs last year.  This one game is making all of LA, as well as the Lakers franchise (Mr. MITCH), realize why the team kept hold of this veteran.  Yea remember?!  The team was in talks of trading DFISH when that whole CP3 fiasco took place.  ShooOOOOOooot.

He is cementing his Laker legacy as Mr. Clutch.  YES.  Aside from the clutchness, I think Mitch wanted to hang onto him because he is the only player on the Lakers who can still put Kobe in his place.  At 37 years old, he is Papa Fisher taking care of all his little basketball ducklings.  How cute.   

In Ben Bolch’s article in the LATimes, he interviewed DFISH about the game and how he hones is awesome possum clutchness, ” I mean, this is what I do. When opportunities like that present themselves, I’m confident in my abilities to step up and make the right play, whether it’s making a shot or making a read to create something for someone else.”

The Lakers haven’t been the best in the west in this rushed NBA 2012 season.  It has been a bit of a slow start but they might be getting back to contending for the Title…?  Naw let’s not go nuts.  Most likely contending for the Western Conference.  Kobe has only been scoring a measly 40 points these past few games.  Geeze Kobe.  Give the rest of the team a chance.  And in comes D FISHHHHHHHHHH with 9 points and 2 steals.  Not yet double digits, but hey he is working on it.  He is one step behind the rest of the team due to his Presidential duties of the Player’s Association during the NBA lockout.  Thanks to DFISH, us sports fans get to watch some CLUTCH NBA games because of all his hard work.

I don’t know about the rest of LA, but that was a very classy way to welcome back Lam Lam Odom to Staples Center as a Maverick.  When Lam Lam checked into the game, all of Staples center gave him a standing ovation including the Lakers.  You just got chills when it happened.  It was an emotional moment.  So emotional, the cameraman who works for TNT focused on Mitch Kupchak and his facial expression.  Good GOD WHY?  He is the reason Lam Lam demanded to be traded.  You should have only focused on him if all of Staples was throwing garbage in his general direction.  If you are a die-hard Lam Lam fan, Kupchak is clearly the devil.  That standing ovation was probably a BIG SUCK it from Lamar to Mitch (you saw the smirk oh his face, just watch the video below).  He done Lam Lam wrong and everybody knows it.  What a douche.  Hopefully Lam Lam is happy in Dallas. All of LA still misses and LOVES you Lamar, don’t you forget it.

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